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Something every child should know, at least, to start with.... give them the chance, most never have; a true gift of knowledge.

Tell me all your thoughts on life?

Imagine being able to know everything. What a concept: to see anything and know, 'how and why?' it is as it is. True 'Understanding,' could somehow allow a person to be able to consciously know, pretty much everything about life.

To start simply most all can perceive or most notably use our eyes to see what is in front of us. In a pretty common view our eyes capture reflected light that hit an object and we see from this exchange. Our sight and the other senses have actually captured some type of energy in all circumstance of exchanges. The key is on how to describe this energy and how the interactions are actually occurring.

Light is but a small portion of wave lengths or frequencies that our eyes can use to offer sight as a sense to the comprehension we 'see' in our 'thoughts.' This 'light' is in technical terms a part of a larger spectrum called electromagnetic radiation. This spectrum includes radio through to X, and gamma rays where the radio is a long wave length and the gamma is very small. We see with the little sliver of the spectrum called visible light which is pretty close to the middle of the recorded wavelengths known to exist.

So there is much to now about light and what it does to anything exposed to it. In one example we know that light from the sun helps a plant to grow. In this we can also note that energy is being captured and changed into the living plant as it grows. Again we see the reflected portions so the plant is absorbing other wave lengths and reflecting green that our eyes captured. Then again, we also feel the warmth from the sun upon our skin. IN each case the whole spectrum of electromagnetic radiation is basically energy no matter how you look at it and the sun is a good way to actually see 'light' affecting anything that interacts or captures the release.

Light is a wonderful thing in that every interaction of anything is affected by it. But what is light? In experimental data these individual light waves are thought to be just an energy field and magnetic field propagating through space at perpendicular planes or like a cross of energy going through space. I like to look at it as a splash on a pond or when this energy is on an atom, a vibration or resonance. This last portion in not a strange as it may seems. When an atom is exposed to a light wave the wave can actually increase the energy or movement of the atom. To visualize this idea think of a rubber ducky on a pond; splash the pond and see the ducky rise and fall as the wave rolls through. This idea shows that a wave whether large or small does affect each and every thing that comes into contact with the exchange.

IN viewing the ducky on the pond a point to acknowledge is that if there was 10 ducky's on that pond, no matter how minute the splash is all the ducky's would be affected and in many cases now the ducky's themselves may interact because of the wave imposed. This analogy could also be described like a child interrupting a class in school or even to step on a thorn that breaks the skin into your big toe. The one interaction can affect the whole group of the organism.

In summary this new framework actually shares how electromagnetic radiation or light is quite important and physically can be acknowledged as being the energy that every interaction is exposed to in one way or another. The key is to see the properties and how an energy release is 'purposed' upon release as in a cause and effect scheme. All interactions from simple atoms, complex molecules, organisms and even conscious beings are in fact associations of by the energy all defined now as electromagnetic radiation or light as simply recognized.

To move forward since mass or base atoms become exposed to energy each structure can only retain specific wave lengths or amounts of energy. But when multiple structures are in proximity associations can begin by resonance. As in the pond scenario if one splash moves through the median a second splash will have points of increased and decreased waves as they interact. This is the same with base molecules or complex structures; depending on the exposure different affects will be quite relevant to the outcome. In some instances an increase of total energy will increase if the quality is right for the interaction or a negative or equilibrium will be noticed and the energy will dissipate or become diluted.

There is much wisdom in the idea of knowing a good addition of energy between structures will increase the growth of the total and in contrast a bad interaction will eventually become diluted or fade away.

If energy is a wave upon space and mass is exposed to this energy base structures will associate based on the similar exposure and resonance. They will align based on the harmonic properties of resonance and without being in physical contact the structures can increase their total energy without giving up the frequency of the resonance. Pretty basic to any musician once you bridge the same set of rules and find that these rules are the same that form phospholipid bilayers.

What is occurring is to physically understand that even in the very small to the very large energy is quite relevant in all interactions and in all of them there is cause and purpose to be comprehended. Energy upon mass is 'purposed to continue.' That energy in every release is purposed or has cause based on the interactions of previous events. Conservation is not the key any further but to acknowledge that all mass in entangled in one way or another based on the energy upon the structures.

