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Thematic Correlations about the Messiah


Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In response to an article written by Lyuben titled Thematic Correlations about the Messiah.

Blanche wrote:


That is by far the most exciting piece on the Bible Code I have ever read. Can't you hear what you are saying?

Here is what I heard you say.

The Torah is compilation through time of man's evolution and adaptation. DNA is the Holy of Holies. The Hebrew characters as numbers, letters and words that define in 3 letter sequences or codon, the sets which encode the essentials ( amino acids) to build the Holy Temple of our bodies.

I believe the Hebrew letters of the Ten Commandments are the key to deciphering the whole of the text and each to human emotion.........levo and dextro aminos affix the molecules of emotion as to whether positive or negative. Their numerical values affix locations in the text and align to chromosomes. The words describe the emotional expression.

The following verse refers to the mtDNA......causing hostility between woman and man. It is the seed of our physiologic dissension.

"And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring [marg., seed] and hers; he will crush [marg., strike] your head, and you will strike his heel."

To "honor thy mother and father" is taken literally of course. Their gift bestowed on us in creation of our very lives. But, concealed in those words brings meaning to life in that of the zygote, the union of two gametes. !/2 chromosomes from the mother and 1/2 from our fathers. But, the above verse speaks of enmity between them.......

The mtDNA comes only from our mothers. So, the verse says one thing and the commandment another. The mtDNA is an anomaly..........fragments of the 1/2 to equal the whole in replication. They were removed from the nuclear envelope when the spindle divided with asymmetry.....a dividing of the waters, a flood of genetic material into the cytoplasm. Our fall from grace and removed from the garden.

The fish and their number refer to our shift from our true point of origin. The vesica pisces shows at its center the shift from the true point........and division would have created two circles each with a center point radiating equidistantly to the periphery. This number has its place within the circular genome of the mtDNA.

Your story mentions the clay and iron rod. Clay of the Earth from which we were created and the iron inherent in Earth and man. The Iron atom is cause of the asymmetrical divide, when one considers energy and mass ratios and the ferromagnetic potential of the iron atom. The cause of our transgressions is iron; "a ferrous bar en hydro-magna".

The Anointed One is the Son gift the mtDNA........of his mother and will be the one carrying the coded sequence that will undo the sins by retro-inversion back into the nuclear envelope these fragments gift our mothers making us at once and again whole.
I believe AIDS is the virus that will complete the task. The end time, or end of the program is now.

History records our evolution. The Torah is compilation of our history through time. We wrote the book living in an evolution dictated by time. The encoding occurred on the horizontal line, wherein the lateral inversion the circle failed to mirror the vertical line or sign of the cross image between parallel lines.........and time reversed as Hebrew letters run right to left and now our expression is left to right. The encryption is held along the diagonal line beginning with the placements of the letter dalet in the text.

A 45 degree shift left from the vertical has forced we walk through linear time. The meaning is still written between the lines.........only to realize the circle which is time.

Find the center-most letter of the characters in the text. Radiate sections of compact letters equidistantly from its center divided into eight spoke like lines to the periphery. Then spin the outermost letters the line shift to bring out new meaning. Then work each section moving inward turning clockwise until you reach center point of the letters which will dispel the truths of time.

Time was a circle then. Now we walk the line hoping and praying that this center will radiate harmony beyond any peripheral doubt!

We are the Living Book.....every atom, molecule and cell.

Blanche McLanahan

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