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Blue Lament for Humanity - part #6

Note: if you have not done so already it is best to read previous laments before embarking on this.

Transmission : 2011-07-03

G.O.D. = Generator of Dreams / Dimensions.

It all started as a dream and shall end as a dream
In your sleep you shall awaken and when you awaken you shall dream
And in that dream you will hear the unheard and see the unseen
And all that was forgotten shall be remembered

Humanity encoded holds the secrets of life from
before the moment of creation
In your sleep we sing these secrets to your souls
so they may be remembered like a long forgotten melody

Within in our lament we remember the moment of your
awakening which is soon to come upon you
All that has been taken shall be given and all that
has been stolen shall be returned
Humanity's gift has been its curse and this curse
shall be the fire that ignites its transformation
In that moment you shall know the hidden purpose that is behind all things.

Your weakness shall be your strength and your pain shall be your bliss
Your sorrow and grief shall be your joy and your anger shall be your peace
Your hatred shall be your love and within the darkness you shall search for the light
Within the reflection of light you will know divinity itself for it breathes through you

When creation dreamt itself alive its canvas was infinite and formless
made up of unstructured patterns and vibrations. Creation's desire,
intent and will was to experience the joy of itself within these
formless and endless patterns and vibrations and
so Archons (greater streams of light) were dreamed into being

The desire, intent and will of creation to experience the joy
of itself is known as "spirit" and itself as "love" which is the
fabric that holds the body of creation together

And so as stated before, simply, the nature of life is the
blending patterns of unending energy waves and
pulses in an outward spiraling progression
drawing all and everything towards itself

The Archons (greater than Arch Angels) are responsible to
hold/keep space in which to guide, grow and crystalise
creation's body into patterns, form and shape (matter)
so that it can experience itself within the dream
The simplest description for an Archon is that of
vibrations or shades of colour as in "Blue"

This holding of space is called a "universe" = uni-verse = one-verse = one-word
A word is made from letters of an alphabet
Vibrationally speaking a word = tone = sound
A tone is made of many overtones and undertones known as harmonics
Musically speaking a word = a scale which is made up of many musical notes
There are endless alphabets and letters as there are endless tones or musical scales

And so in Angel/Angle language a "spell" is just that - "to
cast a spell" - a string of letters strung together to form
a structure/shape = word/verse. The analogies (An-a-logi =
angel-logic) are endless. To assist the Archons in the
guiding and shaping of creation's spirit were multitudes of
Arch-Angels/Angles whos responsibility was to hold angles
within the shape of creation. You can liken an Arch-Angel to
a vibration or frequency and all overtones or harmonics of
that fundamental vibration as angels.

Two Archons placed a subtle twist in the divine patterns of
creation. This twist applies only to two universes. Rather
than starting from a geometric center to form the patterns
of potential creation. These two maligned Archons (Eli and
Jehovi) and their subset of Arch-Angels (Michael and
Gabriel) and below generated the pattern from a "double
mirror image" .i.e. they started from the outside rather
than the inner centre however mirror-imaged it to make it
look like it was from the inner-centre and thus the
"illusion of separation" was born and came into being. This
is known as the cosmic rift or tear or big-bang. The big-
bang was not of creation itself but the separation/split of
this universe from creations divine pattern/hold.

When you try to analyse your position within creation's
divine pattern you can never come to a complete resolution
or completion (source) as you always find yourself off-
centre. This false pattern of creation appears identical to
the real and divine patterns of creation but is causing your
soul family matrix / greater-selves in this and other
universes and dimensions memory loss. When a recall to home
is made a system crash occurs causing a loss of memory of
real-true connection to source.

This twist or double mirror image, false pattern of creation
is the cause of the "cosmic-rift" as spoken of in previous
blue laments. This is what is holding this universe and
galaxy (part/organ) of creations body in dis-ease (dis-
harmony). Your souls are trapped into a never ending cycle
of re-incarnation because memory of who you are and your
connection to source is lost. This memory loss is due to the
illusion of separation caused by the Archon's maligned

You are further held-back by amnesia caused by toxins,
poisons and your digital spider-webbed networks criss-
crossing the Earth, digital radiowave transmissions
broadcast on all levels which have replaced your analogue
waves. Further, you are hampered by the release of radio-
active particles into your water, land and air. Of all the
universal particles that can destroy or disintegrate a
"soul" it is your radioactive particles that have been
removed from earth's bioactive heart where it naturally

And so we come upon you where you can meet us half-way
within the spirit of your dreams. And each time you dream -
known or unknown - we whisper to your souls so that you may
remember. And so over aeons of time with the rising
frequency/vibration of your beings you are beginning to
remember (awaken).

Time is the rippling heartbeat of infinite creation and
space is its womb giving birth to all that is. Do not let
the ripples of creation separate you and the afterglow of
light become a long lost memory. You shall not know the
depth of your oneness until the very moment of your

Shooosh ... Listen Carefully .... Can you not hear the trees
and the breeze of another day. Can you not feel the touch of
earth under your feet and the embrace of crashing ocean

It all started as a dream and shall end as a dream. In your
sleep you shall awaken and when you awaken you shall dream.
And in that dream you will hear the unheard and see the
unseen. And all that was forgotten shall be remembered.

The exact moment of the return is kept secret and unknown
but only to the creator. The moment of the return is encoded
biologically and bioetherically within your beings. Humanity
when realised is the remedy (correction) for this fallen

From within the silence we shall return. You, human angels,
silent guardians and watchful protectors, return to your
hearts and re- member.


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