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The northern light are just ionized mass from the sun coupling with oxygen and nitrogen.  If you know how water is formed then you would know when ionized H2 meets up with O2 it exploded.  In atmospheric conditions the reactions are much less 'explosive' in that the concentrations are not high and each reaction is like a flash of light. IN the mid 80's I was studying the Bermuda Triangle and figured out that the earth's magnetic field is quite important. Note the sun reverses it magnetic field approximately every 11 years and the sun spot are just concentrated flux line areas. well the earth also reverses it's magnetic field but in 70 -250k time periods and i believe the triangle area experiences flux anomalies.  My opinion but that was not the beast behind what came from the research.

If the earth goes through another reversal, our magnetic shield is down and if the sun kicks out a solar flare during one of these periods when we have no magnetosphere; tell me what do you think would happen. That amount of ionized mass these solar flares kick out would encircle the globe and react with our high oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere and there would be an enormous atmospheric fires that would cook the surface in a sharp immediate flare up. i posed then as I do now Alvarez is wrong about what caused the 65m or the 250m extinctions.  

That iridium can be explained once they figure out how how basalts ejected from volcanoes into the upper atmosphere have a high residual of iridium....  ooops ..... Iridium and osmium were identified in the black residue remaining after dissolving platinum ore with aqua regia, a mixture of 25% nitric acid (HNO3) and 75% hydrochloric acid (HCl).

Today, iridium is still obtained from platinum ores and as a by-product of mining nickel.  Basalts .... and what is HNO3,  Nitrogen that captures an ionized H atom.   You know the same stuff the sun kicks out.  I pose a magnetic field reversal caused the increased tectonics movements which caused the increased volcanism and then while the earth had no magnetosphere the earth was hit by a solar flare and this is what caused or was the primary cause of the main extinctions.   This stuff is old old junk to me but haarp is not of any conspiracy to do anything other then obtain the next appropriation from congress.  Do you own any stock in the companies they fund? And if you note what is occurring now on the globe, the poles are dancing around like kids and we are having increased northern light activity.... were are in the beginning of another reversal. This is not my primary Love in research but i will bet it is a worthy item to look into.  

Another Nobel if it is correct, by the way! This below is what I found some time back after I wrote up my article, so I am not the first who thought of it, but the mechanisms of tectonics were unknown back then but at least these people were looking at the reactions that occur in the atmosphere as it is the only way that a global fire could have occurred.  Back before the KT the atmosphere was thought to be of 32 % Oxygen and now it is in the 21% range.  This is why dinosaurs were so big, there metabolism had more oxygen available.  And then if you do the math note how much water increase the globe would have if 11% of the oxygen combined with hydrogen.  

Asteroids have hit the earth since the beginning of time, so the shocked quartz is all over the globe.   The only one that stands out is the iridium and that shit is again all over the globe what most do not know is the isotopes and how these isotopes exist by being exposed to the suns emission.   Note c-12 to c-14 and how it works. did you know you have the number of the beast upon you. c-12 is thought to have 6 electron, 6 protons and 6 neutrons and all life is of c-12 ......  Here is the old publication I found

Todd Biesiada

Solar flare extinctions 1978

associated articles


Effects of intense stratospheric ionisation events


Reid, G. C. ; McAfee, J. R. ; Crutzen, P. J.


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Nature, vol. 275, Oct. 12, 1978 , p. 489-492. ( Nature Homepage )

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The question is considered of whether the solar - flare mechanism proposed to account for the minor extinctions of terrestrial species that are associated with geomagnetic polarity reversals could also account for the much more catastrophic and massive extinctions that have tended to mark many of the major boundaries of the geological record. Depletion of stratospheric ozone due to hypothetical intense solar flares is examined, the possibility that nearby supernova explosions might be a cause of intense stratospheric ionization is discussed, and a one-dimensional time-dependent model of stratospheric photochemistry is used to study the effect of enhanced supernova-related cosmic-ray fluxes on the total solar radiation penetrating the stratosphere. It is concluded that the passage of earth through a supernova remnant would be likely to cause a prolonged period of harsh environmental conditions for the biosphere and that such conditions might or might not lead to major extinctions of animal populations.

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