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To Boldly Go ......

If I am to continue with these articles and be true to myself and to you then I must take the risk of crossing the line of credibility with you, who have been reading these articles, for I cannot be true to myself, or with you, if I do not.

So what line am I talking about? Simply this - We are not alone in this Universe. To think that we are the only intelligent life that exists is profound conceit.

The media have made this a kind of "la la land" joke and individual media people laugh with nervous embarrassment if the subject comes up "On Air", and yet talk with them "off camera" and they will admit to feeling there may be some truth to the concept of "Life out there" but don't feel the general public is ready to accept it. This is a judgment.

Well, interesting because about 5 years ago here in Whitehorse there was a symposium on this whole subject held at the Westmark Hotel and the organizers expected about 100 people max. Well, there were 344 and the hall was jammed with standing room only!

I recently put the question at a monthly meeting to a local group I am connected with on these subjects. I asked them if they felt I should "cross the line" with my articles and introduce the concept of Star beings and UFOs. The general consensus was "trust your intuition".

Then a few days ago someone contacted me on the internet and enclosed something I had written on this subject a couple of years ago which they published on a web site at the time [with my permission] and asked if I was the same "Michael Brine" who had written it. It was a clear indication to me that it was timely for me to cross the line so here is what I wrote at that time.

"There are many voices out there as you too are aware. It remains, I feel, for each of us to use our intuition as to what we are drawn to explore and indeed listen to.

Personally, I have for years felt that we have been seeded from other star systems and that our different races may represent the particular star system we may have come from. I do however, feel there is a different story for the indigenous peoples of the earth but not sure exactly how, for they are very much more in tune with this planet than we who are non-indigenous. In their mythologies there are numerous references to "Our brothers and sisters from the skies" and other similar references.

Getting out of the "Box" of our conditioning is the first big step. Once we have done that it remains for us to look around at this new unfolding landscape [as we rub our eyes and get used to this new light] and see/feel what we are drawn to explore and peruse.

As you well know we have been ruled by fear and it is this that has controlled us over millennia by forces that have not operated in our best collective interests. [Religions have done it very effectively through judgment motifs et al]. Who have been the "Controllers" behind the scenes is a matter of speculation.

There are takes on this and I'm sure you've heard them. Again, intuition here is the best guide - at least for me. It is however, very important not to get caught up in any fear motif for this only muddies the waters.

Awareness is one thing and throwing light on a negative situation is very valid to help inform - but never to get caught up in acting out of fear itself. Indeed, this whole epoch we are traversing through is an incredible time of discovery about who we really are. While we may see desolation and tragedy taking place everywhere around us it is perhaps a prelude to a new unfolding discovery about our very existence and what it is all about!

You cannot build a new structure on a crumbling foundation - so the "old" must be exposed and removed to allow for the new growth. I feel that is what is taking place as we move through these disturbing times and most importantly [for me] is that we have the support of our Star Family at this exceptional time with the codicil of course of "non-interference" unless we ask them to. I suggest that these amazing "Crop Circles" are coming from these concerned beings who surround us - and, they come in LOVE!"

So, my friends, there you have it - I've come out of the closet and confessed to all of my fellow Yukoners! Think about it - Why are we so caught up and drawn to Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek series? It touches a chord in us, doesn't it - be honest - it does. It draws us to what is an intriguing mystery - "Is there life out There?" Well, yes there is and they are just as curious about us. From what I have learned they are very sensitive and beautiful beings of compassion. [I believe that Roddenberry knew far more than he let on publicly].

If we look into some of the ancient texts we will find pointers to this mystery. One example that comes to mind is in the Hindu Upanishads in which it talks about "The Golden Chariots of Fire that come from the sky". It is my belief that as we move further and further into the unfolding chaos on this planet, at a critical point they will reveal themselves to us at the hour of our greatest need. When this happens remember - despite the film industry's somewhat pathetic attempts to create beings we should fear - they come in Love and Compassion - of this I am absolutely certain.

Let me close a little off topic but I feel relevant to this article with a beautiful quote from the German poet Schuler who in his poem "Ode to Joy" inspired Beethoven to write his 9 th symphony. "When love and power unite Almighty Grace endows Mankind" or by the same poet - "It is through Beauty that we arrive at Freedom".

Michael Brine


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