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From: Raphiem
To: Todd Biesiada
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 6:26 AM

one question ... what frequency do the phospholipid bilayers resonate to ?


Phospholipid bilayers frequencies are dependant on structure. Read through this item below a few times you will find it covers much more every time you go over it and bridges begin to be made and you will find the base rules comply with everything alive, ever. Read it like a bible and ponder what can be addressed within each section. Ask questions or fill in blanks I may have missed.  Contribute or be gone.

These are but a few of the 1000's of links I have amassed.   It's free and if I can read newtons notes myself or the manifests of darwins journeys I have a much closer look and then to read on the actual experiments and comments by the scientists, it is easier to grasp what each experiment actually was doing and then to be able to follow the math within the notes of the scientist you can see where they became troubled and read their opinions.

Most of the guys and the experiments followed are from dead people, from all over the world but no one has what I have in scope of appreciation for all of the work these guys did for us.

Nothing I have written I cannot back up, just be intelligent on your questions or seek questions from the global resource and fire them at me but do not be surprised when you find, just how much depth can be offered. 

One area to stay completely clear of is particles;  Einstein "  In the theoretical treatment of these electrons, we are faced with the difficulty that electrodynamic theory of itself is unable to give an account of their nature. For since electrical masses of one sign repel each other, the negative electrical masses constituting the electron would necessarily be scattered under the influence of their mutual repulsions, unless there are forces of another kind operating between them, the nature of which has hitherto remained obscure to us."

Not even einstein was confident in the base particle the 'electron' as it is only of itself when separated then it becomes a probability (wave).  What this means is it is not a separate thing or items of constituent to mass but a part of a single unit of mass and only by interference can it be isolated, now, the new question is what is it that caused the separation, (emr) and then what is the separated item that does not follow newton or a law of mass,  emr!

I went on a reading spree and am returning to state that cern and them particle accelerators are a waste of time and money so don't try any particle questions.  I studied them plates and slides when I was a kid playing with the nuclear force and have come to find out they are just creating there own objects by isolating them, adding massive energy and smashing them into each other.  Want proof;  read on Black Box radiation and the Cat analogy.  Then ask me what question you need.  The key is that mass is not a separate isolated thing.  Nor are we!

So basically once any particle is separated the unit, "mass" has been divided.

See you helped again and you probably did not even know it.

Todd Biesiada

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