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by Bethe Hagens


Consciousness Reframed: 8 th International Research Conference

Planetary Collegium

University of Plymouth , Plymouth , England

July 20 - 22, 2006

Blood Lightning and the Planetary Grid

Bethe Hagens

Faculty, School of Public Policy and Administration, Walden University



KEYWORDS: Google Earth, bullroarers, geometry, archaeoastronomy, infrasonics

ABSTRACT: Is Earth-the whole planet-a geometrically symmetrical entity whose rivers, ocean currents, wind systems, coastlines, mountain ranges, and other topographical and archaeological phenomena align with an etheric icosa-dodecahedron "crystal" animating our living relationship with the sun? Is consciousness partly blood lightning-jolts of this energy experienced as shamanic revelation?

Wordless evidence of extremely ancient geometric understanding can be implied from Paleolithic bullroarers and "Venus figures" which are rhombic-shaped and often inscribed with diamonds, fish, the stars of Orion, spirals and other symbols that to this day can be tied etymologically to rhombos. The core of the etymology, in the proto-Indo-European tradition, is rho -which gives rotation, river, flow, turbulent transition, and (through its relationship to kyklos ) rhythm (vibration) and harmony. These fundamentally creative properties of Earth have been conceptualized by later cultures as geometry, as above, so below.

I use geometry as a lineage of energetic feminine principles that lie at the heart of Greek mythology: Gaia ( Ge or Ga is the root of the word geometry -earth measure) births Mnemosyne ( mnemonics are memory aids) who births the Muses (the legacy of those stored memories, the arts and sciences).

In testing the structural theory of a geometric Earth model Bill Becker and I proposed in 1984 that a key rhombic figure was missing from the original crystalline lattice developed by three contemporary Russian researchers. Our new "UVG Grid" aligned the model both with Plato's description of Earth in Timaeus as well as Bucky Fuller's synergetic geometry but lingered in the flat-map hell of speculation until 2006 when affordable mapping technology caught up with theory. The entire system is now available free for testing and research on Google Earth.

More recently, I identified an identical "sky grid." Astronomical alignments, broadly analogous to those of topographical phenomena on the Earth are visible as soon as grid geometry is overlaid on the celestial sphere. The geometry is "anchored" by a meridian perpendicular to the ecliptic (the sun's path) that links three of the brightest and most prominent stars in mythology: Sirius, Canopus , and Vega. Straddling this meridian is a cluster of six bright stars known as the "Winter Hexagon" that can easily be visualized as a three-dimensional cube enclosing Orion. My latest research reveals an almost universal cluster of solsticial, precessional, initiatory, liminal, and turbulent energies attributed to this "celestial cube." Examples of this cube include the New Jerusalem in St. John's Book of Revelation; the House of Life in the Egyptian Salt Papyrus ; the architectural plan-view universe of the blood-thunderbolt-wielding Huitzilipochtli in the Aztec Codex Fejervary-Mayer ; and an Aboriginal Australian rock painting of unknown age from Arnhem Land . This integrated imagery evokes consciousness as spin-geometry, infrasonics (vibratory frequencies not accessible to the conscious mind), and time.

UVG Planetary Grid Essential Planetary Grid


W hat is blood lightning? Creative spark. I invented the term to describe blood-red bolts of lightning flowing from Huitzilopochtli , a Christ-like Aztec astronomical deity. I've since learned that curings and predictions of contemporary Mesoamerican diviners arise from sensations of lightning within their veins ("speaking blood"). This blood brings certainty, an intimate individual connection to the Creative.

T he Planetary Grid? An art-based research project I began in 1982 to explore Plato's geometric conceptualization of World in Timaeus as a vibrating, divine feminine sphere in which all matter, at all scales is contained, ordered, and interconnects. I think the Planetary Grid is blood lightning: an intimate experience of creative energy, highly contextual, ancient, and deeply resonant with innermost geometries, passions and Muses. Please download my Google Earth UVG Freeware and see what you think.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was teaching environmental design and anthropology at an experimental State University when Ronald Reagan's 1980 election signaled the end of environmental programs in US universities. I could "teach Hottentot anthropology"-which I had no intention of doing-but how to begin to understand evolving contexts of politics and cultural interpretation? My answer came as a sketch of Earth enclosed within a geodesic dome.

It made immediate sense to me. I'd shift my focus from solar energies. . .to earth energies. The dome's intersections were numbered. Ethnographic information could be stored by number rather than ethnicity or nation. I would teach geometry, geography, metaphysics, harmonics, and politics through one exploratory metaphor.

A Russian linguist, historian, and engineer created this combination icosa-dodecahedron dome, and my partner Bill Becker-an industrial designer and friend of Buckminster Fuller-saw that it was structurally incomplete, missing "struts." The 14 th century diCanestris map shows four of these struts enclosing Giza in a rhomb; adding all of the struts to the Russian model recreated Plato's sphere of 120 triangles. The struts alone formed a 30-faced rhombic triacontahedron . Models of this figure date to the Bronze age and are found in Kepler, yet they vanished into oblivion until 1984 when we published Planetary Grid: A New Synthesis and Nature announced the discovery of "miraculous" quasi-crystalline rhombic triacontahedra and fullerenes exhibiting Grid geometry.

