A Man out of Time
Major Wellesley Tudor Pole


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This is an exclusive article written and shared with us by Michael Brine.

Michael had the good fortune to have met Wellesley in 1961/62. Michael has since been asked to write his memories of him by the Chalice Well Trust in Glastonbury, England.

“A Man out of Time” -

Recollections of Wellesley Tudor Pole, O.B.E.

I have been asked by Paul of the Trust to write my memories of that beautiful being we met and loved, so many years ago now, lovingly known as “TP”. It would be presumptive of me to say I knew him. I did however, have a few encounters with him back in 1961 and '62 while on six months leave. I worked at the time for a British bank in the Far East but had purchased a home for my mother on Chilkwell Street - # 53 - just down from the Well property. She had returned to England from Canada after 30 years.

Now, my memories after almost 50 years are more of a general nature than specifics but I'll share what I can – indeed, it is an honor to be asked to do so.

One day there was a knock on our front door on Chilkwell Street just after I had arrived back on my leave, so I answered. The front door level was a couple of steps above the sidewalk and so as I opened the door I found myself starring down into a gently smiling face looking up at me, and into the eyes of an elderly gentleman. Although we had never actually met I was sure I knew who he was – Major Wellesley Tudor Pole. That moment has always been emblazoned on my memory. I have never forgotten it. Those eyes - such passion – so empowered – so humble. That moment is still with me, and always will be. When I find myself troubled, I re-call and I remember - and find an inner strength to deal with whatever in the current moment I am troubled with.

TP had come down to see my mother to discuss plans for the on-going restoration of the Chalice Well Gardens .

This was at a time when he had been instrumental in the purchase of the Chalice Well property from a brewery company as I re-call. The main “brewery” building which I believe had once been a nunnery had now been converted into a private school and he had separated it from the “Gardens”. It seemed to work well. The person who had been chosen to be in ‘residence' on sight in Little St. Michael which also housed the “Upper Room”, was a quite dynamic and energetic ‘young' women in her 80s. She had returned from living in South Africa . Her ‘nick' name was “Sandy” { Christine Sandeman}. We had many a laugh! A great sense of humor – a strong personality. She was great!

TP, who was still living in London , would come down from time to time to see how things were going and consult with those who were putting into action the restoration work. So it was on these occasions that I would see him. There would occasionally be serious gatherings in the “Upper Room”. He would often share with us his insights and knowledge of humanity's purpose and our historical past - his ‘memories' of Jesus, and those times in which He lived. There was a quiet authority about TP which one never questioned – one simply knew he ‘knew'. It always seemed a real privilege to be allowed to be in his presence. More I cannot say. There was an energy of love and compassion about him coupled with a powerful strength of purpose - resolute and impelling.

In the years since I have to honestly admit that until more recently I have only thought of him on occasion having lived an active life in other parts of the world far removed from Glastonbury .

Recently however, while sitting quietly in my living room up here in Whitehorse in Canada 's Yukon my eyes fell on a green three ringed binder amongst my books which I hadn't really noticed before. It seemed to beckon me so I went over to get it and on looking inside it was a copied page by page of the “The Silent Road”. I have only a vague recollection of copying it but I must have in some past moment and forgotten about it. Memories of TP came flooding back so I immediately began to re-read it. As I read I realized that this was a time that was ‘right' for me to be doing so. I felt deeply moved and absorbed by what I was reading. It was so simply written yet so profound. In the years since I had originally read it I now found myself with a deeper understanding of what was being said. I also have to say that I also felt a powerful presence with me such as I have seldom felt and a clearer insight seemed to come to me concerning humanity's purpose in these unfolding times - a perception of why and what we will see unfold in these next few years ahead. It seems there will be a cleansing on the planet but this it seems is part of our evolution as we move into this coming [next] age. You cannot build a new “building” on a rotten foundation. So, the old must go. The words “Be not afraid” have come strongly to me. I felt it was a message not only for myself but for us all who are “Servers” and for all humanity and, indeed, for all life forms we share this world with..

