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1992 - Earth Star - A Treasure Map Rediscovered

For more read the afterword in 2007 : EarthStar - USA Overview 2007

Is the Earth itself a complex life-form that behaves like a giant, almost perfectly spherical crystal? In 1971, shortly after the first pictures of Earth from space were made, three Russian researchers from Moscow (a historian, an engineer, and an electrician) published a story in the youth edition of Pravda that echoed discoveries simultaneously being made around the world. Earth, they said, was not the simple spheroid it appeared to be. Hiding under the surface wrinkles of its body was a complex crystalline spirit being whose planetary regulating powers could been seen from space! The corners and edges of this etheric crystal appeared to map the nodes and paths of Earth's life energy-geological fault lines, anomalies (UFO sitings, visions, and cryptozoological beings), edges of tectonic plates, concentrations of biodiversity, centers of ancient civilizations and modern disasters, migratory paths of animals...

EarthStar "holds" the seven most important crystals that civilizations in all parts of the world have known. The five Platonic solids and two biologically important crystals (rhombic triacontahedron and rhombic dodecahedron) all fit inside EarthStar. Each crystal maps different Earth phenomena. For example, the Russians found that a 12-sided dodecahedron could be centered on Earth's north and south poles and positioned so that its edges aligned with the mid-Atlantic Ridge. Once they had established this primary position, other data began to line up. An edge ran along the Nile River through the Great Pyramid, and a corner fell at Lake Baikal-the deepest freshwater lake in the world and one of the richest centers of genetically unique aquatic flora and fauna known.

The most ancient cultures realized that Earth was both a sphere and a "nest" of crystals. In the creation story of the Brule Sioux, Creator calls the powers of the elements to Earth. In the beginning, all was hoops, within hoops, within hoops. These hoops were orbital paths: Earth's around the Sun, the Sun's around the center of the Milky Way, and the electron's around the nucleus. Everything, at every scale, had the same essential spherical shape and orbital path. "Come to the sixteen hoops, come to Earth!" the Creator called out. Exactly fifteen hoops make up EarthStar's crystal edges. The sixteenth is its path! Ancient civilizations (such as the seat of Hindu culture at the mouth of the Indus River in India) were commonly sited at the crossing of the hoops.. .which are also the corners of the crystals (in this case, an icosahedron).

Today, scientists have discovered that EarthStar is the shape of the most common viruses! We have finally developed observational tools that are proving the wisdom in the ancient teaching. "As above, so below" and "on Earth as it is in heaven". Earth is, literally, an environment--^ surrounding living shell, a viron. The shape of EarthStar can be found in mythologies and religious traditions in all parts of the world, and it may hold the key to solving our most critical problems-from geodesic housing to a cure for AIDS. Perhaps the virus is a change agent, not an enemy.

A sophisticated numerical code is buried in EarthStar. For example, EarthStar is made up of 120 identical perfect right triangles. Plato called the divine spirit of universal creation The Nurse of Becoming, and her spherical spirit-skeleton was 120 right triangles. 120 tongues of fire descended upon Christ*s disciples after he departed Earth, and the Queen of Sheba's gift to King Solomon was 120 talents of purest gold. There are twelve "sharp" corners on EarthStar, and ocean currents turn around them. Twelve is the base number by which we organize time, measure, and mythology. . .months, zodiacal ages, apostles, 12-step programs, inches in a foot, to name just a few.

In the western Pacific islands of Melanesia, a legend exists about a magical crystal named Qatgora that split in half at the beginning of time. It released twelve sons who transformed primordial chaos into order and beauty.

EarthStar is a measure of the universe, a memory of panhuman knowledge, biology and spirit One of the greatest mysteries of human intelligence is our understanding of time and space. For example, the actual lengths in miles of the sides of EarthStar*s basic triangle are 1440, 2160, and 2592 miles. These numbers underpin science. A day consists of 1440 minutes (24 hours x 60 minutes). The moon is exactly 2160 miles in diameter. Ancient texts from all parts of the world (Mayan, Hindu, Chinese, and Greek) reveal that a zodiacal great year was known. It lasted 25,920 years and is known today as a complete cycle of precession. One-twelfth of that cycle, a zodiacal age, lasted 2160 years. We spiritually tune our acquired knowledge to the beauty of EarthStar.

