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A Fresh Vision Needed for Global Security

“Row row row your boat gently down the stream,
Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream.”

The ripple affect of the US troubles are impacting the world. This has become quite obvious creating much fear and turmoil around the world – but I have to ask myself how is it that we – the human species – have become so dependent on this element called “money”? It has not always been there in past civilizations. As an example, with early indigenous peoples, and remarkably they survived – so why can't we?

We are a creative species and after a bit of mud has been thrown around can we adjust to these times and create new insights in coming up with another way to survive/exist with each other on this earth. Fresh insights and new ways could evolve as we seek to live in a more harmonious way and not in the more competitive manner we have been living in up until now. This could be – and hopefully will be – a time of transition to a more humane way in which to interact with each other in sharing resources and the essential elements we need to survive.

To add to our present dilemma we have been overtaken by technologies. In the process, however, we have not kept pace nor had the wisdom to manage them in a more harmonious way in integrating them within our societies.

So now what? Where do we go from here? Do we go back and maintain the old [existing] system and risk the turmoil we are seeing and the tremendous fearful affect on peoples - or should we say - Hold on. Let us see if we can learn from all of this and re-think the whole way we live and interact with each other right across this world of ours. The greed – the competitive element – the mistrust – the fear of not having enough. All of these negative elements are the result of a system we have allowed to consume us without stopping to think could we have evolved through the centuries past in another way. Indeed, could there be another way – a more compassionate way – a way of greater sharing and community orientated. A way in which we share and work together creating the necessities and other elements that produce happier lives and societies as a whole?

Could this be the “Gauntlet” that is being placed in front of us at this time as a global society? Can we act on it – can we see the vision being placed in front of us, and indeed pick it up? It would certainly take visionary leaders to grasp the significance of what is being suggested here and to make it possible. What other options do we have?

Sometimes when I am walking down the streets I see the strain on individual faces as they hurray about their business always it seems in a hurry and often with an undercurrent of fear about something. I see the tension on the faces and I ask myself was life meant to be like this – scurrying around all our lives until we “retire” and by then be often too ill to enjoy the “fruits of our labours”?

I know that what I have written may seem a little “far out” to many but surely no matter how “far out” could we not open up the “Box” and see that maybe – just maybe - we could at least play with these thoughts to see if indeed we could at least start to move towards more caring global societies? The Human Family is composed of many different races but we are ultimately one race - the Human Race – and let us not forget that! We are indeed all in this together.

Yes, I am only too well aware that there are other elements that separate us from each other in this world of ours such as religion, or leaders who lack any sense of vision except their own need for power and control. However, surly we can play with such a vision of possibilities and dream a little. We have to start some where otherwise the way we – the human race is going – is to experience more chaos and futility in trying to find some sense of security in our life's journey. I am absolutely convinced that our lives were not meant to be like this. WE have allowed it however – but we CAN change it. It is up to us to through off the blinders and limitations we have permitted ourselves to accept that this is the way it is and has to be. To finally recognize that we do indeed have power to effect change. It just requires a little vision to see the possibilities and some real courage to carry it out. I'm In – are you?

In the words of that old song “Row row row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream” Let's change those last words to “Life is not a dream”. It is up to us to embrace the vision and make that dream a reality – it's not just a dream!

Thank you. Michael Brine.

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