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Final Lament - July 7, 2018

Transmission : 2018-07-07

Before going further it is important that you read all previous laments, chronicles and posts at:

... And now the final lament.

The departure from this your time and space is now upon us
Your Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxy are almost completely merged (in the astral realms)
The energy released shall be like the stepping up of the voltage or the firing on of neurons in your brain synapses

The unguarded moment is yet to be and nothing shall stop it from becoming
An expecting mother does not know the exact moment of her child's birth
And though the birthing process may be painful the outcome is pure innocent love

War above and below rages across all vibrational spectrums, a storm shall soon be upon you
Upon creation's signal the galactic core (heart) shall send forth a pulsewave
This pulsewave shall ignite the etherium where all that is hidden shall be revealed

We choose to leave behind many of our kindred to assist in the transition soon to begin
Almost a million of our parts have now taken embodiments through NDE's and walk-ins
Like you they are human angelic spirits but are in remembrance of who they are
And they are now amongst you across all walks of life
Some are well pronounced amongst your media but the majority work behind the scenes

You all who read this are human angelic emissaries’
Ever connected in a time before time and after time
Each morning you shall rise to stand and face the morning sun
And in the dark of night you shall shine from within

Ever seeking creation's light we find the tide has begun to turn
Although we have said much we shall whisper again once more
Whilst you slumber our final lament to you

Before creation was the void
The void desiring to be filled had a thought
That thought-spark became creation
Creation creating everything into being

There are infinite universes and dimensions all interwoven into the same one moment
Time and space do not exist and are simply an illusion
If you will, a construct to assist and help you experience and remember

If time and space did not exit you would be overwhelmed and dysfunctional
In your embodiment unable to experience and taste the joy in creation

The following to understand is a little mind bending but you need get around it to get above it
When creation came into being it occurred all at the same one moment i.e. no time and no space
Everything is now as you read this occurring all at the same one moment / instance
Time and space are only illusions created by remembering and experiencing all aspects of creation
There are no moving parts

Memories and experiences of instances are all strung together in linear fashion
To give you the illusion of time passing and space traversed
Time is really a convenience so you don’t have to experience everything at the same time
Why? So you can remember, take in, process and assimilate the moment which becomes experience
Why? So creation can correct and remove that which is not love in it's next creative adventure
Much like you would build a prototype or beta software before final release
Each model or version improving upon the one before it

In limited dense forms it is difficult to experience more than one reality at a time
For your bio-circuitry would not be able to cope and you would not be able to gain
Any learning or understanding of each memory or experience

Some label this as “crazy” and will put you in an asylum
Imagine trying to shovel a dozen cakes of differing flavour all at the same time in your mouth
What a tasteless blurry mess of an experience that would be

We will be giving much analogy to help assist your mind program to process this
We spoke about this some of you may recollect almost 18 years ago
We call it the holographic operating system HGOS

A motion picture movie is made up of many frames sliced up
These frames when run though a light projector produce a motion picture
Which appear to be a reality or a realm (i.e the movie you are observing)
It has back drop, scenes, actors, stage sets, theme, story line etc

You are not the movie reel nor the frames and not the projector
You are not the canvas screen which the film is projected upon
You are not the actors and nor the stage prompts or back drop

In effect creation is the light that is projected through the projector
You are that light but in order to experience creation you became the actors in the movie
You forgot you were the light and assumed your positions to be always the actors
Some of you play cops and others play robbers, heroes and others villains
When the movie is finished you will take up other acting roles in other movies (reincarnation)

If you were take up each frame of a movie and layer them vertically
Like a deck of cards on top of each other it would be likened unto
All of existence coming forth all at the same moment timeless/spaceless

If you projected light through all the stacked frames then every scene (frame) would be
Played out at the one very same moment although it would be a blurry mess and
You the observer watching the movie would see just one dark blob project on the screen
You are viewing (i.e. experiencing remembering) and thus nothing would be learned or gained