Now in knowing that resonance is a property of energy upon mass there is another physical item that is important; entanglement. The term was coined by Schrödinger to define how items are associated and experimentally proven. There is an analogy to this phenomenon known as Schrödinger's Cat. (Although there has been comments by Schrödinger suggesting he hated to be associated to the experiment.)

Entanglement has another analogy that goes like this; if you have a single photon and split this photon and put half in a box and send it to the other side of the universe and keep the other half back at the lab they are still entangled. The unique characteristic is that if we change the one half at the lab the other will instantaneously change proportionally irregardless to space and time suggesting the communication between the two is faster then light. This paradox is quite important suggesting that Planck's constant must be incorrect when drilling down theorem. The fact is entangled mass and the ability for specific energy to retain properties upon mass has been proven.

What entangled mass represents is that energy captured by mass can be affected by changes to the energy captured by neighborhood structures or as Schrödinger's Cat experiment suggests; the observer affects the outcome just by being a part of the experiment. But in a simple analogy if there are 2 ducky's on the pond then both will be wet and both have water on them from the same source yet in the event of twin babies being born, they each may born of the same egg hence they often have many similarities in taste and even known feelings. Entanglement will physically ground dejavu and even prophetic abilities.

There are methods of describing but what is being presented will physically establish cause and effects with logical terms for minds to comprehend interactions. By including all effects and how energy entangles and physically affects mass a unified scope of how life began and the progression of what makes each step occur offers the one single setting to understand life itself as well as good and bad in all occurrences.

Since life has been established as being purposed to continue then in all schemes any living thing will basically have a purpose to exist. If the energy is set in motion is good and new items can be build upon the exchange to increase growth then it will continue. If the release is not of good quality the result will be diluted and fade away. Yet a question of describing this good and bad is unique to the consciousness of a person since an instinctive beast really only has one goal; to continue or cause their life to continue by reproduction or advanced associations. Unfortunately conscious beings do have a choice. They can actually choose to cause a 'loss to the common' based on selfish intents; bad or choose to cause good; life.

This definition is vague but let's look at it another way; if good is of life to continue and bad is opposing think in the lines of morals. To steal, is a selfish doing. To lie harms others by false representation. Etc etc ... Each and every cause a conscious being makes can be defined physically offering a setting that brilliantly is represented in most all religions ever upon the globe; that good offers life and bad does not.

With this set of understanding ever single set of knowledge can be furthered and be inclusive to follow this framework of comprehension. It allows an individual to understand why planting a seed in good soil and being mindful of taking into consideration other items prior to taking possibly adverse actions.

So within this document a sense of understanding what 'life' is and how each and every exchange of energy is in fact relevant offers the true knowledge of what is good and bad as well. To begin a young mind in teaching this basis offer a definition that physically grounds moral obligation to each interaction made. That to know that each step is like a splash on the pond gives a physical knowledge of the importance our life really is to today and tomorrow.

Life is simply what we do within this time allowed upon this globe and the increased expectation of life is what we consciously choose as we live. To bare a child offers a portion of our bodies to couple and make another life. To plant a seed in good soil that creates a living thing to live or even to teach a child a good thing based on our own contribution are all life's that can continue. Yet in the other side of creations we can cause, to think that acquiring and selfishly imposing on others or the total for selfish gains is a clear loss to the common and will always become diluted eventually.

In conclusion life has been described and within cause and purpose and good and bad has been described by these same laws of cause and purpose. Magic is not an option and with the knowledge of what life is and its purpose it is easy now to begin the expression of 'knowing everything there is to know about life.'

Be responsible for what you do as it is the life we were born with and remember with this basis you can revert back to the basics to know that in order for you to be here, your parents had to contribute together in order to make the baby that is you. A portion of their light is alive and within as you stand, and their parents and their parents and so on basically allowing you to know, your parents are alive and in the flesh; honor them and share what has been learned..... light is life!

Wonderful to know everything about what it takes to live forever!

Please be patient and teach the kids what needs to be known, live forever in teaching them the truth.

Todd Biesiada

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