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North America's Health Crisis

"Someday, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides, and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love.

Then, for the second time in the history of the world, humankind will have discovered fire."

Teilhard de Chardin.

North America 's Health Crises. [For Whitehorse Star due May 2 nd .]

North Americans now have the questionable privilege of being amongst the most unhealthy and sickest in the world - while being amongst the world's most affluent - and yet no one seems to be asking "Why?"

Cancer, diabetes, autism amongst countless other diseases have become household words and again - no one is asking "Why?"

Have we become so inured to hearing and seeing people all around us getting ill and dying that we have come to accept this as just part of life, and the way it is?

Why is it that in less privileged parts of the world such as Asia that there is nothing like these diseases being so endemic within their populations?

When are we going to start waking up and ask the questions that need to be asked? It seems sad - so sad - that we have fallen asleep at the wheel.

Let me ask you to bear with me as I take you through an average North American life from birth and into maturity. Perhaps there will be clues.

Firstly, if we are birthing in a hospital which is the most likely for most of us, as we come out of our mother's womb we are usually exposed to bright lights. Then our umbilical chord is almost immediately cut before we have adjusted to this birthing trauma and before it has finished doing its job of transferring certain elements from the mother that we need. Then I believe in some hospitals even to this day we are held up-side down and smacked to get us to start breathing as it seems we don't trust nature to do it for us!

I must hasten to add that our local hospital in Whitehorse has shown itself to be more empathic and understanding especially in relation to the birthing process, allowing couples to submit a "Birth Plan" to them - elements that the particular family would prefer when the birth is taking place. I can personally attest to this for even when I became a father over 30 years ago the Whitehorse General, doctor and staff were very accommodating to our wishes.

Now, next on the agenda as we start to grow we are then exposed over the next few years to being injected by poisons to protect us from these poisons! This is known as Vaccination. All this is being done while our delicate immune systems are just developing to protect us from these very diseases. So now our immune systems have been damaged making us more vulnerable to illnesses from here on.

Vaccinating has now been with us for several generations and as a result succeeding generations are being born with increasingly weaker genetics and immune systems which would explain why we are becoming so increasingly vulnerable to sickness and disease in this part of the world.

I am well aware that there will be strong opposition from some quarters to this statement but I absolutely stand by what I have said. As some of you know I almost died twice from the only two times I have ever been vaccinated.

The most important food we can have in those first years is mother's milk. NO substitute can ever replace her milk - none - but hey, we seem to know better than nature and often feed the child cow's milk which, it would seem to me, was intended for baby cows - wasn't it?

Then of course there is the day to day quality - or lack of it - of the food that we eat. Great stuff - food. Lots of burgers and fries and GM foods. We also eat far too much red meat. Indeed we are the largest meat consumers in the world and much of the meat we eat is full of drugs used to keep these poor animals healthy that rarely see the light of day raised as they are in restricted cells in huge barns.

Organic? What's that? Yes indeed - you may well ask that pivotal question. Hospitals for years have been the subject of smug jokes over their food quality which is a clear indication of how much the administrations pay to this important factor.

Organic food is very important as it provides the nourishment needed by our cells in order to keep us healthy. Yes, it is usually a bit more expensive but what price health? You get what you pay for in this old world. If our cells aren't nourished then they begin to die and that is what leads to the big "C", as well as the other illnesses.

Water - yes water. The best water is that which comes from a natural source. By that I mean not chlorinated, nor distilled as so much of bottled water is these days. Any tampering with water kills the natural nutritional elements found in fresh water which is needed by our bodies. It's not just for quenching thirst! Living in Yukon is a privilege in this respect as I go out in late fall before freeze-up and collect enough water from natural sources to tied me over the winter.

Again, the accumulating effect of starving our bodies during our life time of the essential elements it needs contained in natural clean water increasingly exposes us to disease because once again our immune systems are gradually weakened over time.

Finally, I am afraid I have to be a bit critical of our Allopathic {Western} medical fraternity. They have become far far too reliant on drugs as a cure- all which is in line with their focus on cure instead of focusing on prevention and the root causes of dis-ease. At the turn of the last century there was a much greater sense of co-operation between the Allopathic doctors and the Alternative health practitioners. Regrettably, that has changed as Allopathic doctors feel threatened by the increasing influence of Alternative health. Had they been more willing to work together and not gotten into bed with the drug companies this would not have happened.

Health Canada , and other equivalent government bodies in other Western countries, are as much to blame for the crumbling confidence in our Western medicine with its focus on drugs. This is due to the excessive influence of the drug companies on these government bodies and a bureaucracy choosing to be asleep at the wheel.

There is much more I would like to have focused on in this article but space is limited so I must leave it at that.

Your questions and/or comments can be directed to me at and I would be pleased to hear from you and perhaps learn from your experiences.

Thank you. Michael Brine.

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