A Message for the Coming Time by
Major Wellesley Tudor Pole


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This is an exclusive article written and shared with us by Michael Brine.

Michael had the good fortune to have met Wellesley in 1961/62. Michael has since been asked to write his memories of him by the Chalice Well Trust in Glastonbury, England.

“A Message for the Coming Time”

by Wellesley Tudor Pole, O.B.E. [written in 1962]

[ Courtesy of the Chalice Well Trust, Glastonbury ]

“ I hope that the Message I am about to give will reach many of my friends and colleagues throughout the world. May it also reach men and women of goodwill at present unknown to me, whose energies are devoted to the service of all forms of life upon this earth of ours.

Today Man stands at the decisive cross-roads of his fate, and this fact is also true for every kind and form of life upon this planet. Within the next half century and perhaps during the lives of some who are listening to me now, the die will be cast and the issue settled one way or the other between the alternative of progress forward and upward or a return to the dark ages of long ago.

I will try and put before you some of the reasons which have brought Humanity to its present pass, and certain ways in which we as individuals can cooperate with the Elder Brothers of the Race in an endeavour to ensure a victory for the Light over the forces of darkness and negation.

I should like it to be understood that my words do not carry with them any special authority. They are not based on the books or views of others, but are the result of a lifetime's research into Metaphysics and into the study of the conditions in the worlds around us. Therefore I suggest that you listen to what I have to say, and if it appeals both to your reason and to your intuition , there is no reason why you should not accept it as an expression of Truth. If, on the other hand, that is not so, then I suggest that you put these ideas into cold storage in your minds, to think over and decide about quietly in your own time and place.

To begin with, may I endevour to explain the origin and working of what I have referred to as the Blended Ray in my book “The Silent Road”. Spiritual and metaphysical realities can only be interpreted symbolically, and sometimes allegorically. Do not try, therefore, to materialize in your minds these conceptions to the point where they lose all power to uplift or to enlighten. This Blended Ray has been brought into being by the joint efforts of Great Masters and Initiates gathered together as a Hierarchy, under Divine Guidance, for this very purpose.

For nearly half a century now it has been possible, standing afar off from a very modest stance, to watch the activities of this important gathering. They are engaged in harmonizing all that is best in the wisdom teaching that has already been given to the world in the past through the Masters and Prophets who have descended into our human midst.

This radiation is now approaching the fringes of human consciousness, and already many among us are beginning to feel its inspiring, revitalizing and CLEANSING influence.

Within this immense Spiritual Outpouring there is enshrined a quality of Deity never before made available to humanity in this Round of evolution, and for which we have no name. It is a wonderful gift from our Creator sent to provide us with spiritual ammunition at this grave moment in human history. In itself it is the preparer of the way for One, or for those who are destined, under Divine Grace, to lead us into the Light of a New Age and a New Dispensation.

Put in the simplest terms, the Ray or Spiritual Outpouring represents the child of the union between cosmic and primeval Divine wisdom, and the equally potent power of eternal and all-embracing love.

Now it is very natural that the forces of negation and darkness, perhaps realizing that their time is short, should be doing everything in their power to obstruct and delay the arrival of this new outpouring of this Spiritual Power from on High. For this purpose , they have available to them the manner in which the human race has misused its great gift of free will over the centuries, and recently as a result of our interference with the rhythm of Nature through the splitting of the atom, the powers of darkness have been given the opportunity they have sought for creating the obstruction to which I have just referred.

As a result of nuclear fission, the all important link between the positive energy in the uranium atom, known as the proton, has been divorced and separated from the negative energy called the electron, thereby destroying the very life poise of the atom itself. The effect of the severance of this link is very similar to what happens when the link between the mind and the brain of man is broken.

As a result, the explosions which follow the breaking of this link are of such a serious character that they create radiations that are entirely unfriendly and dangerous to all forms of life and energy on this earth. These radiations strike directly at the procreative life processes and functions, not only of men and animals, but of the fish in the sea, birds in the air, all forms of plant life and trees, the soil itself, the mineral world, and also the great elemental life forces in the air, the water, and in the fire.

It is now evident that in addition to the use of nuclear energy for vile and destructive purposes, man intends to augment his supplies of material force by the creation of Nuclear Reactors everywhere and on a very big scale. The passage of time alone will reveal whether it will become possible for Man to reach a truce with Nature's Guardians in this matter. Apart from all other dangers to life, Man has not yet succeeded in neutralizing the poisonous radiations given out continuously by Nuclear effluents and their by-products. We can hardly hope to look to Nature for help in this respect.