A Few Interesting EarthStar Corners
Numbered Key to the Map

1 Great Pyramid at Giza
2 Chernobyl
3 Tyumen oil reserves
4 Lake Baikal
7 Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill
8 Major concentration of medicine wheels
9 Chubb Meteor Crater
11 Findhorn, Loch Ness
12 Mohenjo Daro
13 Natural home of the Panda; ancient Dujiang irrigation system
14 Japan's Devil's Sea
16 Hawaii's time-warp zone
17 Hohokom waterworks; Four Corners
18 Bermuda Triangle
20 Ahaggar ancient cave art
21 Center of contemporary locust plague; ancient Kush
25 Angkor Wat
26 Center of spice trade; Toraja
27 Massive gold reserves
34 Galapagos Islands, the inspiration for Darwin
35 Seat of ancient Peruvian culture (Machu Picchu, Nazca, Moche)
36 Yanomamo homeland
37 Unique deep sea site for lifeform evolution
40 "Natural nuclear reaction" (ca. 1 million years old)
41 Great Zimbabwe; site of earliest pre-humans
44 Wilpena Pound (huge meteor impact); center of Australia's pollution protest movement
45 Numerous UFO sitings
47 Easter Island megaliths
50 Unique Rio de Janeiro tectonic formations
61 & 62 North and South Poles


This flyer from 1992 outlines the basic elements of biblical symbolism and ancient metrology that I now believe to be the most significant aspects of all the grid theorizing I've done since. It is the last piece of writing I did on EarthStar before Bill and I split up. Shortly thereafter, I gave the rights to do "whatever" with EarthStar to Dan Shaw at Vortex Maps.

Also, about this time, I spent a week in Moscow with the Valery Makarov, the only surviving member of the three-person Russian team that proposed the original icosa-dodec Planetary Grid in the early 1970s. (Chris Bird introduced their work to the West in New Age Journal in May, 1975.) Valery and I were able to communicate through his son, Denis, who holds a doctorate in public policy, and over many glasses of vodka we exchanged agreements and disagreements about our models. He was a wonderful man, an engineer with twinkling eyes, who sadly died in his early 60s just a few years later.

Valery believed in extraterrestrial intervention in human evolution, that there were no coincidences, and that he and Goncharov and Morozov had always suspected there was a sky grid. Oddly, I had brought him a gridded celestial globe just to show him where I had taken his ideas. I believe there was (maybe still is) no one else in the world who understood the idea I was trying to reconstruct. This remains my goal: to help modern eyes visualize Plato's ancient divine Mother sphere in the sky.

Makarov met Goncharov, "the brains of the operation," in a chance meeting on a train in the 1960s. Almost instantly they began work with Plato's "world dodecahedron" shown at the left. They aligned the edges of the dodecahedron with the mid-Atlantic ridge, not the Great Pyramid. Makarov told me that the many archaeological coincidences they identified were data that fell out from that original alignment with the ridge. The icosahedron was always of secondary importance to them, and they did not explore or even notice the 120-triangle/15-hoop model that Bill Becker and I identified in Plato's Timaeus. What is so odd is that their red arrows of force are the"missing struts" Bill and I had added to the original model!  

Like Bill and me, the Russian team worked with tape and markers on 12" diameter world globes. In retrospect, this analog view from "way above" is the grid I prefer. The edges and vertices of the "crystal" reveal tendencies in the how the earth and its populations and resources are structured. The "lines" on the grid above are actually more than 50 miles wide, and on and off are very different in a GoogleEarth world! The advantage in working this way was avoiding being caught up in too many details-beginner's mind. We were able to identify interesting phenomena broadly related to the grid, but we made the mistake (I now think) of trying to equate the UVG in-fill patterns (from Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics Two ) with ley lines and "sacred" sites. The grid I see is a structural creative idea, an ideal, a mnemonic, mythological and rooted in mathematical engineering.


For more read the afterword in 2007 : EarthStar - USA Overview 2007


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