DiCanestris Map Yellowbird Productions

The missing struts transformed the Russian Earth model into a structural geodesic of 15 great circles, one identical to a Lakota teaching on Earth's creation. One of these "hoops" seemed to just shine out. It runs through north (#62) and south (#62) poles and Giza plateau (#1). These coordinates "fix" the geometry. In 1984 alone, the ozone hole had just been discovered over Antarctica (#62); Chernobyl went critical (#2); famine, war, and an epic locust plague hit southern Sudan (#21); Great Zimbabwe emerged as a cultural political symbol (#41); the Valdez oil spill poisoned the Alaska coast (#7); and a natural whale refuge was discovered (#51). All of these intersections were on the same great circle-an "orienting ring." For ten years, I had all my anthropology students carrying globes, taping grid lines on them, and looking for grid phenomena, and we all started seeing things. It was as if our interests, our political consciousness, our fantasies were the material coalescing around grid. This is the "blood lightning," the memory of Gaia. In Greek mythology, Mnemosyne (Goddess of Memory) is the daughter of Gaia (Goddess of Earth).

Each grid circle is an equator, a "cleavage" between halves of the sphere. I imagine them as planes of tension, simultaneously clinging and pulling apart, as in cell division. As Genesis . It's always been easier for me to think about the grid as myth. Because this geometry can be, and has been, conceptualized as the energetic framework for every "thing", from molecule to virus to planet to galactic spiral, it's sacred scientific myth: matter "clings" to it, or rather, makes a close approximation. "Grid" isn't the best word for what's going on.

The Russian observation that the Mid-Atlantic ridge very closely follows some of the cleavages suggests that these planes might have a real energetic existence. We agreed that grid geometry revealed underlying "shapes" of wind systems, ocean currents, migrations, topography, the siting of ancient civilizations, resource distribution, and anomalous and electromagnetic "events" such as UFO sitings. The fact that so many archaeological sites line up with theories of earth grids that are different from ours suggests to me that humans may always have used their own biophysical geometry as primary perceptual frame. Human geometric visualization and thought may even be "ethics" which have shaped Earth's body. I have a hard time with Christian theology-but I believe Gaia, Christ, Giza , and crystal are somewhere buried beneath it all.

I'm often asked if the grid is shifting. My own crust is shifting, and Gaia must be pretty much like me: etheric skeleton still vibrant and intact, holding skin and organs more or less in place, despite surface wrinkles and minor landslides. I've always taken for granted that the chakras and integrity of Gaia were fixed, for as long as Earth is alive. Yet I also imagine crust as being like an orange peel, detachable, able to slide around. This might explain the different grids as surface manifestations reminiscent of different periods in planetary history.

Right now I'm thinking of the core, the etheric mother sphere of 120 identical triangles, as stable. As the crust slides, it eventually locks back on to the core. Some residue of affinity must exist between the triangles of the core and the triangles of the crust. The three types of triangle corner have regular properties. Sharp corners are "yin," associated with ocean and odd electromagnetic effects. Right-angled corners often mark ancient knowledge-rich civilizations. The others are "yang" and often abundant in minerals and resources. With a crust shift, I'd bet that all three types of corners would realign with similar corners of the core, just different ones. This is the only way that I can explain the remarkable consistency of phenomena over huge periods of time in the three types of corners.

In the summer of 1986, Bill and I decided we had to road test our Fuller-inspired theory. We had added "UVG in-fill lines" ( Universal Vector Geometry- Fuller's icosahedral great circle set) to propose a linkage to leys in Europe , especially the St. Michael's ley, and to see what we could see here. I entered the whole thing into a Rand McNally Road Atlas, and we spent a summer camped along almost 9,000 miles of UVG lines in the United States . One of our big fights started at a grid intersection in Hot Springs , Arkansas , "Home of the World's Largest Trout."

It escalated into a major brawl at the intersection in Pecos , Texas , "Home of the World Famous Pecos Cantaloupe, Eaten for Breakfast Every Day by President Ronald Reagan." Bill refused to let me publish this rubbish, and I refused to back down. They were "precisely" what I meant by grid energy. I was actually hoping to be abducted by aliens. We later divorced over the issue.

My point is that we found all kind of incredible things to support our not always compatible concepts of the grid. . .archaeological sites, dinosaur bones, biological oddities, natural parks, ancient waterworks, lake monsters. If the cleavages of the UVG are intelligent structural energy that manifests in the physical, observable realm, why wouldn't intelligent civilizations, on or off planet, be drawn to these energies, like ants to electric wires? And why wouldn't they move, if prophecy called for a shift in power and politics?

I constantly wonder at the role of astrology and priesthoods in all of this. Earth's axis of rotation shifts one degree every 72 years, and completes one turn around its gyroscopic path of precession over the course of 25,920 years. Over that time, the north and south poles move alternately toward and then away from the center of the galaxy. This must have had an effect on our planet, pulling and stretching the core and crust.

