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The Fear Factor

Society has to learn that the only way to work is from the heart.

Let me state at the outset that there is a difference between having feelings of fear and allowing them to control you. As FDR said "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Humanity has been controlled through the fear motif for aeons. Yes, greed is a factor but it it's not so much a greed for money as for power. Money gives power and that's really what it is all about. By creating fear in whatever form and however subtle gives power to those who feel they need it. That one has a need to create fear to be able to have the illusion of power is in itself based in fear!

In earlier writings I have referred to this element of fear extant throughout the world's cultures. We see it raising its ugly head in religions all across the globe as an example of how to maintain control. One of the worst examples of this in the recent past is the insane killings that took place between Hindu and Muslim during the time of India 's independence from Britain in 1947 in which millions were slaughtered and resulted in the partition of India into India and Pakistan .

It is more subtly present all too often in families - ie: "If you don't do what Dad wants you'll be in big trouble when he gets home!" Hhhmmmmm. How about - "I think you know that Dad would be really pleased with you if you did what he asked last night". The latter has a more positive spin on it, don't you think. Subtle - yes it is - but think about it. To me it's an indicator of how subtle this projection of fear so often is present within us. It allows a false belief that we are in control. Why?

Yes, indeed, why?

Well, it is what I hinted at in my last article - It is "Patriarchal" in nature - and societies around the world have been controlled by this lopsided nature of our cultures for far too long. We live in cultures more of the mind than of the heart - more of "logic" than of feeling or intuition - especially in the West. We have largely been taught to give logic and the mind front place and tend to see feeling and heart as secondary and not "logical" or reliable! Too emotional - not scientific.

Well, sometimes I feel science needs to take a second look at itself - It is, after all, simply a reflection of the conditioned attitudes of the men and women who work in this field of what is called science. How conditioned we are when we see that word "Science" to give it the "Holy Cow" status in all its utterings. [Or should I say "Udderings"!]

Yes, you can - you have the absolute right to question every thing. That's what these articles are all about. It seems to this writer to be a true scientist you must also be an explorer - to go out on a limb and to push the accepted norms beyond the comfort zone. Are we afraid to? That's my point!

Perhaps, let Albert Einstein have a word: "Man's science is shallow indeed as it is only man's science gained as a result of time spent in a VERY limited environment." Hhhmmmmm.

Now, there are two types of fear. There's that fear that grips you when you see a grizzly charging towards you! Oh yes! Most can relate to that one! Then there is this insipid fear often so subtle we are hardly aware of it and to which we so often succumb by giving our power to it.

What I do when I feel a need for self-examination on some thing I am feeling uncomfortable about is to trace the emotion back with the question "Is what I am feeling fear based?" If so be suspect and take a second look. Then take the plunge and jump! You see, you did it - you trusted your feelings and the world didn't fall apart! This can be so self empowering and confidence building. Believe it! You've challenged the fear myth and won. Somehow the Universe heard you and responded. Huh! I like it - let's do it again! And each time you do you'll feel more and more empowered to live your life for you and not to surrender your power to some fear myth that has no substance except what you give it. The blindfolds have been removed and you removed them. Surprised yourself didn't you!

One final element that creates fear that we need to reflect on is the monetary system. Money has been a medium of exchange within most societies down thru history except with indigenous societies who would use barter. It of itself has no use - You can't eat it. It is the power we have given it that has propelled it into this immense part of our lives. It is in essence a medium of exchange of energy. It, or the perceived lack of it, creates more anxiety and fear in our lives than almost any other single thing. Is there an alternative to this system that we have overlooked? I think there could be. Interesting thought!

I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I do know from my own experimenting with what I have shared in this article that if we can only let go of the fear of not having money or some equivalent, when there is a need, it is there. When we act from fear by giving it power it seems to create confusion, not clarity. It can be present on so subtle a level when we are trying to make a decision on some thing and all the "What ifs" start to come up. The "What ifs" come from a fear base. If it feels right - Do it! And let the devil take the "What ifs"!

That's it. I have shared what I can on this fear factor and leave it with you who read this to consider what I have experienced and shared with you in this article and test it in your own lives. I don't think it's so much a case of beating fear as to understand its nature and source. When we shine the light on some thing like fear and what causes it the darkness disappears and with a clearer understanding we can free ourselves from its enslaving hold.

So, in conclusion let me leave you with another Albert Einstein quote: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift."

So, as the Buddhists say "May you be well and happy".

The Christ-Mass is coming. Let His Love enfold us whatever our beliefs, for Love is Love and belongs to us all and has no judgments. It is ours to give and to receive endlessly.

Know the Silence - for silence is a state of mind. When the mind is still silence fills the void and a feeling of Oneness with all life enfolds you. It is called Love.

Michael Brine


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