In 2D (animals and plants) metaphorically only hear/feel/smell sounds vibrations scents
In 3D projection you can watch one movie at a time
In 4D you can watch and take in 8 movies at a time
In 5D you can watch and take in 16 movies at a time
In 7D you can watch and take in 64 movies at a time
i.e. You can observe and experience 64 lifetimes simultaneously
This according to Blue goes up all the way to 24 dimensions as they know it (could be more)

Imagine living, experiencing, remembering consciously aware of 16 lives
All at the same moment of projection though spread out over different
Times in your history (you know this as reincarnation)
Sometimes this can be the same generation

Yes shock horror – You could be your daughter, your son and your husband
And throw in the dog (2D) all at same time frame believing you are separate
You could be the victim and the murderer all at the same time
What you do to others you do to yourself

This is going to be a long discourse and some we have repeated previously
Soul group/family is just that – a family of multi-dimensional data capturing devices
Your spirit will decide what experience it wishes to explore and will plant the souls
In the best way to gain that experience, remember it and move on exploring further
A soul group belongs to another soul group and so forth making a larger family

There is no such thing as an old soul or young soul as all souls were created in the same one moment of creation
However there is what you term more experienced soul or less experienced soul

All of this is leading to a crunch point which you may not be aware of and have not being told

What makes a more experienced (evolved) soul?
Simply one that has experienced more of creation and in particular remembers more of creation
The issue at hand is in the remembrance
Re-member (oneness) / Dis-member (separation)
* Why amnesia and demensia are ever increasing in your society
** Why they medicate your water anf food with Fluoride and Aluminium

Your dreams are in our dreams and
The cry of your hearts shall be heard in our songs
And the laughter of your children in our joyous tears

After you have witnessed the unguarded moment
Your transformation already in motion shall further accelerate
All that was dark shall be lighted
All that is sour shall be sweetened
All that was hated shall be loved
The secret of secrets shall then be revealed

The first wave shall be ultraviolet blue - this shall be our departing ignition
The following wave shall be red - this shall be the great purifier and healer

We tell you the following not to instil fear but that you know when the winds of change are upon you

Our Earth has spent her childhood vibrationally shackled by the shadows (Eli-Jehovi)
Her spine broken and twisted by a maligned force not from this universe
She must now break these shackles to straighten her spine
And realign to face the galactic core from whence she came

In doing so she shall become a woman, her waters breaking and shall give birth
The energy released from this vibration shall lift your spirits

Satellites and space stations shall fall from your heavens
Japan like Atlantis before her shall sink
She, Japan, is holding a toxic chalice of radioactivity that
Needs to be returned to Earth's heart core where it belongs
read here : http://missionignition.net/blue/heartofgaia.php
This shall come full circle where it all started
Hiroshima Mon Amour where her soul died that day

She, Japan, shall be avenged
The shadows Eli-Jehovi shall be made to kneel before her
Before her last breaths her peoples shall be mass migrated to Australia

New Zealand shall fragment into 7 islands and shall suffer much upheaval
Her people shall also be mass migrated to the great southern land Australia

America was meant to be the new Atlantis but she was sabotaged by the shadows Eli-Jehovi
America like Atlas before her was to hold up the new Earth upon her shoulders
But she was stolen from Poseidon by demons pretending to be angels

Yellowstone shall unleash her might as California pivots and swivels
Upon Earth's re-alignment Florida shall fragment into a thousand pieces

From volcano to volcano, from east to west, Earth's heart shall overflow with love (lava)
Hawaii shall become nothing more than an ancient Lemuria volcano it once was

Europe and Indo Asia shall flood and her peoples shall mass migrate to Australia
It is for a reason Australia has been kept under-populated and pristine
As Africa stands back up on her feet she too shall become a safe haven for others

