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Mayan Calendar Corroborates Hindu Prophecy

“Peace comes within the souls of men when they realize their relationship, their oneness, with the Universe and of its powers, and when they realize that – the centre of the Universe – is really everywhere, it is within each of us.” Black Elk, Oglala Lakota, 1947.

The Mayan Calendar ends its long history somewhere between October 28 th, 2011 and December 21 st , 2012 . There has been some disagreement between scholars about which of these two dates is accurate. Frankly, I am not concerned who is right. What does concern me is the suggestion by some that it means the physical world will end some time within those dates. Maybe the world, as we know it and are experiencing it, will – but let us look further.

The Hindu god Lord Krishna forecasts a “Golden Age” will start 5000 years after the beginning of the Kali Yuga. The Kali Yuga started in 3102 B.C. The Mayan calendar started in 3114 B.C. – a difference of only 12 years. Interesting.

It seems that what both calendars are predicting is that the world will take a major new direction within this narrow time frame. After what we have witnessed in the collapsing of the world's financial systems such prophecies do not seem quite so “Far out”! It does seem amazing that both calendars started at about the same time historically – 5000 years ago - when neither culture had any direct contact with the other. It does indicate to me at least, that there must have been a common source. Hhmmmm. Let's look closer.

It appears that the Earth goes through a complete cycle approximately every 26,000 years.[25,765.] This was called by the Ancients as “The Precession of the Equinoxes” This relates to our passage through the Photon Belt. It is my understanding that we have arrived at the completion time of the current cycle we are now in. If this is true, given that the world's burgeoning over population seems to be coinciding with the completion of this current cycle – called the Grand Cycle - then it would give considerable credit to these two calendars. If one is true then likely so is the other. Hhhhhmmmmm. So what now?

Are we about to experience “The Last Tango”?! If so, Paris here I come!

No – I do not believe that. What others including myself feel is that a major change is on the way. To continue as we are is a recipe for disaster – competing with each other, killing each other, destroying this beautiful planetary home we live on day by sad day.

Certainly, there are religious groups around the world who for some time have forecasted in various ways the “End of the World”. Support for these beliefs would seem to come largely from the teachings and writings of their teachers and prophets. Example, from the Christian New Testament “Then, I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away”, or “Behold, I will make all things new”. Again, if we are to take seriously, and add these elements into the equation, there would seem to be emerging considerable support that these various elements of thought and observations would seem to be coinciding into our present time line. In addition, Mystics and other spiritual groups have also talked about the “End Times” or the “Shift of the Ages”. Indeed, 40 years ago a profound teacher of mine – Namjyal Rinpoche – warned of the coming turmoil and having himself visited the Yukon, in northern Canada where I now live, indicating this would be one of the places to be. I don't think we can just brush off all these indicators as just mere coincidences.

O.K. - So now what? Head for the hills? Go underground? Get on a broom stick and fly to the moon?

Personally, I do not feel the Mayan calendar is forecasting an end of our physical world. No – but I do feel it will bring about major change and expose the misdirection humanity has taken over the last 5000 years – since the time of the Ancient Egyptians – when our modern history began. Why do I say this?

At the risk of repeating myself from earlier articles of mine this is when we allowed the concept of “rulers”, “priesthoods” and “religion” to separate and ensnare us, as well as lines on a map separating us from each other dividing us into “countries”. One other element that has been overlooked is the dominance of the male over the female over centuries. We desperately need the nurturing element of the female in to-day's world. This imbalance must be corrected – [and don't bring up Margaret Thatcher – there are exceptions to every rule! ] Therefore to continue as we are, with the added element of our over population with its exponential factor, will produce chaos in our time – at least in the time that's left.

It would seem that we, as a whole, are being pushed into a corner. Indeed it is already happening if we take a look around the world. Canada , Australia , New Zealand and Siberian Russia being the exceptions with their relatively light populations and geographical locations. Let them count their respective blessings.

We are however, not exempt from this time factor and the cyclic nature of all life in this 3D Universe. I have seen it expressed as the law of periodicity, of flux and reflux, ebb and flow, which physical science has observed and recorded in all departments of nature. Further examples are the seasons, day and night, life and death, sleeping and waking are facts so perfectly universal and without exception, that it is easy to comprehend that in it we see one of the absolute and fundamental laws of the Universe. Everything is cyclic. This planet and the life on it is no exception. Change in some major form IS coming!

In order to deal with the critical population factor nature it appears will take care of that through the ending of this cycle. We should take seriously these various prophecies and calendar indicators. In the meantime, I believe we will witness the increasing unraveling of our global societies because of population pressures in ways we are sadly already witnessing.

What form will the “ending” be in? I clearly have no concrete answer but my own view, for what it is worth, is that we will experience increasing weather anomalies and geological upheavals along with increasing violence between each other even now being witnessed. Like rats in a trap. Living in unpopulated places on the earth would be advisable. Therefore, move away from cities into rural areas. Draw together to form communities which have a focus on being as self sufficient as possible. This would be another logical step and help bring us into harmony with one and other – something sadly missing in to-day's world. In this respect there is a well known community in northern Scotland established in 1962 called “Findhorn” which is an example of how communities could work for us in the future. You can check it out by going to <>. They even have their own University.

One very important thing – do NOT act out of fear – for what we put out we draw to ourselves. There is a difference to being in fear of the future and simply being aware and to act logically in harmony with that knowledge.

Finally, I also firmly believe that we are going to see emerge from the chaos what some call a “New Heaven and a New Earth”. This will be the start of the new cycle and hopefully, we will have learned from our past.

The unexplained Crop Circles and UFO sittings may well be comforting indicators that we are not alone in this Universe. Maybe help is on the way!

One thing IS certain – change – major change – is coming. Believe it! To quote Albert Einstein “If at first an idea does not seems absurd – then, there is no hope for it !” I saw this used in a commercial the other day. Good one !

All life is one. Indeed! Let Love not fear be the path that will open in front of us. Join hands and move as one into this new world – hopefully, a little wiser. As the Hopi have said it so well - “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” So be it!

Note: I am well aware that what has been put forward above will prompt some to respond that “This is ridiculous!” I do not pretend to be a “Know it all”, nor does it give me any pleasure to submit these insights. If it were not for the ex-potential global population factor there would be solutions but this one element supercedes all other options.

In any event this is what I envisage as likely probabilities given what I presently see unfolding across this world of ours. The time line may vary but the winds seem to be blowing in the general direction I've indicated. Disagree? – Certainly I am open to other insights – By all means let me have them. Ultimately, only time will tell for us both. In the final analysis however, we must be guided by our own intuition. M.B.

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