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Introduction to Michael Brine

Introduction to “Beyond the Box”.

We live in increasingly difficult times. The ideas expressed from time to time in this new column will attempt to give some perspective as to what is happening and will be undoubtedly challenging to many as they are presented, but that is the idea. To others it will be welcome, as there are those who already see and understand what needs to be brought out into the light of day as we face the times in which we live. Global societies are being challenged as never before. Traditional perceptions need to be re-examined against this background. It is clear to many that we, the citizens of this world, cannot continue as we have without facing dire consequences. Global civilization is unraveling and that is no exaggeration when viewed closely and without bias.

Firstly, what is meant by the title “Beyond the Box”? The “Box” is the conditioning each society accepts that ‘this is the way it is'. A simple example is the idea held for many years that the world was flat until challenged and shown to be in-accurate. It was a challenging concept at the time and caused much controversy.

We need therefore, in this writer's opinion, to open this “Box” and re-examine our belief systems against the unfolding drama facing life on this planet in these critical times. To stick our collective heads in the sand and pretend that this developing crises will go away or that this is someone else's problem will no longer work. We are all in this together.

There are two major factors facing us as I see it. One is the alarming and growing frequency and intensity of global weather and seismic activity. The other is the growing global unrest and conflicts erupting across the globe intensified as a result of the exponential escalating global populations which have now reached critical levels.

“Michael was born in 1935 in Toronto of English and Irish parents and had an extensive career in International banking prior to coming to the Yukon, Canada in 1970.

For a period in the ‘60s before returning to Canada he worked on an organic farm in Somerset which supplied produce to both the London and Bristol markets.

Michael has traveled extensively and lived in other countries and experienced other cultures. Since his arrival in Yukon he has been an active realtor, a lodge owner, a customs officer, promoted alternative health and spoken out on issues that he feels need attention.

In his personal life he has had strong mystical leanings from an early age and has had several “Teachers” throughout his life which have greatly influenced him in his life's journey.

::. Exclusive ::. The Mysterious Major Wellesley Tudor Pole, O.B.E. (1884 – 1968)
::. Exclusive ::. A Message for the Coming Time by Wellesley Tudor Pole, O.B.E.
::. Exclusive ::. A Man out of Time - Recollections of Wellesley Tudor Pole, O.B.E.

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The Mind is Only a Tool
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::. Article #48 ::. Insecurity


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