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Blue Lament for Humanity - part #5

Transmission : August 2011-04

The blue shields which are currently infusing higher
frequency into earth/humanities morphgenetic field will be
raised by a fifth of an octave beginning April 22nd 2011 and
then switched off 22nd June, 2011.

This short period of raising frequency will put lots of
stress on humanity in a last ditch effort to awaken all
sleeper angels awaiting our harmonic wakeup tone.

Also the purpose of the blue shields was to spread out and smoothen
the rapid spikes in earth changes - spreading them out so to
speak as best possible.

Without the blue shields the Japanese earthquake as well as
Christchurch would have been far more devastating than they were
We can not say the same for coming earth changes after 22nd June

Earth is under huge stress and pressure to heal and return
to love. She has been patiently waiting, patiently holding
her breath awaiting her cells (humanity) to co-activate.
Once the blue shields have been switched off Earth will
break her waters and begin contractions ready for birthing.

We travel alone and in the same moment travel all-as-one within oneness
Ever seeking home yet we are at home inside our/your heart-space

Ever we travel alongside creation's arrow on spiralling
ultraviolet blue starlight. It is your creation's arrow
(intent) which broke the symmetry within the stillness of
infinite's pond sending ripples (vibrations) out from which
space and time were born

Ever seeking creations arrow we begin no past where a future
has ended. No ascension finds us where descension has left
us and no space contains us where time has touched us. The
measure of time is relational to the measure of space
between your self realisations. The moment of choosing shall
be your unchoosing and the moment of doing shall be your

We blue oraphim travellers are only passing through and our
mission here is almost complete. We then depart your milky
way (in universe 1) and all its dimensional trajectory paths
after 2017 as we turn our gaze upon Gaia in universe-3. The
departure shall be the gathering and all that remains unsaid
will be said and all that remains unknown will be known.

In your future she (Gaia) too will make her ascension to
merge/unite with our home world which we call Auraphim
(centre of light) in the Arcturus galaxy within the
space/time locale of Universe-5 (8 octaves higher than

In your distant future (4 Billion years) the Andromeda
galaxy is on a collision course with your Milky Way. The
collision course was set in motion due to the galactic
rift/drift of your past. This is the divine creators way of
cleansing and recycling all that which is a false image

The entropic mass is so great that even we are unable to
redirect or slow this collision course - we failed on two
attempts whilst you were sleeping

Even though you are now awakening to your creator power
we can not change the course set and so we must ensure
all humanity across this your universe transcends and
makes the shift. You/we are all going home

The speed at which we travel can not be measured - it is
beyond measure - if you were to put a number to it, it would
be in the vicinity of 800,000 times faster than your speed
of light.

Before light has reached you we would have touched
you 800,000 times before you could blink an eye
Although 4 billion years in your timing is vast
For us travellers it is like tomorrow

Creation's arrow knows no boundaries and travels in infinite
directions as do the ripples (vibrations) born from it's
intent. It is here the trinity infinity came to be for one
can not exist without the other

The power behind creation's intent (cause of the ripples)
was angular rotating in motion and thus your "Angels" came
to be. (Angels / Angles). Ever upholding your divine
creation, the angels (angles) keep all that is created ever
expanding by feeding back on itself through the spin of
angular motion. This is known as self awareness (self
reflection). You are the reflection of divinity

All that which does not feedback on itself becomes entropic
and withers away unable to be sustained by creation's

The glue which holds everything created in formation (form
and shape) is love. Divine creation is held in unconditional
love. The beauty of a flower - it's fragrance - it's
frequency remains as is - regardless of who the beholder is
whether they be saint or sinner, lover or hater.

All that is - is vibration (waves) rippling across space and
time. These waves are spiralling in motion - vortex like.
These waves come together in harmony or disharmony or a
mixture there-of to form structure (matter). The force that
brings them together - that which they gravitate to - is
love. The gravity of love. Intent gives them direction.

The greater consciousness (love) of a star, planet or being
- the greater the gravity. Why is the Earth expanding - Why
is it your moon has no gravity? Why do your blackholes
(birthing holes) have the greatest gravity?

The turn of the tide is now upon you - and though we have
already seen the other side of your many and potential
futures - only you can choose the direction of creation's
arrow. In your past we have redirected creation's arrow
twice and now a third and final time. We are you in your
future and you are us in our past.

Watch the stars - you have come this far and soon you will
realise where and who you are. In the matter of a moment
which is lost in time will the starlight find you in the
evening of another day. Like a mirror held before you - you
are are reflection of divinity.

Nothing is independant nor stands alone - everything -
everyone - every cell and every fibre of your being is
connected to every-other. Every word, vibration, light,
thought, will and intent is connected and affects the total
fabric that makes you and your universe.

Although you are unique and individual you are part of the
whole but not separate.

Return to your hearts.


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