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On 2/13/07, Todd Biesiada wrote:


it appears you have a good sense of conscious compassion. So let's set a few defining parameters for you.

Good; supports life and offers foundation for life to continue. Life in perpetuity.

Bad; loss to the common based on selfishness or individual desires. Will always go extinct, eventually.

Life; purposed to continue.

Phospholipid bilayers; resonance upon structures governs the associations of the base lipids; equating to energy upon molecular structures align, repel, refract or even amplify based on associated resonances or entanglements. Far easier then it seems, just remember that every single reaction is based on energy and the properties of resonance and entanglement and are much more important then ever recognized.

Basically the energy upon mass and the entanglement of, is responsible for the associations of mass rather then the ideas of gravity in Newtonian or classical models.

This will in fact vindicate the ideas of old representing; 'light is life.' The key to see here is in one set of understanding all the sciences and theology will be married; the last chapter.

This is what many are waiting for and it comes from a humble observance to the works of all who have contributed. No magic. No fibbing, just pure honest truth. Magic is not an option and never was.

Todd Biesiada

From: Raphiem
Sent: Monday, February 12, 2007 10:18 PM
To: Todd Biesiada
Subject: Re: reflections

Thank you for the feedback Todd

your email is very thought provoking in that i had to read it several times as it spoke on many levels.

what do you know about bi-furcation ?


From: Todd Biesiada
Sent: Wednesday, 14 February 2007 4:56 AM
To: Raphiem
Subject: RE: reflections

Hello and good morning,

Bifurcation? I knew you Loved to perform what you can for others. Did you see that from my last email or is this something 'chaotic' you have been working on?

If this method or level of referencing values was used in quantum or electrodynamics (physics) (Feshbach tried?!?) then what I have been suggesting would be moot or old news. I often say 'why would it take this long, in time, for the model to reveal itself?' (light is life)

What I have done is nothing special except take into consideration observational and experimental data by many of the humble greats throughout history and used basic common sense based on what many have already written. After many years of studying I have noted that all over the world many have been describing experiments that suggest the right framework but for some reason no one has seen or summarized the full scope, yet by looking into other venues of literature (theologies) most all of them have been pointing at the exact properties. It is funny to acknowledge how these 2 vastly separated lines of thought have been looking at the truth the whole time but just never put it together.

SO now, here we are, looking at 'how it works' and able to physically apply many concepts written over many years by many humble contributors and so far no single individual is willing to openly recognize what this will do.

This is very similar to the feelings I had when i wrote my first thesis in 82' on how neurons interact at the synaptic junctions. I offered the paper for peer review and was rudely addressed. I became the recluse in study that I have been most of my life because of it. Then as now, I did not work or study to be renowned or because of the need of things, i did it just to contribute as a person in this community of our species. I counted 7 nobels in one afternoon just going over my notes a few years back. From metabolic processes, to the perpendicular planes of enzymes, to the plug of the nuclear pores of the envelope, to phospholipid bilayers, to memories (glial), to sleep, consciousness, or even addressing the 'created' dark matter, dark energy scenarios, (it is just the properties of the energy (emr) they are seeing but do not recognize any of it) to the 250 and 65 mil extinctions, (solar flare during one of the earth's periodic magnetic field reversals; primary cause (iridium?-see how c-14 is described occurring)

2 items can be found within this email; first, I enjoy your input, and second, I am no one special just another person pursuing the truth with the intent to share so that others will not have to go through what I/we have. (I made a promise when PNC was rejected to share when I became 40 and why now it is so important and of such emotion to me.)

yesterday I met with a gal who says she has a goal to open up a 100 acre sight for philosophers, artists and poets to mesh within a cause of sharing and contributing to collective growth of humanity. An article was even published that quotes her, 'There are so many great ideas and so few that are ever executed. That's mostly out of fear' and then added, 'I believe in divine intervention and a greater calling.'

But when I met with her and shared my story and although I could see her emotions hitting the ceiling (I thought she was going to cry) she would not allow an acknowledgement to be voiced.

This same with Radford of the Hopi of even Milo Wolff, who is a brilliant mathematician. For some reason, I can say the right things as I know a change occurs to each but no one will tell me they believe. I spent a few days at Milo's residence in Manhattan Beach, sitting with him in his library, (you should see the original texts this man has) and he was dumbfounded when i pointed out why Planck's constant was wrong, "no spin, no angular momentum". Basically I shared that the angular momentum does not address the increased 'power' and that the wavelength and 'amplitude' must be addressed and even used the scenario of how the P I E of an electronic system has an interrelation of variant values addressed for both volts (E) and amps (I).

An unfortunate event occurred which cause me a rush back home but when I emailed Milo the theorem to include the additional logic it jumps into time being what is 'torqued' and I loose even the best of them. (see ankh)

For some reason anything Non-linear does not equate but yet everyone knows what dejavu is as it offers a physical acknowledgement of entangled energy that directly breaks the rules. It is the same thing as prophetic abilities; neither are magic just misunderstood.

To return to strict science here is an experiment;

take 2 base elements, separately in a vacuum, weigh them. Then combine them, fire them up with energy (electromagnetic radiation).

Will there be molecules of the 2?

Will the combined weigh more then the sum of the 2?

A whole bunch of answers can come from either question being "yes."

But no one sees. WHY?

'Chemically' some try to describe but then resolve to 'heat' as a parameter and heat is just emr ..... again.

i love to work and write on this all day every day but I am getting tired of no one giving a hoot and my stupor is I have a tough time conveying enough for others to grasp. For some reason, what I have to share is just not being comprehended and since I spend so much time alone on this subject, my abilities to articulate are a lost art and most of my conveyances are taken as esoteric blabbering.

I am sorry to vent on you but you gave me hope for a minute that there are others who care.

Let me weep as i care more then any could know.

Peace be with you with Love my friend.

Will you be there when the stories of old become a reality?

-Todd Biesiada

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