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On a Slippery Slope

“What is reflected on the outer is merely a mirror of what is on the inner. Trying to change the world without working to change consciousness is like trying to change the image in a mirror without changing the object that is being reflected.”

Carol Hansen Grey, 1999.

It is certainly no secret we live in increasingly challenging times.

Each year things seem to get worse. I am certainly not trying to promote fear, but nor can we benefit from a “head in the sand” attitude either. Rather, to help raise awareness to the difficult times we are facing would be more productive, and more importantly, pose the question what can we do - and can we make a difference, individually, and/or collectively?

Let me be personal for a moment to try and give some credibility to myself and what I am going to say, because I am sure some of you Yukoners are wondering what would an ex-realtor know? Well, before I came to the Yukon in 1970 I had had another life in which I lived and worked in many of the areas of the Earth which are now showing strains. That included the Near, Middle and Far East, Europe, and the Caribbean, and finally on Wall Street in New York . In each of these areas I spent at least a year, usually between two and four. That was between 1953 and 1969. I got to be familiar with the various cultures which, in hindsight, were a gift, as it has given me some deeper insights to some of the factors which have, and are contributing to the present serious developments we are now facing. When in those Eastern countries, I lived a double life often shedding my Western dress in the evenings and donning local dress, and would slip into the markets and temples unrecognized as a “Western” sahib. I made friends and learned much.

That said, I will now continue.

When we see ourselves heading towards a cliff often solutions in part, or in whole, may show up. Let us at least understand the problem for what it is – that would be a start.

The present global financial crises is not going to go away. It is having a “Domino” affect across the world, and as it continues to fail more people will be thrown out of work. This causes less spending so other businesses also start to fail as the dominos keep falling. As a result more and more will loose their jobs and companies continue to fail as a consequence. It's a vicious circle. While governments try to spend their way out by providing some form of work to those affected those that get this temporary work are not going to spend but save what they can under these conditions. There is no long term confidence. Banks are hesitant to lend on such a weak scenario and only if governments will underwrite these loans – ie: for house purchases. That can only go so far for so long.

So, more and more are out of work. Frustration builds. Demonstrations become increasingly common, and so do violent incidents. As more hit the streets and these demonstrations become substantial movements governments become threatened and some actually start to collapse. Chaos ensues. This creates a contagious fear which spreads across borders and ultimately continents. In effect mobs try to empower themselves – like rats in a trap.

There is also likely to be an increase of violence between countries as in the shameful Gaza tragedy – a tragedy for both Israel , the Palestinians, and indeed the world.

Add to this the exponential global population growth which now approaches 7 billion. The growing food crises as countries stop exporting so they can feed their own growing populations. Global weather anomalies which adversely affect crop production have even now been increasingly observed. Increasing pollution as governments lose their power or will to act.

One other possibility and concern is that some more positioned countries, such as the US , but not by any means just the US , might witness or even invoke a military take over of their countries. Would this be good? I guess it would depend how that “power” was used. You know the old saying – “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Look at Burma ! [ Myanmar ]

What I have indicated above is what I see as likely to unfold over the next very few years given our present corrupted course. Things are unraveling at an increasing rate and as they impact us, the effect will be to affect other elements negatively thus speeding up the collapse I foresee, unless we are prepared to make some bold decisions.

IF we do make a collective effort, what possible solutions could we envisage? What are some of the bold decisions that could be taken to stop this unraveling?

Perhaps we should stop thinking as individual societies and countries and remove borders and become a united Earth for our very mutual benefit. After all, countries are only lines drawn on a map - by us – right? We can re-draw them as we certainly have done historically from time to time – Or we can remove them altogether and work as one global community. How likely is this to happen? You tell me. Idealistic? Impractical? Threatening? Impossible?

Certainly, change will not happen over night. However, as awareness and frustration at the present global corruption increases amongst the world's population then the voice for change will become increasingly louder, until it reaches a crescendo - and then hope will be replaced by passion.

We are all in this together so solutions would be best sought and initialized by a united voice acting within a united central organization such as the United Nations – Perhaps a somewhat misleading name in its current form.

So, now in all of this there is suddenly a new player who has entered the stage. Let us call it the “Obama Factor” Never have we seen such a global impact made by one individual. Why? Let us just call it a universal cry that now sees hope. A cry of manifesting universal hope that transcends those “lines drawn on a map”. It is one voice – our voice – being echoed across the globe. Change!

Perhaps, we are the ones we have been waiting for.

In closing, the thoughts expressed in this article are also the thoughts of many others around the world who also recognize the need for change, and who also see this growing crises I have alluded to. Groups like the “ Alliance for a New Humanity” for one. There are numerous others. So this is not a solitary effort I assure you.

One important thing IF this WAS to happen – we would need to change the monetary system and the fear and competitive elements it creates. That must be a given. There are other ways. A global feeling of unity could open the doors to see this vision. In short, a Global Community of One working together for the benefit of One – Us – You and me and the person next door, and on the other side of the planet. It will not solve the population pressures completely but it will be a start – and with us united in our efforts who knows what other solutions may manifest? We will certainly have made “One giant Leap for Humankind”!

“What is reflected on the outer is merely a mirror of what is on the inner. Trying to change the world without working to change consciousness is like trying to change the image in a mirror without changing the object that is being reflected.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Michael.

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