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The Heart of Man Adrift as
Earth and Her Waters Speak


15th February, 2010

Al Gore is so wrong, as are his corporate/scientific entities. The Earth is in control of global warming and for good reason. The elements and water are acting in a natural way, in apposition to scientific laws and current beliefs. The Earth is busily curing what ails man, as the effects of the cause also impact her very existence. The signs of global warming are not anomalous events, they are controlled by nature.

It is the Earth who speaks all in creation, as housed memory of our very existence, of all energies required to sustain all languages in one mind, all pulsing in one heart, all answers in one word, are housed here for any individual on her surface who asks, desiring any message at any time to be delivered. We fear, failing to understand.

We worry needlessly.
We accuse without cause.
We place blame where none should be.
We suffer the pain of disease, ignoring the cause.
We feign the wages of war, when opposition is our invention.
We grieve for those who suffer endless hunger, yet the world has plenty.
We are without answers, for we have failed in our duty to ask.

All is as it should be. Everything on this Earth, every man woman and child, every animal, every plant was conceived by this great planet. It is she who dreamed of life in the first place. Our experience a gift.

The Earth is alive. She lives and dies just as we do. Her cycles extend through billions of years, so we fail to grasp the concept.

All we see before our eyes is a miracle. The living, dying and resurrection of Earth.
Nothing we could possibly do could alter course of her invention. We are to gain insight through the changes, understand her cycles and document memory of these for all who are to follow.


When our actions taint our thoughts, and we come to believe we've gone against our morals, our values and concern for one another, we must re-think and come to understand the truth.

We have no power. We are not the force. The decision for all that is or ever will be lies in realm of Earth's creation.

We have not caused the buildup of CO2 in her atmosphere. She has by exhaling density of rest matter.

We have not forced the melting of ice caps. She has by speeding up the rotation of her core.

We are not behind the depletion of ozone . She is, so that it can be utilized in conjunction with other elements to heal herself.

We live within realm of Earth's dream and purpose. In time of change she will create the reaction to attain equilibrium.



Imagine yourself adrift in an open sea. There are no obstructions as it is fluid, each particle miniscule, blending balanced in an equal exchange, giving to the freedom and flight of evaporation and the steadfast horizontal viscous flow. Always moving and swirling in motion is this never ending draw of viscosity. Sailing now with the wind are we, in direction of the sun's horizon and ever so merrily drifting with the tide.
And so it is, you realize how much your are alike. Yet all the while knowing there are limits and boundary to which you must adhere. For the likeness and the flows opposition also finds you there.

A sustaining world she is within, and yet she exists within another to nurture their being. Without her we would cease to be, for our balance is one timed with nature as is the sun to rise and each plant to grow in exchange of hydrogen and oxygen's glow. Of these things man has mind to reason and know. There is life within her seizing and reigning at depths untold. A place unseen that we are oblivious to. Her calculated meandering encroaches as her insiduous nature becomes insolent, invading as vast boundary surmounts the land.

We are not unlike her. Our behaviors manifest deep within too. And we, just as she, react to the stresses placed upon us. She seeks no vengeance as the crest gains momentum of the internal force which drives her, nor does she seek to extinguish life in the depths of the waves trough.

Earth's mass too beckons this internal force which shifts dense boundary as she engulfs the shore, ravaging and eroding all that vulnerable above as so below, drawing unto her every ridge the sand that the wind so meticulously heaped into foothills. She creates a pass through which she might travel, moving slowly now over land and through valleys like a glacier, cresting with momentum to cradle and nurture the land, pleading for health of the water's purging cleanse.

And as these waves settle gently now on new shores, submerged beneath pressures we fear, is a life without knowledge of her fierce, engulfing motion. She evenly and warmly fulfills their needs with elements and minerals pouring forth, bonding the constituents of harmony to reason survival. Life to feed life, giving without question and in no need of answers. For what is, just is.

She is the sea. A mightly ocean encapsulated within a vast boundary of fluid dreams. A responding body of water unmerciful at times, who records eternity with incrustations on rock, sifting and shifting to shape each grain of sand by rhythmic beats of her waves upon the shore. We exist above, seemingly beyond this boundary, never to sustain within. We tread upon that which surrounds her, aways taking heed to the intonations made by her voice as waves crash, then blend into the shore.

Life as the ship at sea shall always be set adrift. Searching to seek the calm and peace of the shore, only to once and again find ourselves out adhering to the pull of the tides. This pull for salvation shall set us free beyond safety of the perimeters set in motion of oppositions claim. To accept the flow, though it be against wish of the shore, is within our domain. These ventures are to guide us to our destiny. Intuituion and instinct speak without word, therein harmonizing our actions.

