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Blue Requiem for a Future Past #02

Transmission : 2019-03-13

Continuing on from the previous thread ...

The below is an excerpt (with some tweaks) of the following Final Lament: http://missionignition.net/blue/final_lament_2018.php

The following to understand is a little mind bending but you need get around it to get above it
When creation came into being it occurred all at the same one moment i.e. no time and no space

Everything is now as you read this occurring all at the same one moment / instance
Time and space are only illusions created by remembering and experiencing all aspects of creation

There are no moving parts

Memories and experiences of instances are all strung together in linear fashion
To give you the illusion of time passing and space traversed

Time is really a convenience so you don't have to experience everything at the same time

Why? So you can remember, take in, process and assimilate the moment which becomes experience

Why? So creation can correct and remove that which is not love in its next creative adventure
Much like you would build a prototype or beta software before final release
Each model or version improving upon the one before it

In limited dense forms it is difficult to experience more than one reality at a time
For your bio-circuitry would not be able to cope and you would not be able to gain
Any learning or understanding of each memory or experience

A motion picture movie is made up of many frames sliced up
These frames when run though a light projector produce a motion picture
Which appear to be a reality or a realm (i.e the movie you are observing)
It has back drop, scenes, actors, stage sets, theme, story line etc

You are not the movie reel nor the frames and not the projector
You are not the canvas screen which the film is projected upon
You are not the actors and nor the stage prompts or back drop

In effect creation is the light that is projected through the projector
You are that light but in order to experience creation you became the actors in the movie
You forgot you were the light and assumed your positions to be always the actors
Some of you play cops and others play robbers, heroes and others villains
When the movie is finished you will take up other acting roles in other movies (reincarnation)

If you were take up each frame of a movie and layer them vertically
Like a deck of cards stacked on top of each other it would be likened unto
All of existence coming forth all at the same moment timeless/space-less

If you projected light through all the stacked frames then every scene (frame) would be
Played out at the one very same moment although it would be a blurry mess and
You the observer watching the movie would see just one dark blob project on the screen
That you are viewing (i.e. experiencing remembering) and thus nothing would be learned or gained

Some with ability are able to look ahead and see all on-coming span of future frames
Other have managed to fast forward, rewind or even jump between frames
Some even managed to splice and dice frames re-arranging their linear order to suit

In any case, a position definitely worth a ponder

For some light entertainment i recommend the following for your viewing and listening pleasure (Headphones recommended).

The above = Art in Motion

The above is a European talent show (with english subtitles) - once you can get past that the artist's channeling performance will take you to another place.


May you all find solace in greater vibrations,


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