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Aurum Gold #03 - Dream Yourself Awake by Raphiem

Please read the following first if you have not done so already.

Aurum Gold - The Good, Bad & Ugly (this is a must)

Aurum Gold - Making Colloidals (especially see figure.11)


It's sounds rather paradoxical that one of the ways of staying awake and aware is via vivd dreaming and dream recall.

Below are steps and ingredients on how to increase your vivid dreaming and recall as well as how to make your own homeopathic gold (Aurum Metallicum) in three simple steps.

As I wrote in http://missionignition.net/bms/science_of_staying_awake.php : Whether it is conspiracy theory, aliens or simple pure greed or scientific ignorance doesn't matter. The fact is we are being bombarded at every level above and below with toxins, contaminants, heavy metals and radiation.

These do accumulate in the pineal and pituitary as well as other glands and do affect and impede us biologically, mentally, emotionally. This affects us by limiting the power of our pure spirit and intent here in this life. i.e. Whether you like it or not it limits your true creative expression and articulation. You are unable to download completely your full self, you become disfunctional, limited, immobile, unclear, confused, unsure and not serving the real purpose of what we are here for other than just another number in the system. Many are unable to dream let alone remember your dreams due to this.

I put the ability to dream for myself as a significant marker or a measuring barometer for the tuning of body-mind-spirit. You don't have to agree, but for me if i don't dream and remember my dreams i start to worry and go off-balance. It's kind of like feeling constipated. Remembering your dreams no matter what type of dream it is, is vital for gland health, especially pineal and pituitary Dreaming is your communication with your soul, spirit and greater self. Without it you are disconnected from source.

So continuing on, I will highlight several methods which can be combined or done separately to enhance your ability to dream and dream recall. These methods approach vivid dreaming from different angles. All of them which I practice either regularly or time to time.

As I write this I am finding I can expand on this subject for dozens of pages and get very technical. However, this is not my approach as I wish to keep things simple and easy so that even my children can understand and follow it.


1. Wings of Isis

Please read the article, the 3rd in a trilogy I wrote not long ago. http://missionignition.net/bms/ba_wings_of_isis.php

Further it would most likely be of benefit if you read also Shields of Horus and Swords/Seeds of Osiris.



2. Heart Spiral Meditation

I do this meditation on a regular basis. I even doing it while driving or working. For me it is automatic like riding a bicycle. However I find if i want to get myself ready for vivid dreaming, astral travelling/oobe, then doing the HSM gets me very centred inside and within.

You can read about it here. http://missionignition.net/bms/hsm.php


3. Pineal & Pituitary Glands/Chakras - Hormones - Nutrients

Below is a list of supplements I take if I really want to zoom off during sleep. Of course I don't take all of them in one sitting. I'll list the primary ingredients that i would take almost nightly and then the secondary and tertiary which i take only every now and then in addition to the primary.

All the below ingredients are listed by priority in descending order. i.e. if you did not have or want to take all the ingredients listed then take at least the top two or three from each section. The ones i've highlighted in bold blue are the ones that work together in synergy.

Primary (almost daily - take 1-hour before bedtime)

DMAE - 250mg
Melatonin - 3mg
Vit-B6 -200mg (prefer P-5-P Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate 50mg as more readily absorbed)

Vit-B12 (prefer methylcobalamin in sublingual as it crosses the blood-brain barrier efficiently) - 1000mcg
Folic Acid - 500mg

Secondary (on weekends in addition to the primary)

Taurine - 1000mg
Magnesium - 300mg

L-methionine (or SAMe i.e. S-Adenosylmethionine) - 250mg
TMG (tri-methyl-glycine) = 1000mg
5HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) - 100mg

Tertiary (once a blue moon, on weekends, in addition to the above - only if you want to be knocked out)

Passion Flower = 100mg
Valerian = 500mg

Hops = 250mg
Lemon Balm = 500mg

There is another ingredient you can take separately or alone which will super enhance your dreams and recall. This ingredient is Gold in the form of colloidal or homeopathic. Below I will go into detail. My advice is take it alone to start with as per the instructions below. If after a few days you get no luck with vivid dreams or recall, then take it in conjunction with the above; primary and/or secondary and/or tertiary ingredients.



The first article below will explain alot in detail - but here i just want to say that colloidal gold is damn expensive and then there is the worry of the manufacturer. But once i began to make my own batches of colloidal gold (see 2nd article) i could then drink the stuff literally and had the most amazing buzzes, dreams and oobe whilst sleeping. However even then, the process to make true authentic colloidal gold is long and tedious and i couldn't make it faster than i drank it!!

So, almost a year ago, whilst catching up on some reading material on alchemy where they were boiling metals - i had an AHA moment. Yes - why not homeopathic gold.

I checked with a homeopath who said that it is unorthodox and not the correct way to make homeopathic gold which is know as "Aurum Metallicum" but he couldn't see why not. So i checked with a friend who is a very good Kinesiologist and he checked a batch of homeopathic gold i made against the authentic true homeopathic gold i had purchased and said it was literally almost equal.

So, you can either buy it from a reliable homeopath or make your own (or both). Before we go into step making process I would advice you read the following for some background.

Aurum Gold - The Good, Bad & Ugly (this is a must)

Aurum Gold - Making Colloidals (especially see figure.11)

Steps to make your own homeopathic gold

You will need the following ingredients;

a) half-quart of distilled water (500 mls)
b) best quality stainless steel pot (or prefer pyrex glass that can handle boiling water without cracking - mine cracked)
c) best purest gold jewellery you have. This can be a ring, necklace, gold bullion, gold wire etc. it must be 99.99% gold.
d) gas stove (wood fire is even purer), but electric stove plates will do also.

Now you can begin to make your own "aurum metallicum"

a) clean the pot by first boiling water in it. Discard this water and dry out the pot.
b) fill-up your pot with half-quart of pure distilled water (i.e. 500 mls).
c) take your jewellery and put a little nick or scratch in it to expose a little gold flesh. Generally old gold jewellery will already have these nicks and scratches from wear and tear.
d) drop in your jewellery into the middle of the pot and put in on the gas stove.
e) now let half of this water boil off. When half of the water has boiled off i.e. 250mls left in the pot, then switch off the gas.
f) let your pot cool and then pour this water into a glass bottle and remove your jewellery.

That's it! Now for Dosages.

With an eye dropper take two drops of this homeopathic gold water on your tongue.

Take once in the morning upon awakening and once before you hop into bed.

Buy Your Own "Aurum Metallicum"

If you decide to buy aurum metallicum - you will need to buy two potencies. 30C and 200C.

First 2-weeks take 30C daily then stop. Then every 2-weeks there after take 200C once only. Repeat once only every 2nd week.

If there are any homeopaths on this list please feel free to offer any suggestions.

A couple of years ago, a subcriber by the name of "Bluu Asialo" alerted me to making WPG/ORMUS from Sea Salt. I never thought much of it until about a year ago. I've always taken sea salt for health, but the link between gold and sea salt didn't occur to me until again i was catching up on alchemical texts. I've been experimenting with this and will report on the results one of these days.

Last but not least.

5. Sun-Gazing

Do your self and your glands a favour. Gaze into the sun as well as get some on your skin for at least 20minutes a day.

If anyone does try any of the above - please do share any of your experiences if you feel compelled to do so. Would love to hear from you.

Sweet Dreams

Please read the following first if you have not done so already.

Aurum Gold - The Good, Bad & Ugly (this is a must)

Aurum Gold - Making Colloidals (especially see figure.11)


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