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Change - It's Coming


Plato says we have forgotten “Ancient Times”.

“Thereupon one of the priests, who was of a very great age, said….

You Hellenes are never anything but children,

And there is not an old man among you……

….. There is no old opinion handed down among you

by ancient tradition,

Nor any science which is hoary with age,

And I will tell you why.

There have been, and will be again, many destructions of mankind ….

And so you have to begin all over again like children,

And know nothing of what happened in ancient times ….”

Plato, Timacus.


“The times they are a'changing” – That is getting pretty obvious to us all wherever we may live. What I will attempt to clarify in this article is why, and where it is all going. References in support of my conclusions will be given at the end.

One of the fundamental and observable laws within our observable Universe is that every thing is cyclic. We are born, spend some time here and pass away, the seasons come and go, migrating birds come and they depart, the sun, the moon, all have observable cycles. Indeed, human civilizations themselves also come and go. Change is very much part of life every where in this 3D world.

So, what's my point? We – our civilizations – are very much on the edge of major change throughout the world we live in. At the very least a thorough overhaul of many systems we have used will be necessary and in many cases eliminated all together. Indeed, we can see change happening all around us – and for many it can be a bit frightening.

One very observable fact is our population explosion and its exponential growth. We are running out of space – perhaps not so observable in Canada and a very few other areas such as Siberia in Russia , but certainly in most other parts of the world space is becoming a premium. People are increasingly feeling, in these over populated areas, more like rats in a trap and are behaving like it with the increasing violence we so sadly are a witness to.

The Mayan Calendar and its 2012 ‘prediction' is based on this cyclic factor. How did they know? They were not “modern” as we are – or were they? How about the Hindu Yuga cycle similar to, and referenced by, “The Precession of the Equinoxes”– and again, we have the Hopi prophecy that has foretold death and destruction for mankind unless we change our ways and become more spiritual. How about the Vedic civilizations that existed, we are told, for many thousands of years until about 13,000 years ago referenced by that young Siberian Russian seer – Anastasia – and since confirmed by other reputable sources referenced at the end of this article.

Cycles, including Global cycles folks, are a fact and Earth is no exception. Get used to it. Prepare for it for big change IS coming like it or not!

What can we expect – and what can we do? Well, first, as we move to the close of this cycle we will observe a form of what I call “cleansing” in which, as I have indicated, we will see and are observing the collapse of old and out-dated systems and ways of living that no longer serve us. The existing financial systems are going to go through very real change – more compassionate changes that will bring us – the Human family – closer together. We will not be so divided by what I have referred to in the past as “Lines on a map” [ie: countries]. The world, in a very real way, has seemingly grown smaller through technologies [ie: the internet] and other factors that have created much closer inter -actions.

In our mutual past histories we – the Human family – have been divided and controlled through fear by belief systems – often ruthless ones – again by rulers – often ruthless ones – and by simple geography. This is changing. We can see it, we can feel it but much of it frightens us and we resist. Change can be frightening – better to keep what we know than risk what we don't know – sound familiar? Hhhhhhmmmm. Do we really want to keep “what we know” – or THINK what we know! Hhmmmmm, again!

Well, the next two or three years will be hard and in some cases frightening as we witness the garbage being “cleansed”. So hang on for it will be worth it – more than worth it – you'll see! J Getting rid of “garbage” is a very cyclic thing even in our day-today lives – so why not at this more global level? Indeed, it's time! Look around you and SEE it truly, for what it has been, and where it has led us, into all this muck and mire, and worse.

Now, much has been lost or in some cases deliberately hidden, aboutpast civilizations. There is a generally held opinion that we, to-day, are more advanced. Let me tell you nothing could be further from the truth. For a start what do we mean by “More advanced”? We might stroke our sagging egos a bit by our seemingly advanced technologies – but are even they advanced? Truly? For a start just on this one element alone, some pretty amazing discoveries have recently been made by the uncovering of some remarkable cities from past civilizations. How they handled human effluent as an example might amaze you; and have we greater wisdom to effectively use our new technologies for peaceful rather than for military purposes?

Past civilizations were also far more aware of the Stars, their cycles and their place in our lives and how we are affected by them – as we are also affected by the Grand Universe out there of which we are an integral part. Wake up! We are not alone – believe it! I know from my own personal experiences. No, I was not dreaming – and many others like myself are ignored when we try to share our experiences, especially by the media. Wake-up, again – what about those ever increasing and very beautiful and extraordinarily detailed “Crop Circles”? No, Dick and Dave did not make them!

So, delving into our human past on this planet there can be seen a “Grand Cosmic Clock”. Older cultures viewed the natural and observable cycles of life as fitting into a much grander cycle of time that influenced the course of Humanity and our past civilizations.

They observed these celestial movements and how they affected our lives – what was true then is no less true now!

Let me close by quoting from the Popol Vut, or Mayan Book of Council:


“All moons, all years, all days, all winds

Reach their completion and pass away,

Measured in time in which we can know

The benevolence of the Sun,

Measured in the time in which the grid

Of the Stars look down upon us,

And through it, keeping watch over their safety

The Spirits, abiding within the Stars

Measure their fate.”


Thank you. Michael.

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Sources: “The Lost Star of Myth and Time” by Walter Cruttenden.

The Anastasia revelations written by Vladimir Megre –

Plus other sources known to this writer which I will gladly share if asked.

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