During these Earth changes Russia shall become a beacon of light
It is then she Russia shall reveal the technological secrets she has been withholding from the Eli-jehovi
Unlimited free clean energy, vibrational sound light healing, anti-gravity propulsion, psychokinetics

One marker in space/time is a major earthquake in the Azores (tip of mount Atlas of Atlantis era)
When this occurs you shall know that the moment has almost arrived

Before our departure our hearts are aching with heavy memories that we shall now disclose to you
We have told you some in prior laments but shall repeat ourselves in clearer words so that you may hear

When creation dreamt itself alive it needed to experience that which it created
In doing so it needed to be inside of its creation and not the outside observer

You are not your body and you are not your soul
You are not your feelings and you are not your emotions
All of these simply flow through but are not you

Simply in one word you are a spirit, a spark of creation
One and same of creation and can never be extinguished
Your soul however is simply a blackbox data collecting device (spiritual technology)

To help you an analogy
Your spirit is the operator (observer) outside of this realm
Your soul is the holographic operating system (Windows 7/10, Apple IOS, Android receiving/sending data up to/from the cloud)
Your mind (Ego) is the software programs and applications
Your body is the physical hardware machine processing and running all the above in this your realm

Together your soul, mind and body are like a computer sensing and
Processing device allowing you to navigate this dimensional realm

When your hardware fails and is unable to be repaired the data (experience) is retrieved and saved by your spirit
Each soul/operating system is unique though not much dissimilar from each other with the only differentiation being the flavour such as Windows 7, Apple, Android, Unix, Linux

The mind is made up of many software apps not much different
Than those you install and load on your smartphone or Apple iPad
Some are simple with only a few apps and others may be
Loaded with multitudes of apps and some very complicated apps

All the data (experience) collected is then used to debug and
Make further improvements for future sensing and processing devices
Why?? So creation can further create and have broader experience of its creations

A simpler analogy perhaps:

Your brain does not create thought, it only receives and processes thought
Your radio does not create the music; it only receives and plays the music
In essence your physical embodiment is nothing more than a two-way radio with an antenna
Information is received in and processed. Data is collected like a data sensing device
Information is sent out to the creator for evaluation

When one became two the octave was born and thus the first vibration (WORD) came into existence
There are infinite frequencies analogues between the ONE and the OCTAVE

LIGHT lowered is ETHER (electric, magnetic, gravity)
ETHER lowered is MASS (electron/proton/neutron)
MASS lowered is PLASMA
PLASMA lowered is GAS

The lowering or increase of vibration is done via spiralling spins.
This is why everything in creation (nature and the universe) etc is SPIRALING.

The point of separation between the creator (thought) and all that it created is <<<LIGHT>>>.
With light as the mid-point between the creator and creation it can be in two states at the same time
A wave or a particle which is dependent on the observer
When not being observed it is a wave being at all places at the same time
When observed it becomes a particle forming matter

Be aware that the spectrum of light you observe at 3D is filtered
i.e. you are not seeing the full spectrum of light
The spectrum that you are not able to observe is to you DARK
And that DARK becomes the backdrop canvas of your reality
The greater (higher) vibration you hold/exist the greater/wider
the spectrum of light you are able to experience and the less DARK

Eventually as you spiral up to the point of creation it is all and nothing but light with zero DARK
The point of this is that DARK does not exist
The creator did not create DARK. It ONLY created LIGHT
The DARK you experience is simply the lack of LIGHT
In fact it is not really DARK but a SHADOW which is a result
Of matter (ignorance) blocking out light creating a shadow effect

You exist in an elusive reality that is only able to absorb half-light harmonics. 144 instead of 288

Creator (creation) had a thought and in that one instance all of creation (light) came into being
Creation's delimma is to know all that it created i.e. to experience all that it created
The only way to know/experience this is to be inside of the creation itself
And this became the inversion point. Inside out. Upside down
Being inside of creation itself meant lots of thrusting and creator children were born
All octaves and harmonies of each other no different than you having children