There is so much love being directed to us at this powerful time of transition. It is indeed, I feel, a privilege to be here in this three dimensional world called Earth. There is much learning and indeed much work also lying ahead, especially for those who serve. This is the “Message” that came to me while re-reading TP's book – It was no accident that I was drawn to that green folder on my book shelf nor, when I contacted the “Well” to try and obtain a ‘proper' copy of “The Silent Road”. It was then Paul asked me to share with you my memories, such as they are, of TP at this unique time we are now moving through. Because of this experience I feel certain that TP's influence is still very much amongst us as he watches from “above” but perhaps more correctly, from deep within each one of us.

These are the recollections that seem to be appropriate for me to share with you at this time.

It now also seems appropriate to share a section from The Silent Road that I recently quoted in one of my columns for the Canadian news paper that I write monthly columns for. I have chosen it because I feel it says much about this unique and beloved individual. Here it is:-

“An extract from the journal of Major Wellesley Tudor Pole, O.B.E., dated March 1918 while in Egypt towards the end of WW1. Remember this was written while the world was at war.

“ “To-day the desert called me with no uncertain voice. When the desert calls, there is profit in obedience. So I went out into the wild from the city on the Nile .

At Mena House I stopped awhile. It was a Sunday. The terrace before the hotel lies almost beneath the shadow of the Great Pyramid itself. A band was playing French airs, the terrace was crowded with English officers and their ladies. I sat down and ordered coffee; along walk lay ahead, and my day had been a tiring one.

At the next table there sat two officers, down on leave from Palestine , and a well know Egyptian Pasha. I could not help overhearing scraps of their conversation. The Pasha was speaking with animation and many gestures. Evidently the campaign north of the Jordan had been under discussion. ‘You English are killing many Turks. Your nation has always professed friendship for the Moslem faith. Why are you killing Moslems up in Palestine .'

One of the officers, a captain, replied: ‘Don't you see we must free the Holy Land from the Turkish yoke? Also we have to protect the road to India and the East. The British are not fighting a religious war in Palestine .'

The Pasha smiled. ‘Then why are you turning out the Moslems in order to give the land to the Jews? Why hand over Palestine to the people who murdered your Christ Prophet so long ago? Does your religion mean so little to you?'

The captain had no reply available, but his companion spoke: ‘We cannot throw stones at the Jews because their ancestors slew Jesus Christ. We have been murdering His teachings ever since. Few of us have the right to be called Christians.'

‘Ah', said the Pasha thoughtfully. ‘If Moses, Mahomet and Jesus were in the world today, they would hold a council of peace, and there would be an end of war.'

And later while visiting the famous Sphinx that evening TP recounted this experience:

“The Sphinx has one great message to proclaim to those who make pilgrimage to its feet. Tonight the message took this form:

‘Cease searching in the outer world to solve the mystery of life . Within yourself there is a chamber. It lies hidden at the end of a long, winding corridor. This chamber is your secret sanctuary. There you will find all that is needed by your soul. Stay with me awhile in silence, and I will lead you to the door. The door is locked, but the key is in your hand. It has always been there, invisible, while you have ranged the wide world searching for it.'

‘Use your own key. Retire within. I will not come beyond the threshold. In showing you the way my task is done.'

‘Those who attain true inner peace become God's messengers in a world at war. Shed forth the Light from your secret sanctuary until it is caught up and reflected everywhere. Then will a world at war become a world at peace.' ” ”

Perhaps one final comment. TP would often emphasize the value of silence - to wit the title of his book – “The Silent Road”. With this awareness these words recently ‘came' to me – “Silence is a state of mind. When the mind is still silence fills the void and a feeling of oneness with all life enfolds you. It is called love.”

Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to share. I would be happy to hear from any of you. My e-mail address is wild.brine621@gmail.com Blessings all, and hang on to your hats – There's quite a ‘ride' coming ! Michael.


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Michael Brine – May,2009.

Michael. wild.brine621@gmail.com

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