I used to keep a beautiful turquoise blue celestial sphere on a shelf over my desk. I had no idea what it was or how to use it, but loved the color. Right next to it was a gridded Earth globe, identical in size. The caveat here: I can't look at the sky without seeing squares, triangles, and pentagons that must mean something. One evening, in 1992, nearly ten years into my obsession with the Grid geometry, a three-dimensional cube outlined by bright stars suddenly popped out at me from my celestial sphere. I recognized instantly that it straddled an "orienting ring" in a Sky Grid. Bullroarers and Magic Wheels and The Divine Feminine in Geometric Consciousness discusses all of this in detail, especially the significance of this celestial cube-a rhombic form encasing Orion, and the core of much apocalyptic literature across cultures. Christians have the story in the Book of Revelation , the "cube" being the New Jerusalem descending from the sky. At the present time, at midnight on the December solstice and noon on the June solstice, this cube is center sky.

I am sensitive to rhombs because they led us to Plato's elusive 120-triangle sphere. What is so curious is that the ancient Greek name for bullroarers and magic wheels is rhombos, and both instruments visually create cleavages (planes) when they are swung or twirled . The bullroarer is unfathomable. I have traced it morphing across 30,000 years of human semantics into fish, vesicas, Orion, Oroboros, thunder, lightning, flint knife, midbrain on spinal cord, Sun Dan ce pledger, and the spinning axis of Earth's rotation. Always, the instrument is just the medium: the bullroarer is the frequency spectrum, Voice of the Creator, source of blood lightning and personal connection to Spin as vibration, rhythm, cycle, harmony . Geometries have always been associated with spin, and rho , from which rhomb is derived, is "rotate."


The Sky Grid's "orienting ring" is a cleavage in space and time, barely visible in the sky as an arc alignment of north and south ecliptic poles and three of the brightest and most important stars of ancient mythology: Sirius, Canopus , and Vega. In Dogon mythology, Sirius is both a seed and the tip of a bullroarer; Sirius is also the brightest star in the Winter Hexagon that "pops" out as the "celestial cube." The Milky Way, Sagittarius Dwarf Stream, and Magellanic Stream are other visible Sky Grid cleavages, thanks to Hubble. The equator of the Sky Grid is the ecliptic plane, Earth's path around the sun. Extended across the galaxy, this plane pierces the galactic nucleus. Highly unlikely this is coincidence. What is so odd is that the celestial sphere has no reality. It's what we see from Earth, when we look into the sky. The "heavenly sphere." A fantasy that we can get "above" it and look down. And yet the sphere "appears" from Earth to be patterned on carbon-based geometry. It feels like a miracle to me to be in our solar system, on our planet, at this time, when these "coincidences" can be seen.


Lots of people in the northern and middle latitudes must have noticed the orienting ring. There are endless stories about these stars. There are other natural markers and measures that could have been used to make basic astro/geometric observations without instruments. It's so convenient that both sun and moon appear in the sky to be 1/2 degree in diameter! Calendars of precession-zodiacs-divide the ecliptic into equal segments and then treat it as a playing field to view and make meaning of astronomical occurrences. On the night sky/celestial sphere, the plane of the Milky Way (one of the 15 rings of the Sky Grid) crosses the ecliptic exactly 18 degrees west of the orienting ring. This is a natural marker for the Mayan and Aztec zodiacs, which have 20 segments of 18 degrees each. The 8-segment zodiacs are set from the orienting ring using natural 45 degree markers of Regulus and the Pleiades. The Greek zodiac of 12 segments is aligned to the crossing point of Milky Way and ecliptic, which is the beginning of the Age of Taurus. Once you know to look for this geometry, you can align the calendars. The circular ceiling zodiac from Denderah is, I believe, an attempt to do just that. Aztec and Greek zodiacs align at what we call the beginnings of the four fixed signs.

I calculated the dates of the 20 solstice positions that were conjunct grid intersections along the ecliptic and discovered that at 1000 AD, the summer solstice sun was conjunct the orienting ring in the cube. And I asked myself, was the birth of Jesus timed at 0 AD or thereabouts to signal the ominous cosmological alignment that would occur 1000 years later and bring about the beginning of the End? Why were people so afraid of 1000 AD? Why did so many cultures construct observatories and universities around that time? What was the psychological import of the Crab Nebula, which apparently exploded in 1054 AD conjunct the crossing point of the Milky Way and the ecliptic, at the sky grid intersection at the center of the cube? What should we expect now, at present, with the summer solstice sun virtually conjunct this very same location? And what is the impact, in the larger galactic scheme of things, of Earth's axis of rotation now being oriented as far away from the center of the galaxy as it will ever be in the entire 25,920-year precessional cycle? No wonder so many zodiacs make this time-our time-the end of the calendar.

I have no doubt that we have reached The choice point in terms of global consciousness, but I don't think we're doomed. I guess I keep remembering the tip of Orion's club also marks the current summer solstice position. We can see that club as a weapon, but it could also be a torch to light our way.

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