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Aurum Gold #01 - The Good, Bad & Ugly by Raphiem

Posted 26th May 2007

There has been a flurry of emails regarding my opinion/comments about the dangers of white-gold, ORME or ORMUS, etc. Being one always on the lookout for ways and methods super enhancing my biological spacesuit in order to magnify my mind/soul/spirit upload/download experience/connection. When white-gold ORME came out and was touted as the next best thing since sliced bread it was very attractive to me however when it comes to putting/consume anything into my body ESPECIALLY METALS i become rather anal about it. It's a rather long process of technical analysis, reading up and understanding the science behind it and then ensuring the manufacturer/supplier is authentic.

Further to this the blue voice cuts in (usually in dreams) and "advice" against it. I've been from the inception of white-gold ORME for those who knew me back in mission-ignition-1 circa 1999 i've been against the use of ORME/gold for several reasons which i will list below.

Essentially all i'm saying, is anything that is a metal especially as a heavy metal as gold is, is something to be very wary of so be careful next time you buy or consume that ORME or white-powder-gold.

Personally this whole ORMUS WPG is a facade and one big money making scheme. Gold is naturally mono-atomic as are some other metals. Calling it mono-atomic doesn't make it any the more magical. People like to complicate things so they can sell you something. If not to sell you something, then like the old alchemists of the past they complicated a 3 step process by adding 101 other steps which weren't really required to make all the more difficult for those looking to use their potients or elixiers or even processes for greed or bad intentions. Only those willing to study and understand with patience would learn the real truth of their processes.

[from my blue notepad circa nov 2000]

The pineal gland shaped like a pine-cone or a larger representation like a pine-apple with the roots shooting out from the top - flowering - the pineal gland is a crystaline structure again made up of silica/silicon - organic in nature.

Tthe grooves - lines - all interweaving like that of a pinecone / pineapple - acts as a transducer - transformer - harmonically braiding, stepping down/stepping up energy of light much like your electrical transformer stepping down high voltage to low voltage and visa versa.

Tthe difference here is the stepping down of light frequency much less it is like a crystal set radio, a bio-crystal, bio-communicator device with your greater/higher selves (soul/spirit).This interacts directly with your hormones and your DNA which is photosensitive. i.e. your DNA emits light, your RNA receives light. Thus your pineal gland ... physiologically is a photosensitive device operating in tandem with your DNA coding ... and operates differently under different lighting conditions.

and later ...

When the mind/body/spirit is not in harmonic resonance filled with subued anger and hatred or negative emotion, then residues of whitepowder gold can become lodged in the grooves of the pineal gland shortcircuiting the neural cells. The shortcircuit effect can at first bring on states of high awareness or euphoria but as the gold locks into the receptor cells not releasing them and keeps them firing until they burn-out. So what may appear at first to be a state of higher effect eventually will lead to a sub-optimal pineal gland unable to connect/interface on all strands of the light-body-matrix.

In effect you are burning out your non-activated DNA strands (what is called junk DNA). So when a new frequency of light and energy comes into the planet you will not be able to activate those extra strands to make the transitional shift to higher octaves of awareness.

Further to this is at the time of death your pineal is the most active acting as an exit gateway for your soul. If it is calcified and burn-out it makes departure rather difficult thus keeping you locked into certain levels of frequency of reality.

The use of fluorides in water is put there on purpose to numb and dumb down. Effectively shut down our awareness and higher selves ...

Read below ....

School of Biological Sciences, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK. - The purpose was to discover whether fluoride (F) accumulates in the aged human pineal gland. The aims were to determine (a) F-concentrations of the pineal gland (wet), corresponding muscle (wet) and bone (ash); (b) calcium-concentration of the pineal. Pineal, muscle and bone were dissected from 11 aged cadavers and assayed for F using the HMDS-facilitated diffusion, F-ion-specific electrode method. Pineal calcium was determined using atomic absorption spectroscopy. Pineal and muscle contained 297+/-257 and 0.5+/-0.4 mg F/kg wet weight, respectively; bone contained 2,037+/-1,095 mg F/kg ash weight. The pineal contained 16,000+/-11,070 mg Ca/kg wet weight. There was a positive correlation between pineal F and pineal Ca (r = 0.73, p<0.02) but no correlation between pineal F and bone F. By old age, the pineal gland has readily accumulated F and its F/Ca ratio is higher than bone.

What they are saying is by old age that Fluoride has reached levels far higher in the pineal gland than that found in bone. Remember folks fluoride loves aluminium. Where you find fluoride you will find aluminium.

Fluoride may increase the absorption and toxicity of Aluminium (especially when Fluoride in drinking Water combines with Aluminium in drinking Water to form Aluminium Fluoride): - In the presence of Fluoride, Aluminum leaches out of cookware. Boiling fluoridated tap water in an aluminum pan may leach up to 200 parts per million (ppm) of Aluminum into the Water in 10 minutes.

