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Death is an Orgasm


20th February 2007

we speak to you on more levels than what you are now
perceiving .... we speak to those whose souls are tired and
dis-illusioned ... to those whom have hunger in their hearts
... and to those whom may for a moment have glimpsed the
truth for it only to vanish out of sight ... we speak to
those whom are holding the grid ... holding the light ...
whom are conduits for the earth and her humanity .... and to
those whom can sense a new presence .. a new awareness ...
a new consciousness awaiting to be birthed ... be ready to
receive your divine-self ... be in a moment of stillness ...
and listen ...

the all-that-is-is-YOU ... the YOU who is all things and
knows all things ... who always was, always is and always
will be ... as you read these words ... a part of you will
quicken .... will come to know that it is REAL SELF and not
your EGO ... for that which is with-out is a pure reflection
of with-in ... you already know this but many are yet to
experience it ... you are not your mind nor its intellect
for they are only expressions of your being ... your
realSELF ... as you are an expression of the all-that-is ...

a time may come in your potential now in which you term the
battle of armegeddon ... this is not in reality an outward
battle for it is in truth an inward battle ... a battle
between SELF and NOT-SELF ... between SPIRIT and EGO ...
for it may be externalised ... polarised and reflected as war
... this not be if you are to embrace, accept and love your
EGO's rather than resist, exclude or invalidate ...

be still ... listen within ... listen to your heart beat ...
to your breath ... to the blood rushing through your veins
... listen to nature breathe .... be still ....

your mind is a program ... it filters out that which does
not fit into anything it has experienced ... your mind
supplies your EGO with self-distractions that your EGO has
never experienced or known or owned the real YOU ...
the TRUE SELF .... through self-distractions ... through pain
and pleasure .... you have come to believe that your EGO-
MIND is your true self ... you have forgotten that the all-
all-that-is which is you ... you have become enslaved to
your EGO ...

and so you find yourSELF in a difficult situation ... what
you term a catch-22 ... how to still the mind-EGO and yet at
the same instance speak to your EGO and embrace it ....
how to embrace and love the EGO and allow it to continually
sabotage yourSELF and yet still know that you are one and
the same as the all-that-is ...

the answer to this is by being still and feeling .... feel
the all-that-is ... feel every vibration .... and should
your EGO begin analysis-paralysis of these feelings and
sensations ... do not suppress or resist these thoughts but
allow them to be, to flow and allow them full right of
access .... but in doing so observe them .... and know them
and understand from where they come from ... for the all-
that-is-you also exists in these limited and filtered
thoughts .... for they are not separate from the feelings
but in reality they are the one and the same as your
feelings .... just as the river of water is not separate
from the ocean of water ... your thoughts are not separate
from your feelings ... they are a but a filtered frequency

as you instill your mind/ego .... know that you are and
ALWAYS the ALL-THAT-IS ... say, feel, touch this knowingness
... repeat it in every action, expression and articulation
that you are and always the all-that-is .... slowly but
surely this will be-come a realisation .... eventually in
your timing ... your body will surge with waves of
electrical energy ... washing over your physical senses ....
an ecstacy much like that of your orgasms ....

know you what an orgasm is ?? it is death! ... it is the
feeling and sensation of the illusion you know as DEATH ....
this is your orgasm .... at your moment of death when your
soul releases its attachement to your spacesuit ... the
sensation of feeling ... the letting go ... the allowance
and de-attachment ... the release ... the separation ... is
like that of the most wonderful orgasm you have had and more
unparalleled ... the instance of death itself is not painful
at all ... although it may appear that way to the observer
... this may come a surprise to many ... this is a truth we
speak ... in a manner of speaking ... orgasms are a form of
consciousness ascension ... when they are expressed and come
through the heart-chakra open ... your sexual tension can be
likened unto ascension tension ;o) ...

your EGO may be asking, questioning or in judgement as why
is it that BLUE is bringing forth this subject topic of
orgasms and death ... the simple truth is when you are one
with the all-that-is ... the electric sensation is like that
of an orgasm ... but understand it is not a sexual orgasm
but that of a multi-layered, multi-leveled, multi-faceted
orgasm ... it is as if all your organs and glands are having
their own orgasm ... every cell is in this state of bliss
... vibration ... nowness .... very few have had glimpses of
this ... where they were connected and one with all and
everything .... there is an electric buzz ... in some it can
be heard vibrating behind their ears ... crackling ... as it
gets louder and then "wham" ... they have snapped out of it
and back with the EGO in control ... oh human how close you
are to ascension ...

know you your consciousness shifting ... rising ... and what
you term and define ascension to the next level is exactly
this cosmic orgasm .... and we can not impress further the
importance of your heart-chakra ... the centre of the all-
that-is .... thus why you may find our host Raphiem so
obsessed and to some fanatical when it comes to the heart-
thymus chakra ... this is your shield against the seen and
the unseen .... when heart is centred-opened-receiving ...
the shields are at full power ... when heart-closed-
restrictive ... the shields are weakened ... defences down
... the words chosen here do no justice as we are dealing
with limited vocabulary of our technically minded host ...

your heart-chakra is the centre of you as your Earth is the
centre of the solar system which is the centre of your
galaxy which is the centre of your universe ... how is that
for perspective .. what is the heart-centre of your earth
you ask ... mmm .. we will entertain you and say it is
Australia ... and more so Uluru [Ayer's Rock] within
Australia is the heart-chakra of your earth ...

this is the universal alignment ... it is all hearts are
lining up on all levels seen and unseen ... synchronising
like a cosmic clock set to ring the divining bell ..

the I of yOU is the centre that sits within you ....
patiently waiting and watching ... knowing no time or space
for it is the eternal now filling all things .... it is this
I of YOU that directs and gives you guidance from your
unseen but only to be ignored by your EGO mind ... for we
are all and the same and the one ... nothing separates us
from you as nothing separates us from the all-that-is ...
but only your perception ... we know and experience are the
all-that-is ... for you it is unknown ... unexperienced but
only mere concepts ... but a moment in your time is coming
where you will come to know and experience this ... you will
know yourSELF and OWN yourSELF ... the I of YOU is what
animates YOU ... gives YOu purpose .... gives you life ...
in the seen and unseen ... for nothing is dead ...

many of you assume that thinking creates your reality ....
this is not completey true! ..... it is the thinking with
and through your heart that creates your external reality
... it is not the thinking and imagery perpetuated through
your EGO-MIND ... as these are only limited forms of
creation .... know you your heart/chakra is also a thinking
organ working in parallel with your crown chakra ....
however unlike your crown chakra where thought is
received/downloaded from your spirit and then filtered
through you EGO/MIND ... your heart/chakra does not receive
filtered but full and complete thought expressed as a
different vibration of thought you term feelings ..... never
the less it is one and the same ... the battle between your
EGO and HEART is your inner battle of armegeddon ... the
winner of this battle is that which unconditionally embraces
and encompasses all including its "perceived" enemy ...
which is in "truth" itself ... for there is in truth no
other way ...

think/feel/create from within the quiet space of your heart
.... for in this centre all things can be transformed in and
with the spirit of your flaming hearts ... likened unto the
alchemist's crucible ...


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