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The Magnetic Monopole


Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2011, 2:04 PM

From: Blanche McLanahan <ehcnald@yahoo.com>
Subject: The Magnetic Monopole
To: newsletter@earthchangesmedia.com
Cc: "Matthew Lewin" <lewinmatt@hotmail.com>, "WRobynne McWayne" <wrmcwayne@hotmail.com>, cpert@tinm.org

To Earth Changes Media


Having followed your articles it is clear you are the closest to understanding the changes Earth and man are undergoing during this time of upheaval as the laws of nature induce a recalibrating of energy to matter ratios. In fact, the entire Universe is reshaping.

This reshape or new elucidation is first occurring at the atomic level. The shift in subatomic spaces will create a new electricity and magnetic field as electrons are repositioned on the periphery, as apposed to elliptical orbitals in shells and sub-shells, aligning linearly to its respective proton. In this we find a nucleus composed of proton and neutron, a + - + charge of mass with a reverse bias potential, which lies at center in an equilateral configuration. So from its center all is equidistant to any and every when (time) or where (space) to the electronic periphery.

There are two fields, the electro-weak and magnetic-strong. When in this geometric configuration there is unification of energy and matter bringing to fruition Einstein's Cosmological Constant. So, where we see the electron fire is precisely both its momentum and position canceling the time factor.

If the microcosm reflects itself projecting the macro world, then these changes the subatomic realm are undergoing explain all the signs of chaos now manifest in our world, from erratic human behaviors to the solar flares and Earthquakes. Even the incoming comets and meteors can be better understood if we look at Earth for what she was and is soon to be again.
She is a magnetic monopole dictating the symmetry of the Universe. In doing so, she returns to her glory days..........an apparition of geocentrism or the Ptolemaic view of Earth at the center of our Universe.

So often I had wondered why man presumed the Earth to be flat. Well, from that perspective I can visualize it.

Earth is a Magnetic Monopole. Her iron core dictating the division of the magnetic spindle for creation of every plant, animal and man on the periphery. As has become apparent the iron cores bipolar dysfunction or bar magnet effect has manifest our current electromagnetic and gravitational fields due to the dissension of an asymmetric divide relative to the expression of energy to matter exchanges. The new elucidation of the atom Unifies the two forces so that from this center all is equidistant to any and every when (time) or where (space) on the periphery.

This will bring a new technology causing a gradual malfunction ( already apparent) to the technology based on our current structural determination of the atom. So, as the signs are all around us we better prepare to innovate and integrate this new electricity and magnetism, so when the end comes we can begin again well centered as would be from our true point of origin.

Blanche McLanahan


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