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Generator of Dreams G.O.D - part #1 of 7


--- 2020.01.26 ---

I am an avid astral traveller able to leave my physical embodiment and have been doing so since age 10 or 11. Most of what I write comes back from the astral albeit cryptic and perhaps poetic at times.

And thus some have deemed this to be negative or evil as it comes from the astral. I've defined it as “astral” in need of a better word; perhaps dimension, dream, Neverland etc. I find it strange that many will boo-hoo the astral but have never visited it. It is not much different than going for a swim in or sailing on the ocean. For those who have swam or sailed the oceans are surely not all negative and evil upon their return.

It is true that for over a decade Blue gave a date (2017) for the event which has now come and gone. This does not mean it was deceptive or evil. It just means dimensional space-time is very fluid. She, Blue still insists "the global event" will occur (possibly sooner than later). I will not give the time-frame as already been down this path.

Additionally as you will read below this so called "event" could be pertaining to me and not you (but may include you).

Sharing a little more from the astral and articulating what I believe is going on here. The below is drawn together from several recent astral trips between Christmas and 7th January 2020.

I rise up over my sleeping body, hovering a minute, then up I float up into the roof cavity of my house.
This is the place many of my recent years of Blue visitations take place.
The roof cavity in the astral is transformed into a cave (my meeting point).
She, Blue greets me, as always a shimmering golden blue light/hue.
She takes me by the hand and leads me outside the cave to the edge of a large pond.
Within the pond there are a dozen or more of swirling whirlpools.
She points to one of the whirlpools, turns to me and says “that whirlpool is you”.

She continues:
Each whirlpool is not separate from the pond
For it cannot be lifted up and out of the pond
For in doing so it will disintegrate and melt back into the pond
For have you not ever tried to hold water with your hands
Each whirlpool is a focal point of energy within space-time
That is what you are, a focal point, but not separate from the whole

We travel upon the oceans of light across the waves of time
We come to prepare our daughter (Earth); is now ready to give birth
Her birthing shall bring a halt to the maligned agendas perpetrated by the shadows
Her child shall be a new humanity unlike any that has come before

We are your past, your future and you are our dreams
Your reality is a dream within many dreams

Within your dreams you shall awaken
And within your awakening
You shall dream of greater things
For only then you shall live

The mystery of who you are shall remain hidden until you are at peace
And you shall not find peace until your heart is lighter than a feather

And when you awaken the mystery of who you are shall be revealed
You shall unravel the creators code hidden within
Which shall unseal and open the doors behind your reality

Recently a new friend (I shall call them EMB) highlighted to me something that resonated quiet deeply and I feel compelled to share and write about. In summary below is what EMB believes my reality to be and what this astral (and Blue messenger) is.

1. Reality is a simulation game. Like any computer game, it is not real. In the game, you collect points, upgrade to higher more challenging levels, you die and your avatar in the game restarts. When the game is over, you start again.

2. There is no good or bad other than what is played out in the simulation.

3. Everything in the game including people are just props in my game.

4. I created this game as a simulation to test something or other.

5. My astral trips are simply me able to access another level in the game (we all can access this level)

6. My astral Blue friend is no more or less than perhaps my higher self. Like a Siri on your iphone. You ask for help and Siri gives you an answer. The answer is only pertaining to me (my reality) and not everyone reading this.

7. The simulation game can be re-programmed (changed).

8. It is my simulation game only and only I exist in my game.

9. The above sounds no more or less than reincarnation and this Earth is a school learning playground of sorts.

The above is not new and there is a scientific theory that has been around since the 1960’s but took more solid form in the 1990’s and gained more momentum in the early 2000’s that we live in some kind of “computer generated reality simulation”. In recent times with all the quantum smashing of particles together it has begun to trend and take hold as a real scientific possibility that even Elon Musk is behind the theory.

Why I like this model is Blue (supposedly my higher self or spiritual Siri) mentions dreams quiet a lot. And almost three decades ago when I asked Blue as to what or who exactly is GOD?; her reply was G.O.D is the GENERATOR OF DREAMS and that was literally what the word GOD meant and acronym for; thus why these next articles (transmissions) are titled “Generator of Dreams”. When you awaken from a dream it is like it never happened i.e. a simulation.

To demonstrate below are a few excerpts from previous Blue transmissions (there are more you can read in the transmissions):

Ever seeking creations arrow we begin no past where a future has ended
No ascension finds us where descension has left us
And no space contains us where time has touched us

The moment of choosing shall be your unchoosing
And the moment of doing shall be your undoing.