If the necessary steps are not taken to reverse the direction in which man's so called progress is taking place, the next step that would be taken by those who are endeavouring to prevent the coming of a New Age would be to bring about a break in the link, already weakened, which joins the human race with the so-called lower kingdoms of Nature. If this link were to be broken, then indeed there would be universal war on this planet, but in this case with the human race on one side, and all forms of life represented by the kingdoms and intelligences of the mineral, vegetable, animal and those of fire, air and water on the other side.

The next step that we, as human beings, would be obliged to face if this process were to be continued, which God forbid, would be the severance of man's mind from his brain, in which case all forms of evolution on this planet, as we know it, would cease.

There is no doubt that the situation we face at the present moment in this great Armageddon that is being fought out, not only here on earth, but in the spheres around this planet, is indeed of such a serious nature that, unless we can look for salvation and help from spiritual sources, man alone is unable to find a solution to the problem which he, himself, has created as a result of evil thinking and acting, and the misuse of free will right down the centuries.

Some of us can see the way the great Archangel Michael and his hosts, realizing the imminent danger that faces all life on this planet, have come right down to the very confines of human consciousness in their supreme struggle that the Light shall overcome darkness. We, and all those who are willing to co-operate with them, both in the spheres outside our three-dimensional world and amongst us here on this earth must do everything in our power, by every means which we possess, to restore the shattered rhythm which has taken place both within human consciousness itself, and amongst the other kingdoms of Nature as well.

We must remember that this menace which is now upon us is of comparatively recent date so far as the crisis connected with nuclear fission is concerned. It was as recently as 1929 that Sir James Jeans, in his book “The Universe Around Us”, made this statement:- “A mass of uranium or radium does not explode whatever we do with it.”

We now realise that these words have been denied and negatived by the events of the last quarter of a century.

It is well to remember that at any one time in human history, only a fraction of the human race as a whole is in incarnation at once. The rest are progressing in their evolution elsewhere, and many of them will be returning to this planet in due course to continue their lives and experiences under the three dimensional conditions that surround us here.

Many of these to whom I have just referred, realizing the basic danger to which this world and all life upon it is now faced are answering the call of Michael, have heard the sound of his Trumpet, and are willing to co-operate with us here on this side of the veil in sounding the Truth, and in creating conditions through which the Christ Light may penetrate the darkness, and bring leaven and illumination to human consciousness in time to prevent disaster.

It is interesting to watch a group of very high initiates who have been commissioned to undertake a special task associated with our current world problems. They are engaged in going back in human time, if not the basic cause, anyhow the intermediary causes that have led up to the effects which result from the discovery of nuclear fission and the way in which man has misused, dangerously misused, this discovery.

The object of this Mission, once having found the causes to which I have referred, is to call up Cosmic reinforcements and to work in a spiritual sense from that actual moment in human time, and forward, in order to do all that is still possible in alleviating the effects that have followed the causes in question, and which effects are with us now, and will be with us for a very great time ahead.

Now this brings me to the mystery of what we call human time and its relation to us on this planet.

Human time is an entity, a unit within itself. It began when life on this earth commenced to appear, and it will continue until all life on this planet disappears. This immense period of duration in accordance with our finite understanding of such mysteries, contains much within it including the span of time that provided for each one of as a special gift when we are born into this world which lasts until we leave it and go forward on our evolutionary way. This gift of time is very important. It varies in length from person to, person in accordance with the karmic conditions that each individual has brought with him or her into this world, and it is given to us for the purpose of making the best possible use of it whilst we are in incarnation.

Now this span of time we divide in our minds into the Past, the Present and the Future, although as a matter of fact, it is quite impossible to make such a division because what we call the Past is still living, and is still available for our use, and is still, in a certain sense, a part of the present. Also, what we call the Future, although it has not yet unrolled to us in actual experience, is a portion of the present NOW.

I should like to give an example of how our human time can be so used to help you to understand how these Initiates work for us and our welfare at this time of World Crisis.

A lady came to me recently who was suffering from severe arthritis. Three years previously, resulting from an accident, she had broken her thigh. In due course the bones reunited, but severe arthritis developed, rendering movement of any kind most distressing. Could I help?

