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Aurum Gold #02 - Making Colloidals by Raphiem

People like to complicate things so they can sell you something. If not to sell you something, then like the old alchemists of the past they complicated a 3 step process by adding 101 irrelavent other steps which weren't really required just to make it all the more difficult for those looking to use their potients or elixers or even alchemical processes for greed or bad intentions. Only those willing to study and understand with patience would learn the real truth of their processes.

How to make colloidal metals the proper way using high voltage alternating current (HVAC) instead of the cheap nasty way of making colloidal minerals using low voltage direct current (LVDC). Besides you need high voltages to make colloidal gold as LVDC won't do it.

Again, colloidal metals suffer the same fate as our ORME/ORMUS White Powder Gold in the previous article. i.e. Can you trust and rely on the manufacturer and their process. How was it made? Are you drinking a heavy metal laced liquid?

Below are pictures showing you different ways of achieving colloidal gold.

The 1st is using HVAC, actually 15,000 volts (30 mA) and nothing else but pure distilled water and pure gold wire. Colloidal Silver as well as other metals are made the same way.

The 2nd method (This is not David Hooper's method) is what i call the dangerous (if you get it wrong) and not entirely pure. The 2nd method I worked out myself by way of reverse engineering and lots of reading up on the web. This method used approx 120 volts DC (26amps).

Although both methods are a little complicated and dangerous to some degree due to high voltages, the 2nd method is rather IMPURE. It requires, soda water, mineral water, hydrogen peroxide etc etc added to the water.

The below are purely for sharing and your reference. In the next article I will show you how to make Homeopathic Gold (Aurum Metallicum). It is simple, easy, quick and no danger at all.


Colloidal Gold using 15,000 volts AC electricity, pure distilled water and pure gold wire

In fig.1. and fig.2. you can see the white star (sun) between the two gold rods sparking. It is this very intense spark just underneath the water that creates the colloidal gold.

In fig.3.4.5. you can see the water beginning to turn purple/lavendar/red. There is a lot of heat generated as the water begins to steam-up and condense into droplets. This process just to make 500 mls (1/2 quart) can take up to 4+ hours as the process needs to be stopped to allow water to cool and then restarted again. The wires need to be watched and the spark gap tweaked to allow the sparking to continue otherwise the gap can get large and the spark stops.

The end result is approx 8-10 ppm (parts per million). Taking a couple of teaspoons a day you would need to take this for at least 6 months before you begin to really see and feel benefits, though you can get benefits within a few days.

I've drunk a whole glass in one go and it literally sent my head buzzing for 2 days. I was wide awake and my mind was racing, fast as lightening and very crystal clear. Further, I was very calm, confident and precise in all i did. Literally this is a very expensive habit if not time consuming if you make it yourself.







Inferior and dangerous Colloidal Gold using 120 volts DC electricity, Stainless Steel pots, Soda Water, MIneral Water and Hydrogen Peroxide and pure Gold Wire.

The below figs.6,7,8,9,10 will show this method is a little inferior. We are using DC voltage, we are using stainless steel pots and mesh, although you can't see it we are using soda/salt and mineral water and adding hydrogen peroxide. Further it is rather complex requiring one to keep monitoring voltages, current and temperature.

Yes we achieve a dark purple colour and a powerful rating of what is believe to be 50 ppm. i.e. 10 times more gold that they 1st method above. Also it took approx 15minutes to make 1/2 a quart.

BUT! However watch what happens in fig.11. Within 12 hrs. All the gold falls from solution (i.e. no longer colloidal) into dark black flakes of gold metal.

I did try my best to make a longer lasting colloidal solutions using this method but i could not make them last more than a few days before all the gold fell from solution.








The above really was to share what to expect and what is involved. Next Article on Gold will show you how you can make your own Homeopathic Gold as well as silver just as effective.

Further colloidal minerals is nothing magical. I'll show inthe next article how sea salt in water can be classified as colloidal and how one can almost but not quiet take that collooidal solutions are almost homeopathic. Last but not least, you can gain all your colloidal minerals by eating lots of organic and healthy vegetables and fruits.

Be Well

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