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The Energy Device / Hexagonal Crystal


2nd December, 2010

From: Blanche McLanahan <ehcnald@yahoo.com>
Subject: The Energy Device / Hexagonal Crystal
To: "Matthew Lewin" <lewinmatt@hotmail.com>


As I read the information you've documented one ancient site comes to mind when building these energy devices side by side. Below is link to Puma Punka near Tiwanaka, Bolivia. The first time I set my eye on it I surmised it was an ancient power (energy) generating system. I worked in microelectronics, specifically ion implantation and would study the integration of circuitry with a microscope. This site speaks of an integration to Earth's core (magnetic monopole) and peripheral or surface piezoelectricity.

When the axis shifts and the iron core begins generating a new or true magnetic field, this geographic location will awaken for this new energy you speak of.


Porphyritic is the term used to describe these large crystals in this igneous rock. Puma Punka builders used andesite primarily.

Wikipedia states;
Andesite (pronounced /ˈændəsaɪt/) is an extrusive igneous, volcanic rock, of intermediate composition, with aphanitic to porphyritic texture. In a general sense, it is the intermediate type between basalt and dacite. The mineral assemblage is typically dominated by plagioclase plus pyroxene and/or hornblende. Magnetite, zircon, apatite, ilmenite, biotite, and garnet are common accessory minerals.[1] Alkali feldspar may be present in minor amounts. The quartz-feldspar abundances in andesite and other volcanic rocks are illustrated in QAPF diagrams. Relative alkali and silica contents are illustrated in TAS diagrams.

Classification of andesites may be refined according to the most abundant phenocryst. Example: hornblende-phyric andesite, if hornblende is the principal accessory mineral.

Andesite can be considered as the extrusive equivalent of plutonic diorite. Andesites are characteristic of subduction zones, such as the western margin of South America. The name andesite is derived from the Andes mountain range.

Calcite and andesite are used in conjunction for the flow of the new energy. If we investigated the ground beneath Puma Punka limestone would be found.

The optical properties, birefringence and refractive index of Calcite will be utilized in transmission of light's laser function.
The following image is the crystal structure of calcite.

I had a dream one night and stood in the center of this calcite crystal. It appeared as a stone tower that began to rotate........as it did pulses of light moved through windows between atoms...as if they were pulsing, timed and stored. As I read the channeling on your site I can feel the words by remembering the dream. So what is inside the micro-cosm is precisely that of the structures we build on Earth. The crystal and the tower were the same......superimposed in the dream.

To follow is copy of the dreams.

On the night of Sunday, October 18 I awoke at 4:15 running down the hall in my home. In the dream I had been standing dead center in a hexagonal tower with windows or ports at specific coordinates of its geometry in relation to Earth. There was no ceiling. Looking up I saw light of the stars. They began spinning clockwise whilst simultaneously the Earth began moving counterclockwise. The motion was in sync.........the rotations increased. Though I did not sway the center I could feel every atom in my body being spun and centrifugal force pulling me toward the walls. I concentrated to remain centered. A mesmerizing split light began filtering through the windows of the tower, a hypnotizing strobe of sorts. As the rotation increased the light began to merge through me and the tower.......a feeling of levitation resulted and I could feel the vault or dome of heaven converging on Earth pressing down with so much resistance by her mass weight I sensed destruction, and fear forced I jumped out of the tower. Awakened now I found myself running down the hall. I was dumbfounded wondering why I was running. Retrospect allowed I remember the dream.

On Monday October 19 at 5:14 an hour or so later than the previous night I again found myself bolting out of bed and running. This time I made coffee and sat down.

I recalled the dream.

I was encapsulated in a dense supportive membrane between Heaven and Earth. I again looked up, but this time I saw a 3 bladed propeller that filled the sky. I looked down and saw the Earth covered with the same. Off to my right outside the membrane was a large clock with one hand. At first glance it was stilled on a diagonal to the Northwest. It then began moving clockwise slowly at first, then its motion increased but it was not timed with the rotation of the propellers. I recall this was of great concern. I watched analyzing my predicament wondering, yet all the while knowing what was next.

The blades in the heaven began moving clockwise, the blades on Earth began moving counterclockwise. As their individual rotations increased I could feel a wind begin to move through the membrane........soon it diffused through me. It was my breath moving not through purposeful respiration, rather through every atom in my body. Something felt uneasy within, as if I was not ready physiologically to suffer the energetic impact of the wind and the time on the clock was wrong.

I realized the same motion above and below this membrane was occurring inside me. It indicated the micro-cosmic effects from impact of the macro world I was viewing. I felt a sense of urgency as the propellers increased their speed. Suddenly the speed reached beyond its full potential and the light became so bright I felt as if my head were going to explode, and I realized in that instant I had to stop it............so I jumped off ending the thought.

In 2009 when the formations began attracting so many different dimensional species, I realized they had come seeking the same that we and our military were. I mentioned to you they were not the circle makers, rather were here looking for something entering through a window in our dimensional divide. I told you I thought a device would be found in a formation that you must find it first. At the time I rested assured there was no harm if they located it prior to us...........that it would be gifted to all. It will. But it has to be done by those chosen and in the proper time frame.

My jumping out of the dreams and running from the light was of concern to me, as I understand the principles of the two forces within the light that create equilibrium once unite. Why would I try to escape it? My body felt the answer in the dream.