I asked her to take me back in memory with her to the moment “in past time” just before the accident occurred. This is what she told me: -

“Over three years ago now I was traveling in a London bus, and was very worried by a family problem, and was so absorbed in this that the bus reached my destination before I realized it. In my haste to alight, I slipped and it was then that the accident occurred. My visitor then related her experiences in hospital and the following long convalescence. The arthritis developed gradually and no medical remedies had proved effective. I suggested that we should concentrate our prayers and our thoughts upon the time when the family problem was occupying her mind whilst she was sitting in the bus.I told her that if we could work together, here and now, to replace that perturbation by harmony and faith AT THE MOMENT IN PAST TIME just referred to, the same measure of harmony achieved then could become manifest in the immediate present. This idea seemed ludicrous to my visitor; nevertheless we set to work. A month later the arthritis disappeared and has not returned.

That is to say the Past, the Present and the Future are within our possession NOW and can be utilized now, especially for those of you who are engaged in loving ministrations to others, and to those who are active in what is sometimes referred to as the Spiritual Healing Mission.

Another example relates to a child of four years old who was suffering seriously from stunted mental and physical development. The case history showed that the mother had suffered a severe shock during the fourth month of her pregnancy. Here “treatment” was focused, not on the child in her present condition, but the mother at a time immediately PRECEEDING the shock in question. We affirmed together the ever present availability of the omnipotent healing power of Divine love. In this case, progress was slow and could possibly have been partly caused by other and more mundane factors. Within a year, however, from the time of this series of “treatments” the child became normal both in mind and in body.

I should like here to give a word of warning to those who wish to test out my thesis for themselves. The technique I have tried to outline cannot be mastered in a day. Intensive training of the mind and of the spiritual faculty which we all possess should be undertaken before experiments with “time” are attempted. The capacity to become a channel for healing is one that calls for much study, self-discipline and personal dedication. For the consecrated and selfless soul there can be no danger in undertaking this “time” experiment, provided one always holds in mind the prayer: May THY will be done - ALWAYS.

I hope that serious students of metaphysics interested in Healing will investigate this time method of procedure, and then the results should be put in writing for the rest of us to see and to utilize.


I have often been asked how is it possible to lift oneself in consciousness out of the stream of time into a fourth dimension where time becomes one's servant and not one's master. Then at that point, having climbed, so to speak, on to the bank of our stream of life, to walk back along it, watching the flow of the stream below us, and then at any given point we so desire, re-entering our own stream again, and RELIVING in thought, action and spirit that span of time between the point of re-entry and the point at which we stand today.

When you pray, when you look up to the hills for your Light and understanding, whenever you attempt, through meditation, to become a mirror for the Light, then you ARE lifting yourself out of your stream of time, you are moving into another dimension, and you are taking the first step to enable you to use time as your servant and your helper.

There is a chapter in a book called “The Silent Road” dealing with creative imagination and the way in which this wonderful gift from the Creator can be utilized. If you read that chapter carefully, I think you will find it will throw some light on this problem of time and how it can be used valuably.

A question I am repeatedly asked is that: “What does Light do to the forces of evil? Are the latter forces entities?”

Ask yourself first, what do I do, or try to do when attacked by any discordant condition of mind or body?

Well, what do you do?

You try to rise in your state of mind in order to lift your consciousness up into the sunshine of Reality where no evil or discord can manifest.

You think and act positively and pray for illumination, healing and greater opportunities for service.

You refuse to respond to negative thoughts or depressing ideas, and you do all in your power to receive and reflect the Light of Truth and Love. In this way the Light in you is gradually dissipating the darkness that may seem, hitherto to have surrounded you.

Light does not DO anything to darkness. It simply SHINES, and as it shines the darkness DISAPPEARS. The only entity in so called evil is the entity of intelligence with which we humans endow it.

Think this out for yourselves.

The importance of positive, constructive, optimistic thinking all day long cannot be over-estimated. The fight upon which you and I are constantly engaged is against the so-called forces of fear, depression, self-centredness and frustration. Bar your gates against these negative forces as the first step towards making yourself and your life of greater service to others. Remember well, true spiritual perception, a quality for which we should always strive with might and main, does not depend in any way upon psychic vision, or the phenomenal experiences associated with what we call clairvoyance, clairaudience, or the automatic reception of messages purporting to come from unseen sources.

Look and seek, therefore, within your own Universe for your own progress, your inspiration, and your salvation.

Once more I entreat you to regard anything I say or write as only being acceptable to you to the extent that its substance draws a definite response from your reason and intuition, and your instincts.

Revelation is God given to each of us and is an interior and intimate process. Truth in its myriad forms and degrees reaches us in its own time and way. The more we look to outsiders for solutions to our perplexities, the more we weaken the link that unites us with our own interior and higher selves from whom come by far the most valuable enlightenment and guidance for us.

