The Mysterious
Major Wellesley Tudor Pole

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This is an exclusive article written and shared with us by Michael Brine.

Michael had the good fortune to have met Wellesley in 1961/62. Michael has since been asked to write his memories of him by the Chalice Well Trust in Glastonbury, England.

Biography of Major Wellesley Tudor Pole, O.B.E. ( 1884 – 1968)

As was the mysterious Le Compte de St. Germaine in the latter part of the 17 th and 18 th centuries, so was Major Wellesley Tudor Pole as mysterious and well known and respected within the Courts of Europe as he was within his own country England, and with her people. He was a British Army Officer in WW1 and was wounded but survived to serve in a different but meaningful way during WW2. He was an astute and successful business man but was also, all his life, deeply committed to the Spiritual/Mystic path which was his passion and to which he was profoundly committed. Indeed it was he who during the war persuaded Churchill and the King to introduce the “Silent Minute” at 9 each evening in which the whole country went into silent mode for one minute and sent out thoughts for Peace. After the war when under questioning a Nazi Gestapo officer when asked why he thought Germany lost the war stated - “You had a ‘weapon' we could not counter – “Your Silent Minute”.

Some of this story revolves around the famous “Chalice Well” in Glastonbury , England . “TP”, as Tudor Pole was affectionately known, was instrumental in securing the Well in the late ‘50s, and oversaw its restoration. It is said that Joseph of Arimathia , who traded for tin in Cornwall , took his young nephew – Jesus – when he was a young man on one of these trips. When Jesus was crucified Joseph is reported to have gone back to England taking the Cup of the Last Supper with him, and planting it in what is now called Chalice Hill from which flows the water through what is now the Chalice Well Gardens and Well. It is reported to have real healing qualities and people come from all over to drink of its waters including, I am told, members of the Royal Family.

Tudor Pole was a visionary but more than that, he seemed to have insights beyond the ordinary. What he achieved in his life time was truly quite amazing and what he foresaw unfolding for Humanity some 50 years ago we now see happening. There is a lesson here and some very real wisdom which will become apparent as you read his words from 1962 that follow this introduction. Are we paying attention ? I believe the dye is now being cast and the ‘warnings' from the wise in the past are coming home to roost. Wellesley Tudor Pole was one of these, and one of the greatest. It was my privilege and honour to have met him. I will never forget him and the profound effect he has had on me.

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Michael Brine – May,2009.


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