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New Years Wish 2009

What follows is a New Year's wish list – Bear with me.

In times of turmoil and dislocation it CAN be used for constructive change and clearer seeing, hopefully learning from our past mistakes. As a wise man once said “There is no such thing as a mistake – Only unrealized wisdom.” That puts a more positive spin on it, doesn't it?

So, what can we learn? What needs to change?

1 - Our Political System:

The way our political system is currently set up creates a competitive environment. First we have a “Party” system. Then, in our House of Commons or equivalent legislatures, these parties sit opposite each other. This invokes a confrontational environment. This is not a healthy atmosphere to work in, nor to create for the most part, the best and most acceptable results. It is all very negative, and frankly, nauseating, as we Canadians recently had to witness.

Once again, I reference our Indigenous cultures. They sit in a circle to discuss issues and matters of concern. There is also what is called a “Talking Stick” which is held by the one wishing to address the issue before them. No one interrupts, and once that person has finished the stick is past to the next one wishing to address the Council. This format usually leads to a more comfortable and more embracing result than what I observe in our confrontational system we now “enjoy”.

I feel we should do away with the party system or at least look at some alternative way to improve the existing system. When I first came to live in Yukon in 1970, the absence of a party system seemed to work and certainly was less confrontational. I had misgivings when I saw the political party system introduced. One only has to go and sit in on our own Yukon legislature, as I did recently, and observe the sickening behavior of personal attacks across the Floor, rather than focusing on the issue itself being debated before the House. Frankly, I was disgusted.

In a recent conversation with David Brekk, Yukon 's former federal returning officer, he explained there is a simple approach to make respectful and meaningful democracy without abandoning the party system. Party politics can be effective, but not under the present system according to David. He went on to suggest that the first step is to improve the foundation of representative democracy – the electoral system. In collaboration with others across Canada a new system has been evolved that would result in a more positively functioning, transparent and accountable parliament. It could easily fit into our present system, but have a very large effect on results. This system, if taken seriously, could well facilitate the building of community – a common concern for Canadians.

If you empathize with the above, see the web site <> or contact David Brekke at- , to help effect change in this area.

So, next on the “Wish List”?


2 – Music: [Or the lack thereof!]

This is a very personal critic of mine but I also know, it is shared by many others. Here I am pointing my finger at the media and restaurants, primarily. What for me is now called music – background or otherwise – has become reduced to someone screaming into a microphone with no variation in tone, volume or pace. It is noise, and the furthest thing from anything approaching music as I understand music to be. It has evolved through, and supposedly caters to the younger generation, and the media, in pandering to this almost exclusively, have almost totally ignored those of us who have other musical preferences. There is a distinct lack of balance in providing music in its various forms over the airwaves or in eating places, the latter being where we usually go to relax.

This kind of music is certainly not restful and its constancy on our hearing over time is not healthy. There is a time and a place for it of course and I appreciate that, but not as a constancy to be forced on all of us to almost the exclusion of anything else!

Finally, while on this subject, volume is another issue. In restaurants primarily, music is supposed to be background not foreground, [except in bars perhaps], so that one can relax and have a conversation without having to raise one's voice to be heard.

A few nights ago I had the pleasure of going to see the Nutcracker Ballet performed by our local dancers. I love the music but it was also an absolute joy to watch this performance and to witness the enthusiasm of all taking part. It was especially encouraging for me to witness this enthusiasm with the younger dancers. Indeed, it brought tears to my eyes for, in part, it brought back emotional memories of my own all too brief ballet career when I was living in London in the mid fifties. [Indulge me!]


3 – Male/female imbalance -

This is a global issue I've focused on before. This imbalance has been around for thousands of years. It has been the basic cause of so much that has gone wrong around the world. These imbalances are seen in almost all cultures – specifically in religion, politics, marriages – arranged or otherwise – businesses – you name it – it is there deliberately or under the covers – pun intended !

There is a nurturing tendency within the female that is more hidden within the male. The male tends to be more aggressive – It is the active principle of the male as opposed to the passive principle in the female.

In my opinion, if this balance had existed in past centuries most of our wars would never have happened. I make that statement unequivocally. The need for power and to rule through fear so often exhibited by men, would have been dampened by the more compassionate element within women.


4 – Health Care -

The imbalance within our health care system in which valid Complementary health modalities are excluded, much to our cost in more ways than one. This is largely due to the strangle hold the drug companies have on the Allopathic medical doctors and their undue influence on Heath Canada . Also, of course, the medical profession it would seem, feel some what threatened by the increasing influence of Complementary health options and their success rate. It's a great pity they cannot all work together – each having valid abilities to cure, depending on the illness. It was largely the reason that the Yukon Wholistic Health Network was originally created – to bring ALL modalities together to learn from, and work with, each other. Regrettably, no Allopathic doctors, to my knowledge, have joined.

5 – Monetary System -

Perhaps a need to re-examine our monetary systems and our almost total reliance on this system to survive. It is a system that creates fear and greed. What about some form of bartering, or more willingness to share and work together as in community? The global imbalances created by this system are disturbing. Recently I found out that $1,000. is the equivalent to three years income to supply the basic needs for an Afghan family. This is disturbing and absolutely out of balance!


6 – Religions -

How religions, male dominated, have divided the world and caused so much needless suffering always in the name of a “Loving God”! This some what ties in to # 3 – male/female imbalance.

Now, that I've vented let me close with an old Egyptian blessing - to all of you out there, where ever you may be – “May God stand between you and harm, and ------- all the empty places where you must walk.” Happy New Year!


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Michael.

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