I should now like to send a word or two about the difficulties which face YOUTH at the present time. I am often approached by young people who feel a sense of bewilderment at the state of the world in which they now exist. They ask whether life is worth living under present circumstances, finding the frustrations from past human history, for which they are not responsible, tend to weaken incentive and thereby create depression and disillusion.

What I always say to them amounts more or less to this:-

Remember that you, yourself, are a universe within yourself. That universe contains all that is of value and service to you, and is indestructible. You take it with you when you pass from one state of consciousness to another, and even if this planet were to disappear tomorrow, you would still remain perfectly safe and protected, and carry forward into another sphere of living the Universe that lies within you and which is your own property. You should cease therefore to feel frustrated, and should carry on from day to day courageously, and in every way endeavouring to do the best you can both for yourself and for those around you. Never lose faith or the will to do good, and keep your courage up!

In this connection, I cannot repeat too often that all forms of what we call evil are in reality purely temporary and, therefore, illusory to Truth itself. The primary Energy which infuses all forms of life on our planet, reaches us in a completely neutral form. We possess a large measure of free will, and so can use this primary Energy in any direction we like. Used for sensual or selfish ends, the Energy, pro tem, becomes infused with lust and egotism, and then faces us with conditions we call evil. When we use this Energy to inspire us to the will to good, the contrary is also true, and up we go!


A question I am constantly being asked is this:-

What can we do at the present time in view of the very critical and dangerous conditions of world affairs? In the first place, give up once and for all the mistaken belief that it is necessary to kill in order to survive. This applies not only to the killing of our fellow beings, but to the breeding and slaughter of those who belong to the animal kingdom whom we destroy in order to satisfy our appetites, or worse still, we subject them to vivisection and other cruel experiments. How can we begin to make our peace with the kingdoms of Nature whilst such practices continue?

Next, we can listen, during our time of prayer and silence, for the voice of Michael, the great Archangel, who is calling upon us all to serve him and his Hosts in the struggles now going forward both in the spheres and on this planet of ours against the powers of darkness and negation.

Remember to keep the Silent Minute reverently at Nine each evening.

Listen then for the music of Michael's Trumpet summoning us to spiritual arms, and respond to it.

The deific quality which I have already mentioned is within this sound as it will shortly be within the very atmosphere of our hearts and our minds and our souls.

Before sleep call for inspiration and capacity so that you may continue to work in the same direction. Help to repair the breach that has taken place between our human kingdom and the other kingdoms of Nature. Banish all negative and fear thinking, and pray, to be used as a channel for the Light.

Look up in expectation and rejoice.


May I advise you to devote at least thirty minutes daily to complete relaxation of your mind and body. Let go, let God take over in you, lean back with joy and confidence within the arms of Infinite Reality and be at peace.


You may think that a great deal of what I have been telling you is based upon a somber and somewhat negative note, but I should like you to understand that there are good reasons for tempered optimism in spite of the terrible situation to which the misuse of man's free will has brought our race – even to the brink of a precipice.


Each kingdom of Nature possesses its own guardians who are responsible for the welfare of the elemental life forces which carry on the rhythm in the mineral, the animal, the vegetable worlds, and also in the kingdoms of the air, the fire and water. These guardians possess memories that go back right to the beginning of the time when life began to appear on this planet, and their memories also go forward far into the future. If, therefore, this planet of ours and all life upon it were destined to disappear through nuclear fission, explosions and poisonous radiations, or through the outbreak of another universal war, then it would be already clear to these Nature guardians that this disaster was due to take place. In this case we should expect that they would have already taken the necessary precautions to preserve, so far as lay in their power, the life energies and the identity of those elemental forces to use elsewhere. However, there is no sign yet, that they have taken any special action in this direction, which indicates, to me anyway, that so far as their ‘memory' of the future is concerned, they are satisfied that in some unexpected way the disasters referred to are unlikely to take place. If this be a correct forecast of the situation we face today, then it is only logical to believe that some form of supernatural intervention is about to occur within the affairs of humanity.

It is perfectly clear that man himself can no longer save himself, and he is no longer in position to safeguard those kingdoms of Nature for which he was made largely responsible. I believe, myself, that this intervention has already begun, and that if we will respond to the inspiration and the Light that we can receive within ourselves, we shall be able to co-operate with these Great Beings who are now preparing to try to save humanity from its own sins and its misuse of free will. We cannot be saved against our will or without our full co-operation.

Therefore I suggest that we dedicate ourselves anew daily, so that we may become worthy of the great promise which has rung down throughout the centuries, and which is as true now as when it was declared by the great Master Jesus, the Christ.

“When these things begin to happen, LOOK UP, hold up your

heads, for your redemption is approaching.”


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