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In An Unguarded Moment


One day in August 1987

I was 20 years old and Everything was Changing Fast
I rented a Room from a friend who's little House was setup as a Music Sound Studio
By day I studied Electronics and he worked as an Electronics Engineer with EMI Records
And by Night laid down and Mixed Tracks for a cheap price

The studio/house was always Abuzz with a Hive of Activity
People of all Kinds were always Coming and Going at all Hours
I Enjoyed the Variety of Conversation and Philosphies
And more so the Technical aspects of Sound Engineering


One tired Evening as the Last Moments of Sunshine were Fading
Someone came into my Room whilst Napping in Twilight Half-Asleep
I could barely make out the Blur of their Moonlit Face
Their Tone, Calm, Androgynous neither Male nor Female

We spoke for what must have seemed like hours
With the gentle stroke of my forehead with the back of their soft hand
My Mind became a Vibrant visual Deamscape of Moving Images
Spiraling Colour, Exploding Patterns and Number Code

In One Vision I Saw the Sun's Halo Grow and Expand
Encapsulating Earth and the Rest of our Solar System
Like Bubbles within one Greater Bubble
Lining up like Nodes on the String of a Violin

I Heard the Planets Hum in Octaves and Overtones
The Sun as if Breathing-Inwards Drew back its Majestic Halo of Light
Until it became the Size of One Single Tiny Bright White Dot
And then Almighty Exploded into a never ending Sea of Fire Flies

Eternity became a Moment and a Moment Eternity
Like the Negative of a Photo Black was white and White was Black
Sound Shone as Coloured Light and Light Danced like a Sweet Melody
The Earth became as Air and the air as Fire
The Fire became the Breath of a newly formed Sun

I tried to Sit-up in an attempt to see their Face
With many Questions wanting to know where Earth had Gone
But they Gently pushed me down to Rest again and Said ...

"Hush ... when you Sleep you will Awaken"
"and when you Awaken you shalll Dream"
"And when you Dream you shall Live"

In a Loud Voice I said "But what of the Earth?"

They Continued ...

"Within the Entropy of Time ALL and Everything must Fall from Grace"
"But within the Space of Nothing you will ALL Turn your Face"
"The Space of Nothing will become Time as Time becomes Space"

"WHAT?" I Screamed ...


With a Smiling Voice they Said ...

"Shooosh ... Listen Carefully ... Can you not Hear the Trees and the Breeze of another Day"
"Can you not Feel the Touch of Grass under your Feet .... the Embrace of Crashing Ocean Waves ..."
I couldn't Understand ... thinking Quietly to myself "What are they Talking about!"

Still unable to See beyond the Hazey blur of their Face
They bent down and Lightly Whispered into my Ear
My Ear could Feel the Air their Moving Lips Made
But I had to Strain to Hear their Softly Spoken Words

They said ... "Can you not See ... Look ... Open your Eyes ... Awaken ..."

"You have now Become the Earth and She has become You"


It was here I Awoke and Realised it was now Morning. I had Slept for well Over 12-hours
My house mate was already Up and in the kitchen making breakfast and brewing Coffee
I got Up and proceeded to Ask him if he knew who came into my Room last Evening
He explained that it was a relatively Quiet Evening and he did not See anyone Enter my Room


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