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All That Glitters is not Gold

A critical look at our health industry.

[This is a revamp and an up-date of an article I wrote for a magazine in 2002.]

Blinded by the glitter of our own creations we in our Western world are at risk of loosing contact with what is real and lasting.

This is certainly evident when we look at our present attitudes towards our own health. We have become seduced into relying on "magic bullets" - but these bullets are not magical and as a bullet they can be deadly!

Many I know will agree with me when I say that we desperately need to get back to some basic thinking and common sense. Western [Allopathic] medicine seems to have gone way out on a limb with its increasing focus on drugs as a virtual panacea for almost every health problem that arises. The focus seems to be on cure rather than prevention. Prevention is not profitable - cure is! What a sad admission that is!

I understand that in some parts of China the doctor is paid to keep you well. If you get sick he does not get paid! That's an interesting approach. Good god the drug companies would go out of business!

I will be 73 in June. Apart from the two vaccinations that I was given in my earlier years which almost killed me I am completely healthy to-day and do all the things I have always enjoyed doing - and I mean everything!

Vaccination weakens the immune system and as far as I am concerned one of the main causes of our declining health and very profitable for you know who! This whole talk of a "Pandemic" re the Asian bird flu which has killed only around 100 people over the last two or three years when by the same token one in every three of four of us will die of cancer leaves me scratching my head! [Thank you Wendy Mesley of CBC for your current documentary asking the questions that need to be asked].

When I look around me especially within my own age group it gets depressing. Multiple by-passes, cancers of every sort and description, altzeimers. Go on you can fill in the rest! It's bloody depressing and what makes it so tragic is that with a little common sense it needn't be like this.

Now, I am not a medical doctor nor a health practitioner. I have no degrees - [except my Reike, a wholistic health discipline]. What I do see is a fundamental need to re-think our whole approach to health.

I think that as a society we are quite guilty in supporting the "cure" approach. We don't want to change some of our unhealthy habits and life styles and have, by implication, pushed our medical people into finding ways to keep us going as long as possible within that blissful realm of pretended ignorance. This is a head in the sand attitude!

We have drifted badly down the wrong road and the magic bullets are failing us. We are, as we all know, in a health crises. What we are trying to do is to perpetuate the existing system by "improvements". If we move a little money from x and put it into y, or, if we allow more private clinics etc., etc.

We must look at the proven benefits of other healing modalities that in some cases come from civilizations thousands of years older than our own. Many have found great benefits from doing so.

There must be some kind of rapprochement between the Allopathic medical fraternity and those practicing Alternative methods so that each can share, learn and benefit the patient as well as each other without feeling threatened.

Listen folks I am no "Socrates" but there are some fundamental principles that we are ignoring and ignoring at our collective peril.

Think of your body as a plant. Just an ordinary plant - that's you! If you do not feed yourself properly with nourishing food or food grown in poor soil then you are going to get sick and likely die. Well this physical vehicle you live in is no less like the plant and like the plant the quality of the watering and the soil determines your health as well as the love and caring you give it. A life lived in stress and anger will start to disintegrate - regardless of the soil.

As an example it is now largely recognized that unresolved anger is a major contributor in the cause of arthritis. In maintaining a healthy body the state of our minds and emotions are very critical to the healing process or in maintaining our health. Develop a sense of fun and joy.

So, to sum up return to basic principles and common sense. Good health is not an accident or the benevolence [or lack of it] by some god. We can no longer place the responsibility of our life's condition on this entity! We do indeed create our own reality for good or ill. As a wise teacher once said to me - "There is no such thing as a mistake - there is only unrealized wisdom!"

Cultivate a sense of humor and love who you are. Look up at the stars and see yourself as belonging and a participator in this pulsating life force that pervades all of this immense universe. It is an energy that we call love. It binds us to each other and to all life. Let go of all fears and like the Mona Lisa wear a secret smile on your face and walk tall for we are all indeed members of an incredible universe.

Michael Brine


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