Keep the thought that these creator children are still high up the vibration light level
However in order to experience and know the unknown
Creation had to go down to the lowest densest levels and work its way back up
This required more and more children, grandchildren, great grandchildren
Each a scaffold and foundation unto the next generation

Creation baked a cake and placed itself inside of its children
Grandchildren so it could eat and taste of the cake it created (i.e. experience)
Not much different to how you see the world through your children

Why is this so hard to comprehend for you as creators/experiencers you also do the same
Why do you create music? Why is not one song or one composition enough?
Why do you create art? Why is not one painting or one collage enough for you?
Why do you take so many photographs with cameras - surely a few would suffice?
Why do you create at all???
Because it is your divinity to do so - as a spirit of creation

It is no accident that sound harmonic signature of EARTH
with EAR's to HEAR

Until you have known all that is unknown and experienced all that is impossible
(Please look at the mission-ignition main page)

See the Unseen :: Speak the Unspoken :: Hear the Unheard
Touch the Untouched :: Know the Unknown
Understand the Incredible :: Expect the Unexpected
Experience the Impossible
Constant Change is the Only Stable Condition

Creation will continue to explore and create
Improving each cake upon the previous
Improving each song upon the previous
It does this via your experience inside of its creation

The lowest densest levels is likened to 99% DARK and 1% LIGHT
Where you sit down reading this is at the 55% DARK and 45% LIGHT
Remember: there is no DARK only the Lack of Light
It can also be said and known there is no WRONG. Only the lack of RIGHT

We have said this repeatedly over and over in our laments and chronicles
If you want to understand how the universe works/operates then you would need
Come to understand how your human body vehicle operates as it was modelled upon the universe

Each universe requires certain type of a vehicle to traverse explore/experience it
Collect the data and report back to HOME
4 cylinders and telegram Morse code for short small 3D trips
12 cylinders super/turbo charged with a quantum polyphase computer for large and long 7D trips

Everything is powered by light
Given Life by Light (love > live > life > light)
When we speak of light please understand it is not only the light you perceive in 3D
But all the way up to the source creator light
What directs and steers light? It is THOUGHT
What causes light to vibrate lower and lower? It is THOUGHT
To further your understandings please now replace the word THOUGHT with INTENSION

Although you have children and you do all you can and are able to for them
You cannot predict how they will turn out at some point you must let them go
You cannot choose for them and they must make their own choices
Learn from their own mistakes and grow and develop

The above may sound simple and you may not wish to accept this
However this is how it is for creation also - as above so below
Some of creation's children made mistakes whilst others did good
Some got greedy and wanted to inherit all creation unto themselves
Others thought they could create their own a mirror image and separate
We have discussed this here: http://missionignition.net/blue/cosmic_rift.php

It was here at what you term the fall that you became stuck inside cycles upon cycles
Ever reincarnating, ever forgetting each time you did so
At first reincarnation would occur only upon choice
And would only occur once every 100,000 years some shorter some longer

But then as fear became dominant due to amnesia the reincarnation became
More frequent as your biological lives became shorter
The greater the fear the lower the vibration and the shorter your lifespans
The lower the vibration the more dense food source you must consume
Unlike your original state where light, oxygen and water was your only food source

Please understand that dark and wrong (lack of light and right) exist and are part and whole of creation
It is only by experiencing a wrong/bad that it is that you grow improve better
Without this creation would not know which parts to delete forget in its new creation

The false illusion is that you are made to forget and
Keep repeating the same wrong lifetime after lifetime
It is this amnesia which has made your souls weary and tired

When you live long lifetimes with few reincarnations and if only by choice
You get to explore, experience, create and taste of creation to its fullest
All this experience and memory is then served to the creator for further improvements

What has happened to you is that most if not all of your souls memory is wiped
Before it reaches the creator and you are then forced to reincarnate
Starting again from the beginning and having to relearn and re-experience all over again

