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Down the Rabbit Hole

In a world that has become increasingly complicated mainly through rapid technological discoveries, especially within the last 25 years, many are saying "Hold it - Enough already!"

This for the most part is being echoed by those who are older but more and more the younger generations are beginning to join in. We hardly have time to catch our collective breath when newer and "better" [?] inventions are pushed at us in which we are having to replace yesterday's which we are told will shortly be obsolete.

I am old enough to remember the "78" records! Then shortly after WW11 came the "45s" followed by the "33.1/3rds", the cassettes, the CDs, the videos, and now the DVDs. With I am sure something else in the wings! I can also remember in the late '60s while in Toronto being shown, in a large corporate office, a computer. It was huge! The size of a large office. Wow - now look at them!!

We can echo the above scenario in almost all aspects of our lives. It is hard to be critical for many of these new technologies have greatly improved our lives - in some ways. Yes, "in some ways." But at what cost? This is more and more proving, for me, the big question - At what cost? Things - things! Things don't have feeling. Heart does. We're out of balance - we're loosing it - the Rabbit Hole is opening under us and we are falling - falling into nothingness - no feelings - no heart - just "things" filling our cupboards, our wardrobes, our emptiness.

The idea that was held by many in the earlier days that some how these inventions and improvements would reduce the hours of work we would have to work and give us more relaxed time with our families and friends has somehow proven to be a hoax! Someone pulled the wool over our collective eyes!

We did!

Our world - certainly in the West - has become full of things. Our modern "music" [?] has become noise, and speed seems to be the dictum. Films focus on violence and the idea of silence is a word and a concept fading from the English language.

I think there is an increasing feeling amongst many these days of feeling disconnected from society. As the world becomes more technological and less personal more and more are choosing to drop out. Families and the family life is increasingly falling apart or almost non existent for many. Single parents abound and this is not a healthy sign for a society - at least in my opinion. Why? Because single parents are under greater pressure, become tired and stressed and become impatient and more easily angered. This has an inevitable negative affect on the child and this is what the child experiences and this is what he or she takes into their adult life with consequences.

Day Care has become an accepted norm in which the responsibility of care has been transferred to a non-parent in which the child resides for most of the day outside its home. This is not emotionally healthy for the child regardless of the quality of the Day Care.

The result is an increasingly dysfunctional society with more and more rules and regulations and the State becoming ever more intrusive in an effort to counter these negative consequences.

Is there a clear answer? I sure as hell don't pretend to have all the answers but I do believe it is important to clarify the problem and bring it into focus. Then, as a willing society seek out that "Vision" that will focus our efforts to re-claim our humanness. The one word that does come up for me is "Simplify". Move towards a more simple life style and don't be seduced for example into buying more and more things, or bigger and better homes. A shiny new modern home does not always carry the "character" of an old one where memories reside. Living in perpetual debt introduces a tension we could well do without. We need to be able to touch and feel and, yes, hug!

There are no easy answers due to the distance we have seduced ourselves into going down along this slippery road. Identifying the reason for this increasing and often subtle malaise being experienced by so many all around us is at least a start. Can we pick up the ball?

Michael Brine


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