She feeds reflecting the energy of the sun and glow of the moon. She draws the clouds as the horizontal force of the winds deprive they blend. But as the rains begin their vertical descent, she opens gracefully accepting each drop. Continuous is the cycle of these matter and in them we find ourselves conjoined in basis of our likeness. Water is responsible as it never fails the simplistic rise of ascension through separation in gaseous exchange , only to descend and here once again join our hands in viscous motion, so that we too might now drift.

We find reason and therefore understanding of the things we do. In regard and neglect for all she gives and maintains, we are taking for granted with an ever assuming posture she is eternal.. We fail to realize we must give in return to maintain balance in nature. She knows our actions will reap her power and might, for it is through our salvation she takes back all that we failed to give.

Man's carelessness, stripping and raping seeds of hers and our futures. Now in our pollution dense we see a saturating and weighing of the evaporatory release of energies vital, which mislaid shall sink this ship out to sea, never to find the shore and to submerge neath weight of our own doing.

The sea need not reason her actions, as thought does not find her place unaware. It is as it is. She seeks no harm nor vengeance, and justice comes of our thoughts demand. There is no right or wrong, as it is the way of things. For we do not gravitate in her tide. We find our pull amidst cranial chamber behind window of our eye.

As nature corrects the imbalance in the brain and the projection which has distorted our thoughts and vision blinding us, what comes into view finds man dying as mother earth and circulation in her streams gain the tide to reach out and touch healing that which sustains us. And should the solidity of matter prevent she seep into the place where stillness flows, she shall no longer gain way for strength to prolong that which she knows. Yet all the while purifying in mechansim to lift into the air weights which seem immovable. Her energies find obstruction in the barriers which our minds have taught our hands to build. Now our reasoning unknowingly negligent has construct in opposition her flow. A potential detached in borders which parallel insanity, and the link of unconscious thought owerwhelms behavior.

We take that to set as a potion, curious to cause as it once poured in unison and we form the substance to line our concrete jungles. It strangles all beneath, preventing the waters seepage and overflow to absorb in parched and hungry soil. Here again we find ourselves with misguided intent as the thought to precede purpose is caught unaware.

In time to pass ever so swift we find striking resemblance of our pain and disease mimicked in nature all around us and we wonder what went wrong with the intention of our creative thought. To each who live and are derived from substance alike, perchance cause can be extract from life not far extinct and we can then begin a renewal of our wrongs.




Earths time of change has come, so she uses her power to mend and heal all wounds. She melts the ice caps by speeding up the rotation of her iron core. This core shifts the electromagnetic fields that now hold us on a frequency not familiar with our place of origin. The evaporative nature of hydrogen builds to breach the barriers of the O3 layer or ozone. In so doing, the CO2 buildup in the atmosphere diminishes as Earth's power breaks this bond to yield in conjunction with the aforementioned, the hydrogen carbonate (HCO3) which infuses the atmosphere recalibrating the ph. The end result is water. With more water in the atmosphere the variables such as refraction and gravitational constraints, which we consider normal , shall be no more. Time's negative influence on man's behavior will reverse in that of its opposition. There will be no choice in the matter. We shall adhere the dictation of which she speaks.

Her land mass has been seizing in energetic convulsive shakes preparing for the resurrection of matter. Her contained rest mass is being shattered by the silent infiltrating and unspoken diffusion of sufficient energy to recalibrate the ratios.

Everything we do and have done for millineum is in preparation for Earth's resurrection. She will not
die, and in so doing shall save all that lives on her surface. We cannot shift the tide, we cannot alter course of the flow, for it is she who speaks.

All our aggression, evil actions, self hatred, and warring mentality will cease to be. The light emit as Earth attains balance will fill mankind in the blink of an eye, and we shall all know that paradise existed right here all along.

We must temper ourselves .... dutifully awaiting the moment when from that center, the place of our true origin, all is equidistant to any and every where or when on the periphery.

Tis not founded in the laws of science, but in the law of nature . Here, everything unwinds naturally.

SUI GENERIS  - "Endowed with force"

The endowment
Cloaked linguistically
Boundaries fixed
Set in stone. Beneath is veiled the force.
A domain alone The mass at rest
Contained within
Destiny's test
Angular indifference
Energy is to mass
Life exists
In lieu of the Impasse!

- Blanche McLanahan


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