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In Memory of Charles

Introduction and Overview

My husband and I were farmers in Santa Barbara. In the early 80's we had many plain circular glyphs in our alfalfa fields. Initially he believed they were done by deer in our fields......later realizing they were perfect circles along wheel lines (but not touching them) without any entrance points. When he installed circular pivots for irrigation the circles began dotting the hills surrounding our ranch. What is more interesting is that our ranch was located over a dynamic aquifer.....an underground lake or large body of water. Our soil was sand (silica) in which he grew overly abundant crops. The tonnage exceeded that of other farmers in the area.

In 1994 my beloved husband Charles died. Just 13 hours prior to which time he'd postulated a simplistic hypothesis stating "free the sub-atomic spaces by releasing the contained rest energies and the molecules and cells will recalibrate their energy and mass using a new molecular conformation."

I immediately realized he was referring to the message in the circle formations, as we had spoke often regarding their scientific connection. Science had been his hobby, but the man was a farmer.

Then, he reminded me of something Heraclitus, an early philosopher (in 450 B.C.) had said, "........that from its centre all is equidistant at any point on the periphery." Charles always believed that Heraclitus was referring to the energy of the sun, and the structure of the atom. Based on that he'd proposed a new elucidation of the atoms.

Using this new structural determination he isolated hydrogen as the only true bipolar sphere. Considering Balmer's analysis of hydrogen he'd formulated a new speed of light based on the 31 bands and light spectrum. He said that the hydrogen frequency was the key to harnessing the atom because it had no neutron.

He then began a restructuring of the periodic table of all other known elements. Isotopes he called anomalies, perpetuating the bipolar dysfunction. Basically it boiled down to hydrogen being the only true bipolar sphere and all others of a monopolar basis. His proposals he based on redefining the properties and function of the neutron - one very specific neutron.

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