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Why do we need to have anyone be "Placed in authority over us"? This is a concept that has been in the consciousness of humanity ever since the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs 5000 years ago. Why? The idea that we need to have authority figures in our lives is dis-empowering for a start.

Most of my life I've resented what I consider unreasoned authority. It stems I believe from my boarding school days in Canada when we had "Prefects" who exercised authority over us juniors and had the "privilege" of getting us to do things for them like shining their shoes, taking their laundry over to the laundry room or what ever. I was often picked on by them and made fun of because of my English accent. I was born in Canada but had English/Irish parents and I guess their way of speaking stuck and has to this day! This embarrassing of me in front of the others developed a deep resentment towards authority figures which, I must admit, has remained to this day.

The other day I was out for a jaunt into my Yukon wilderness that surrounds where I live and I was reflecting on the global situation and the mess we are in. I reviewed in my mind the global imbalance between men and women and how we are ruled by these little boys who haven't yet graduated out of the school yard and their bullying ways. Then I looked at how we give our power away to these authority figures allowing them to rule over us and dictate what we can and cannot do whether it is a king, a president, a pope or the man of the house. Of course the king, president and pope have their underlings who do the work for them - and of course we obey. That's just the way it's always been and no one questions it.

Well - I AM - and perhaps so should we all. As a global community we have been indoctrinated with the conceptual idea of an "Authority" figure over millennia. Let me quote from a text I recently read:

"The spiritual works of Earth are cluttered with so many admonitions, rules, precepts, laws, formulaic processes, and esoteric practices that the art of the genuine may seem oddly simple, and therefore less potent. However, it is the simple acts of virtue that hold the true power of transformation and upliftment - not only for the individual practicing them, but for the larger share of humanity in all of its dimensional expressions."

This is wisdom speaking!

If we look back at Indigenous cultures, [that have not been corrupted by exposure to other more "modern" cultures], the community/tribe when needing decisions on important matters usually met and sat in a circle to consult and listen to each one who wanted to address the issue and from this consultant process decisions were arrived at. Everyone had the right to speak and be heard; and when that one was speaking he was listened to respectively. He wasn't rudely shouted at while addressing the others as we sadly have to witness so often in the embarrassing display within our own parliaments or governing bodies these days!

Another thing - they sat in a circle. A circle implies equality. Sitting opposite as we do in our parliaments and other authoritative situations, as in courts of law, by their very nature sets up an aire of confrontation.

Yes, we could learn much from our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

And here let me mention another touchy element that has separated us from each other around the world - religion. Especially, those three religions "Abraham" based - Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Here men - and let me emphasize "men" for it is usually thus - empower themselves over their "congregations" or equivalent and usually dressing in golden robes or other exotic or distinctive clothing to give the impression of authority. When you see this just try imagining this entity standing with all his cloths off! That will expose the situation for what it truly is - no pun intended!

It almost seems as if some back room "Authority" set this all up those many years ago to more effectively control us down through the ages using fear as the stick; and what an effective "stick" it has been! It has very effectively and sadly separated us from each other ever since. There has at times been references made to a "Golden Age" that existed at one time in our collective pasts. If it existed - and I have a sneaking feeling it did - none of these negative elements of power and control through fear - or divide and conquer as in religion - would have existed.

In a world in which we were lovingly raised to respect and honour each other and in a world in which both sexes were honoured and respected equally we would not be in the mess we are so sadly witnessing to-day. We really have to ask ourselves why have we given our power to these kind of structures. Who said we need to have any one "set in authority over us"? As simplistic as all this may sound usually the greatest truths are the simplest - as in "Love ye one and other." If truly acknowledged and respected what else would we really need? What?

So be it.

Michael Brine


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