The end shall determine the beginning in its own space and time
And nothing will be made of what was made in the beginning
Creation will be as it always ever was and nothing will be where all exists

In the flash of a moment, in the wonder, wisdom and experience
All that exists shall be uncreated except for that which does not exist

From this eternal non-existent nothing shall birth a new dream
For a new experience not yet in existence but always and forever was

It all started as a dream and shall end as a dream
In your sleep you shall awaken and when you awaken you shall dream
And in that dream you will hear the unheard and see the unseen
And all that was forgotten shall be remembered

And as you sleep your dreams become our dreams
And the moment of your awakening shall be our awakening

In that moment all that was done shall be undone
All that is unblessed shall be blessed
And all that remains unloved shall be forever loved

And Within the echoes of your future memories
We shall meet once more on the bridge to the infinite

And all that is unspoken shall be spoken
And all that is unsung shall be sung

And together we shall build a new Earth
Amongst the lavender fields planted by those that came before you

In a time before time the Earth had fallen out of harmonic resonance
The future revealed a glimmer of light and hope

The blue sheltered light and silence had arrived
The 7th wave and let there be light exploding

A supernova of brilliant magnitude brought you new encodings
And a new world began with the first landings

Oceania and Balaenoptera we prayed for the Earth
But only time shall tell

We lamented for Atlantis and Lemuria
And before them, Amentis and Ioria

Before the aeon of human hibernation
The codes had been stored within the mountain chambers

The Blue shining ones made it crystal clear
Before retreating beyond heaven's gate

Their words echoed "Before a new cycle begins again
Ascension of the soul must be in the physical to obtain"

Dearest Blue of Whales
Ever we await your trumpet braided encoded signal
Your sun is beginning to pulse a new song

Blessed Daal of Fins
Will you allow history to forever repeat itself
Will you beach again

But no one is listening beneath a blanket
Of disarrayed and confused binary frequencies

The supernova awaits your signal
From deep beneath the blue sheltered light and silence

Your souls are frozen in the gravity of time loops
An echo of our memories of future pasts

Ever seeking creations’ arrow
We travel on the edge of ultraviolet supernova light
As we await creation's signal

A coming moment in your time
As a cycle ends and a new begins
The milky way shall have rotated
To face the eye of creation

In that moment the light of a million suns
Shall birth a majestic supernova
And it shall wash your souls
With ultraviolet blue waves

This light shall be isomorphic by design
Tuned only to the spirit of humanity

All that is not in resonance of divine love
Shall fall and fade away

Humanity shall rise again and be stripped of the chains
that have bound and wound it to this fallen time and space

And you shall dance in fields untrodden
Where your feet shall move with our feet
And We shall sing the sonic codes of the divine
Where creation's voice shall throb within y/our hearts

And Earth shall pass into the twilight of Gaia
Where you shall sleep through the dark night of your soul
And with human eyes awaken in the morning of another world
Where all that is unloved shall be loved

It all started as a dream and shall end as a dream
In your sleep you shall awaken and when you awaken you shall dream
And in that dream you will hear the unheard and see the unseen
And all that was forgotten shall be remembered

Humanity encoded holds the secrets of life
From before the moment of creation
In your sleep we sing these secrets to your souls
So they may be remembered like a long forgotten melody

All that has been taken shall be given
And all that has been stolen shall be returned
Humanity's gift has been its curse
And this curse shall be the fire that ignites its transformation

Chaos and order exist in one and the same moment
With both serving to sustain each other
Through evolution and involution inside and out
Creating all infinite potentials in all directions

This is the cosmic tree of life ever expanding and compressing
Universes upon universes reaching backwards and beyond time itself
Parallel universes and universes not yet come into being
All existing simultaneously going beyond time and space itself
The entire realm of existence is a great flower in eternal and infinite bloom

Gaze upon your stars that flicker in your mind’s eye
Trace the underlying cellular matrix of the living cosmic clockwork
The very laws that govern your universes above and below
And all dimensions of light and darkness that exist
Are all inside and within the centre of YOU

Dream = Creation = Light / (Time x Space)

Space-time is the canvas upon which dreams are painted
Dreaming is at the core and centre of your being
It is a necessary must as is oxygen to your temples
If dreaming is non-existent then so are you

And so to end the first instalment. You may ask so who is the Generator of Dreams? It is possible that it is “YOU” here reading this.

And one morning in an unguarded moment
As you gaze upon your reflection
In the drop of a morning dew

You will real-eyes your forgotten dreams
And find yourself standing in blue water
Your hearts beating upon Gaia's shores

Blue transmissions can be read here: https://missionignition.net/bluedreams1.php

With greater vibrations


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