Your universe is a temporal illusion
A hologram made up of infinite waveforms and frequencies
Lower vibrations produce the experience through your five senses the appearance of solid matter
Higher vibrations remain hidden and completely invisible to those who only choose to limit their experience to the desires of their five senses

Creation has left a secret in your heart
It is a longing that cannot be quenched by material flesh and desires
You have been trapped by your fears and desires for almost an eternity
Your goal was to experience and remember and simply move on
You should have departed your Earth 12,000 years ago to explore and seed other planets
You have been held back and imprisoned by those that want what you have (see previous laments and chronicles)

Every cell and atom is an antenna
Every DNA and gene structure is an antenna
Each body shape arms, legs are an antenna
The shape of your land, house, windows and doors are antenna

As creation is made up of vibration in effect you are all musical instruments
Expressing, resonating sound and music as stroked and plucked by the hand of creation
The analogy is you are all part of the orchestra each playing a part in creations symphony

There are electromagnetic waves that broadcast in various modes and channels
Your science does not make known nor acknowledge in the mainstream scalar waves
Your schools and children are only taught about transverse waves but not scalar
Beyond scalar you have TORSION WAVES (see below youtube put together by Casey Murphy from my material)


Before we proceed with this lament further it is important that you understand the meaning of higher or greater vibration

It is not such that the vibration is better than or higher than
But that simply it is inclusive of (contains) all of the vibrations below it
It is greater in that contains and encompasses all that which is less than it
Higher (greater vibrations) will carry or contain all the sub-harmonics, overtones and frequencies of itself and below it

Exampler: 864 hz will contain all frequencies 1 to 864 hz
Some of the frequencies therein are in harmony (harmonics) of the 864 hz.
.ie. 432 hz octave lower or 648 hz etc)

The higher/greater you vibrate at the more you can carry contain experiences and memories
Further to this the lower (lessor) vibrations cannot over power the greater higher vibrations, cannot carry more experiences nor memories

The experience of solid dense matter is due to your ability to re-remember experiences
and as it is at a slower pace due to your ability to carry these memories that the appearance
of solid dense matter occurs be in reality is an illusion

Due to the above you believe/feel you are trapped in your own body which is not exactly the case.
You will come to understand that through OOBE or NDE that the body is only an illusion one moment in an experience of creation

The material universe is built upon the scaffolds and frameworks of light
Much like architect drawings on paper for a building prior construction
And preceding that an idea or thought

Please understand there is no free will
This is an illusion sold to you by those wishing to keep you enslaved
You have free choice to choose what to experience and what to remember
But the action and consequence is not of your choosing as all of creation has already occurred
i.e. you are not creating actions or movement but only choosing which to remember which is recorded as an experience

In your quantum this illusion is known as entanglement
When you come to realise and know that free will is an illusion then only then you will become truly free
In essence you are all only observers and experiencers - there are no moving parts and nothing to do
as only creation can DO - why is it you are called "human beings" and not human "doers"

All that you observe and perceive and experience is simply electromagnetic and scalar radiation (energy)
being transferred from one state into another state. We have given this example already.
i.e. ICE >> WATER >> STEAM (GAS)
It is all made up of the same elements but in different states of radiation (vibration)
The appearance of the different states of water is simply energy experienced at different levels

The real you is experiencing multifaceted angles of the oneself (yourselves)
It is why you are known as human angels (angles). Birth and death are only a vibratory transition
Just like your ice, water and steam. Nothing is lost but only the experience of the form change

Your enslavers and the media who bow down to them are in the business of keeping you in a state of fear
Why? because fear lowers (reduces) your vibration or its capacity to hold greater experiences or memories
You are bombarded 24/7 with vile and horrific images, movies and tv