The KEY is in our DNA, not theirs. Since we are indigenous here on Earth, and they "lost in space out of time" the answer lies in man. It is within our evolution in time the answer will be found. Their intent is not of an aggressively negative action, they are benevolent creatures. Their intent is simply confused by the lack of encoded information in the genetic strain they maintain. The information of the crop formation at Milk Hill that formed over a 3 day period told me so. WE are all converging to a specific point in time to encode the 3 letter code we are all missing. What is not encoded is held within Earth and it is her mass weight running energy through ley lines after alignment that will reactivate the circuitry of the original code into every chip of DNA on Earth.

The digression on the evolutionary ladder moves both ways. Outward toward the periphery suffer the greatest fragmentation and lack of adaptation of the code. Inward and moving towards center retains the threads of code and the adaptability to bind us.
From center point it radiates outward, losing bits of information through time and within rings delineating the dimensions of space.

Just as the crop circle research shows the plants closest to center of the energy radiating outward from the formation has the most changes, and the deposition of ferro magnetic materials in higher concentration. They are locked in the concentric rings of outward flow, hence moving further from the source. We lie nearest the center point and our DNA retains the ability to accept that which is not encoded with ability to synthesize the information and bring about equilibrium. Therefore, we must not allow any of these dimensional beings to accept the code into their current genetic profile as the expansion will shift inward forcing we accept their mutation with a nuclear force that will destroy our chances of ever attaining the one and only genetic profile gift of God from the very beginning.........that which was in the Garden before our fall.
"Behold, Fear Not, the Angels saith; The Tribe of Judah, the Root of David hath prevailed and one would come to loose the seven seals, thereof."

The tribe of Judah is man, he who is born on this Earth. The other tribes are within the fractured dimensions extending into the infinite realm. The root of David refers to man's genes and the message therein encoded. It is the root that binds the 12 tribes. 3 letters of encryption that express during replication of G-d within us, using four inversions to equate 12, and four more which express 48 chromosomes, not 46. The seals have been broken and our DNA will mend in time. Mitochondrial DNA remnants are the missing tribes and are being retro-inverted or magnetically drawn back into the nuclear DNA to complete the code.
G-D is a 3 letter code. But, the Hebrew tradition tells us the middle letter is missing. When replaced time will end as the line of infinity is breached, circumventing the whole or totality of our being where the circuit of evolution as it runs it course telling our lives both forward and back can finally close the book for once and all.

The dreams taught me that timing is the key. Man whose birthright is of this Earth is the only master of time. We are only a moment away from the event. It is vital there be no interference with Earth and heaven as their rotations synchronize at the center of the great wheel locking in gears to maintain the equilibrium of the Cosmological Constant. What is great is small.........so every atom that comprises everything will shift with the event....plants, animal, stones and man.
Our military forces actions attempt to force anonymity of their existence, their aggression out of fear is to destroy them. Their ignorance disables an insight for which we can all unite again as one.

The military and their driving force are fully aware of the multidimensional entities presence here, of the abductions, cattle mutilations ( these terms non-descript of the true intent) and they are in fear of their ability to defuse their nuclear weapons and missiles, believing it is a hostile attempt to take over. If they would look at the reality of what is going on, they could grasp the concept of a technology that would save the Cosmic Race. We are not to apply the principles, which I firmly believed at one time we should. The dream showed me, as I represented man and his interference, that we are not to create until which time Earth dictates it be known.


I have been too long sharing fragments with those whose only wish is to create a device for a new technology. I was certain it was information I should give away to anyone who had the ability to create it. I was wrong. That little device is what created this chaos in the first place when time and electromagnetism were crown king and gravity became this force of underlying ferro-magnetic yield.

The event must be simultaneous, and only heaven and Earth can shatter the mirror of our illusions, for in this we vacillate to and fro in linear time trying to reason our current reality.

The symbol to trigger this response I speak of has been set forth in the fields. CSETI uses this emblem. But the sign that offers the key is the propeller. It is in motion and increase of speed and rotation relative to angular momentum where at a point in time the speed of Earth and Heaven will recalibrate energy to matter ratios unifying the forces and each line segment will radiate from the center, apposing the symbols current bond, allowing vertical velocity to equal angular momentum 90 degrees perpendicular and with four inversions replicate center on the periphery. The end result will rid the illusion of infinity as pi=3.

The dreams told me to get out of it.........not to interfere for the time has not yet come.

The entities benevolence a paradox when defining the word. For they will, if we pursue our current actions, trigger a release by our demands, not of their true intent and purpose.

They have harnessed the nuclear potential that we now threaten by unleashing it. Their technology is based on principle of the device that controls energy to matter, matter to energy. But the information to bring about its underlying principles they no longer contain in vessel of genetic fragmentation. Since we are moving forward in linear time, we have the ability to grasp the concept in thought. Once thought the line of code will be encoded automatically and the chain of events will unfold in the blink of an eye dictated through the circuitry inherent in Earth.

Man is the Tribe of Judah, he holds the key to download the Root of David. The Promised Land is within our reach. Every name recorded in the Living Book, the Book of Life will cross over into this land. Every soul that has been born and lived the gift of life will be resurrected and delivered to the source......in splendor and thread of the 3 letter code of G-D where we attain the wisdom of millennium unwound.

SUI GENERIS  - "Endowed with force"

The endowment
Cloaked linguistically
Boundaries fixed
Set in stone. Beneath is veiled the force.
A domain alone The mass at rest
Contained within
Destiny's test
Angular indifference
Energy is to mass
Life exists
In lieu of the Impasse!

- Blanche McLanahan


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