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by Bethe Hagens

April 2008, Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness


Naked-eye star observations possible in most parts of the world reveal two visible elements of the geometric framework described in Plato's Timaeus that could be easily visualized—(1) the great circle through Canopus, Sirius, and Vega (three of the six brightest visible stars); and (2) the Milky Way. The ecliptic north pole (green dot) can be visualized but not seen. It has long been recognized as the “north pole” of the sun's orbit around earth.

Ecliptic North Pole


Rhombs (diamond or lozenge shapes, often segmented into quarters) and rhombic “nets” and “webs” are found in artwork and story worldwide since the Paleolithic. The rhombic net within Plato's Universal Living Container of Being aligns perfectly with the Sun's path and divides it into 20 equal segments.


Each of the 20 geometric segments represents approximately 1300 years. 20 x 1300 (26,000 years) is the time it takes for Earth's axial north “pole” to trace a complete circle around the ecliptic north pole. Earth's long gyroscopic wobble is known as precession, and the position of the north pole enacts a cyclic drama in time as it moves step-by-step through the polar constellations which include (among others) Draco, the Little Bear, and Cepheus the King. This same drama is played out in greater detail at the ecliptic, the sun's apparent path backwards through the zodiac as a result of the precession of the zodiac. The June solstice sun aligns with the celestial meridian marking the pole star; in 1000 CE, the solstice sun (yellow dot) aligned with the “Sirius meridian.”

The Milky Way arches across the celestial sphere, crossing the ecliptic at two places—between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius (the position of June solstice in 10,700 BCE) and between Gemini and Taurus (the position of June solstice in 2300 CE). In almost every system of sky wisdom, the Sun's contact with the Milky Way at any time of year is a portent of intensely spiritual and sometimes violent interaction with ancestral and divine spirits. Plato's Critias explains events in the sky and on Earth that led to catastrophe that ensued in 10,700 BCE and ended in 9400 BCE with the sinking of Atlantis. Revelation is in many ways typical of widespread visualizations of the coming of a vengeful Lord (Orion) in a heavenly cosmic cube who will deliver justice and bring about the beginning of a new world as the June solstice sun fully enters the Milky Way.


Aztec Sun Stone/Denderah Zodiac Denderah Zodiac (Photo - Peter Tompkins)


Fejervary Mayer Codex – Mixtec Hagens Celestial Sphere


Platonic solids (cube, tetrahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron, octahedron) modeled in stone 1000 years before Plato. (Photo from Keith Critchlow, Time Stands Still )



  Location of March Equinox (Approximate Dates on outermost ring)

Location of June Solstice (Approximate Dates on innermost ring)



26,000 BCE Extraordinary fluorescing X-ray pulses from center of Milky Way

12,000 BCE

      • Common scientific date for the beginning of the Older Dryas (intense cold period of 300 years duration).
      • June solstice sun first “enters” the Milky Way from the “world outside the pillars of Herakles”
      • Paleolithic “ends”

10,700 BCE

      • Orion reaches its maximum “descent” as observed on the celestial sphere.
      • June solstice sun “eclipses” the galactic center as viewed from Earth
      • Earth's axis of rotation reaches a precessional extreme relative to the galactic center
      • Younger Dryas (intense cold period) begins; high atmosphere radiocarbon concentrations worldwide; shutdown of Atlantic thermohaline current.
      • Catastrophe proposed (10,900 ±) : nano-spherules, magnetized particles, and extraterrestrial fullerenes deposited by asteroid or comet in soil layer across much of North America . No Clovis artifacts discovered later than this date. Time of instant global warming.

9400 BCE

      • Plato's date for the final demise of Atlantis (Approx. 9450 BCE)
      • Younger Dryas ends (±200 years)

8100 BCE

6800 BCE

5500 BCE

      • A torrent of Mediterranean salt water bursts through the narrow Bosporus Valley that separates Europe and Asia into the freshwater lake (now the Black Sea ) that lay hundreds of feet below the rising sea level. Massive migrations into Europe, Asia, Egypt , and Mesopotamia and establishment of new cultures.
      • The beginning of the Jewish calendar
      • First permanent settlements in Malta , first free-standing stone monuments, extremely advanced architecture

4200 BCE

      • Riane Eisler's date for origins of “matriarchy”
      • Copper “discovered”
      • Egyptians create a calendar of 365 days

2900 BCE

      • Maya calendar “long count” begins August 3114 BCE when Aztec Tezcatlipoca brings a great flood that ends the 4 th age of the sun
      • 3000 BCE (ca.) Ocean water level stabilizes at present mean, up 107 meter low during last ice age (Stright 1986)
      • Miraculous birth of Chinese mythical emperor Fu Hsi (divine being with serpent's tail) in 2900 BCE when pole star is Thuban in the tail of constellation Draco.
      • February 18, 3102 BCE may be day 0 of Buddhist and Hindu calendars
      • El Niño (as we know it) commences
      • Worldwide drop in temperatures
      • Sophisticated “temple” building culture begins in coastal Peru
      • Abandonment of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa in India (ca. 3200? BCE)
      • First constructions at Stonehenge completed
      • Umm Suqaim mound (Bronze Age) completed in Dubai


1600 BCE

      • End of Fourteenth Dynasty (“Middle Kingdom”)
      • Hyksos kings enter Egypt (“ New Kingdom ”) –date contested, with 1600 BCE an average
      • Shang Dynasty instituted in China in response to a mandate from heaven—an environmental disaster.
      • Santorini event (1626 BCE)


300 BCE

      • Great Wall of China constructed
      • Library at Alexandria founded by Ptolemy
      • Founding of Tiwanaku ( Bolivia ); vertical archipelagos in Andes
      • Volcanic explosions in Antarctica
      • Death of Alexander the Great (“warrior” king)
      • Great ports of Tyre and Sidon most active 300 BCE – 1000 CE
      • Temple of Artemis at Ephesus (one of 7 Wonders) burnt to ground 356 BCE
      • Artemisia (wife of Mausolus) begins building of Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (one of 7 Wonders) in 353 BCE
      • Pharos Lighthouse at Alexandria (one of 7 Wonders) construction begins 290 BCE
      • Earliest, earliest Dead Sea Scrolls of baptist radical Essene Jewish cult (ca. 200 BCE) speak of their leader as a priest they called the "Teacher of Righteousness," who was opposed and possibly killed by the establishment priesthood in Jerusalem .



      • Birth of Jesus at Winter Solstice (Sun at vernal equinox conjunct Spica) Marks a point 1000 years from the orienting sky grid circle.

1000 CE

      • 1054 Crab Nebula explosion, exactly at 2300 CE solstice position. Most studied of all supernovas.
      • First universities in Arab and European cultures
      • Kwang-Ju established as capital of Korea
      • Cairo ( Al Kahira, i.e., Mars) founded in 969 CE by conquering Fatamid armies. Astronomers warn them to delay construction for some years.
      • Cahokia population expands exponentially, new pottery develops instantly
      • Demise of Tiwanaku
      • Inca rise to power
      • Vikings in L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland
      • “Millennium End of the World” in Europe
      • Demise of Jumeirah (cont. Dubai )


2300 CE

      • Orion reaches is maximum “ascent” as observed on the celestial sphere
      • Earth's axis of rotation reaches a precessional extreme relative to the galactic center


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