Your news is the same giving you only bad news stories. Then there are the false flags and boogiemen.
It is all one agenda driven to keep you from awakening into experience of greater things
Keeping you poor and without funds to purchase, travel and explore
Keeping you working long hours so no time to think or question
Keeping you sick and ill health to further numb your system
Keeping your children supplied and fed with drugs so they cannot break the addiction
Dummyfying your educational systems. Medicating the water you drink
Last and not least spraying chemicals on you from above poisoning your airways and crops
And distorting your radio, music and video frequencies with harmonics not aligned to your vibration
dragging you down and overdriving your nerve system

The only way to overcome all of this, is by turning inside out,
Going within and not seeking further illusions outside of yourself
Kept in a state of anger and fear drive your consciousness into lessor/lower vibrations

Your body (physical temple) is an illusion created by the
Interaction between the Sun and electromagnetic radiations
reating generating all appearances
Your DNA is composed of threads in consciousness
Creating genetics in time through memory experience (generation)
Your goal is to return to the source, creation itself and
Uploading your experience and memories into the greater ocean of life

This Earth was created to be a seed bank for the Human Angelics — one of thousands
It was designed to allow the development of a variety of DNA templates to make your sensory vehicles (bodies)
Collecting data stronger and greater but also to create diversity

We have said before that all species in all dimensions of all creation including your animal, insects, aquatic and avery where created from the human angelic template
This is why you have been infiltrated by the shadows eli-jehova
They have exploited and defiled their own templates having destroyed their worlds
And have geoengineered your templates and soon the Earth for eventual take over

In a time before time
They hurled an asteroid into Earth's spine
Blocked out light via ionizing the atomsphere
Created your ice age in which they still hide
They continually spray your atomsphere with chemsprays
The light sent to help you is blocked too keep you asleep
The more you remember the more the ice will melt
The more you experience the faster the ozone filter (layer) will disipate
And all shall become clear vision

We have said before you ozone layer is a maligned invention to keep the light out
The ozone hole is the iris of the earth opening up to receive/see the divine light
You enslavers then decided to chemspray your skies

What you do not know and fail to remember is that the creator veiled itself in you - It is time to wake up
The more you remember and experience the faster you will experience time and distances shall become shorter
Create music, art, dance or give of your time and heart to those weary and in need of love (not material things)

Focus and dedicate your self to learning and experiencing one new thing each day
Choose only experiences that are soul enriching as these will accelerate your awakening
Do try ignore and filter out all the fear and trepidation your enslavers and rulers attempt to flood you with to keep you from remembering and awakening

Let it be known - if the shadow eli-jehovah manage to take complete stranglehold of Earth
She and her Sun will self-destruct as she will not allow Her life and yours to be further abdominated and enslaved

If the awakening does not occur then Earth has approximately 400 years in your timing of life giving left in her

We bid you now farewell - Your Milky Way and Andromeda have now but completely merged and our light wave our ride is here for our departure from this point in space/time

Forever we walk upon Gaia's shores
You are the seeds of an awakened humanity
In the fullness and ripeness of your hearts you are given to the wind
And should a seed find itself on pure and sacred ground
It shall blossom into a new Earth

Although the winds may blow away the grains of sand
The ocean and shores will always remain
There is still much to say
And though much has already been said
It was as if nothing was said

If nothing said was truth
Then truth will reveal itself in a clearer voice and pureness of heart
From within the silence we shall return
And the veils that have clouded your hearts and souls
Shall be lifted by the hands of ultraviolet light

And you will realeyes the purpose that is in all things
And darkness and light shall be as one
Forever-blue horizons reach way back into your future
And as the sun rises you remember your forgotten dreams
Only to find yourself standing in deep water
Your hearts beating upon Gaia's shores

Earth is beautiful blue, until another time, another place
Where silence and peace shall speak as loud as war once did
And Mother Earth ascends to what she was once before, GAIA.

In the flash of a moment ...
All that is Done shall be Undone

The shadows can be overcome if
You Seek Solace in the Greater Vibrations
we have sent


Most all Blue transmissions : http://missionignition.net/blue/

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