Excessive Fluoride may accumulate in and damage the Pineal Gland and may interfere with the Pineal Gland’s production of Melatonin

I've received many emails from users of ORME/gold stating they've had nothing but good experience and good results ... some have been cured of long term ailments etc ... likewise have had the opposite feedback ...this is like anything i suppose ... there are many factors at play ....

a) the origin/manufacturer and quality of the ORME
b) was it really ORME or some other gold product pretending to be ORME like ionic or colloidal gold ...
c) the quantity taken and the length period of time it is taken over ...
d) teh state of body/mind/spirit the person is at them time

Ssuffice to say ... in front of my eyes ... i've seen happy go lucky healthy friends and aquaintances (i'm talking like 4 people here so there i no co-incidence) who almost ended up in psych wards not to mention illnesses manifested because of taking products which at the time were sold as ORME.

Were they ORME ... were they something else ... i'll admit IMHO they took extra dosages than prescribed in the belief more was better ... this is fine if one was eating carrots or coconuts ... but when taking something that could be a METAL ... then i'd think twice ...

Later after having them run hair mineral analysis tests and heavy metal free radical urine tests ... did they show up as been loaded with metals ... in the order of cadmium ... lead ... mercury ... and loads of copper. One could argue that perhaps they already contained these metals prior ORME ... and the ORME was trying to flush it out ...

also it concerns me that David Hudson suffered a heart attack and blood clot many years ago .... possibly nothing to do with ORME!

ORME - An acronym for Obitally Rearranged Monoatomic Element.

Some more definition :


note: gold is not the only element which can come in a monatomic form.

Now the danger aside from what i believe ORME/gold will do to your pineal gland (shut it down) ... is the below ... everyone is jumping on the ORME/gold bandwagon and selling their potions .. liquids ... health products touting pure monatomic gold ... when in fact it is really ionic gold.

also the below from a website which is rather confusing to the layperson ....

ionic gold - A solution consisting of water and gold ions (dissolved gold) usually in the form of Au+3 ions, with chloride being the companion anion.. Contains no gold particles and does not exhibit a Tyndall Effect. Ionic gold has been reported to be neurotoxic which means it is toxic to nerve cells. Gold (III) chloride (ionic gold) is potentially harmful to humans if ingested. See the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for gold chloride for more information on toxicity.

Ionic gold should not be confused with colloidal gold which consists of metallic gold particles and is not harmful to humans.

Note: I've purchased Colloidal Golds to only find out they were either just water whilst others were really Gold Salts (which are dangerous).

taken from "The Alchemy Key by Stuart Nettleton"

"Other test tube studies with pure monatomic metals on cancer cells and with cancer patients have been inconclusive. In one cell culture test, the cancer cells reverted to normal, while in other tests the cancer cells simply continued without effect. Seven women with breast cancer took pure ORME materials with no effect. It is now hypothesized that the reason pure ORME-state elements have no effect is that they are not absorbable into the normal digestive system in the same ready way that chlorides are digested."

So if the above is true ... then how is it that ORME attaches itself to DNA or enhances DNA or has anything to do biochemically in the body .... perhaps it works at a level that we can not scientifically detect or it works at a harmonic octave of sound/light way above what we can detect.

Look at government research here .... just what exactly are they up to!!! .... and why on earth would lead anyone to want to research / experiment with attaching gold to DNA????


If you look at the periodic table here http://www.webelements.com/

you will see that the elements going from top (lightest) ... to the bottom (heaviest)

in order of atomic weight ... in octaves we have

Cu (29 - copper)
Ag (47 - silver)
Au (79 - gold)

now what we term heavy metals (toxic) free radical forming are things like Cadmium, Mercury, Lead as these metals are damn heavy and damn dangerous in the body they bind strangely and accumulate themselves in glands / chakra points.

lets have a look compared to Cadmium (48) ...and Mercury (80) ... and Lead (82)

As you can see ... Gold (79) is one step from Mercury (80) which is regarded damn heavy and lethal. Lead (82) which is not that far away from Gold (79).

So on the scale of things Gold is very heavy and not something you want to have accumulate in your body in huge amounts as will be hard to expel / chelate out if it accumulates ...

my recluse biochemist friend (now departed from this life) also tells advises against ingesting any form of gold .... however he does concurr that monatomic elements are very powerful but rather than ingest them he suggests the following .... let your body make it naturally.

He suggest feeding ORME/ORMUS to plants/vegetation .... fruit/vegetable crops ... he says somethign to do with photosynthesis and clorophyl ... takes the ORME and makes the plant grow larger/bigger/better with very bio-active nutrients (resonance) ...

This will assist the body much better than if one were to ingest ORME/US. .... he told me Aloe Vera grown in soil from volcanic ash ... will exhibit/contain elements for monatomic particles including some gold ... further to this he told me that chlorine/chloride reacting with ORME/SU will de-activate its high state spin ... that is knock it down an octave or two which will then transform into a metal (possibly heavy metal).

However it's damn expensive buying WPG ORMUS just to feed your plants when you can feed them volcanic ash just the same.

Next Article on Gold will show you how you can make your own Homeopathic Gold just the same and as effective.

Be Well

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