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Health - We are Asleep at the Wheel

I am going to start by sharing part of a recent e-mail letter I sent to a cyber friend in the US who has just had to face the loss of her mother, and two friends from cancer, and also a husband contracting dementia.

“ From your earlier sharing relating to the health/medical challenges you have been faced with by those family members and friends close to you who are suffering or have died is a clear indication and illustration of just how ‘off base' in particular, our North American culture is to what causes our endemic cancers and other illnesses – like dementia – that are plaguing us. The evidence is there in front of us from just this one e-mail you have shared over the illnesses within your OWN family and friends and should be a clear indication to us all that something is very wrong.

In my opinion we are asleep at the wheel as the illnesses that plague us have become ‘acceptable' that this is the way it is. NOT SO! We have allowed our insidious acceptance of certain elements into our daily lives which are the causes of so much of our health problems – and for the most part preventable. The problem being we are asleep - all of us - at the proverbial wheel!”

Now bear with me and let me present to you in this column a few of the prime factors fostering and evolving this saddening state within our North American culture in particular but by no means not only here:-

1 - Vaccination

This is at the top of my ‘List' and I know VERY controversial. Here goes!

We have all been brain washed most of our lives over this need to be vaccinated every time something like the current H1N1 [Swine Flu] “crises” comes up. I'm sure you've all heard the comments coming from the media about the preparations being made to make sure there is a vaccine available by the Fall to get us all vaccinated.

Why is it we so often give our power away to these unnatural ways we are told will ‘protect' us from all the germs and bugs that are swarming all around us? At least that is the way it is so constantly presented to us by Health Canada , the Medical institutions, et al. [Oh, and by the way have you remembered to wash your hands after eating at that restaurant?] Come on! This is all so fear based to be on the verge of hysterical! Yet watching the TV news it is as if our very lives dependent on it. A little bit of dirt never does us any harm. Indeed, it actually stimulates our immune system and keeps it strong.

Has Nature got it wrong? If we follow basic common sense rules as we go through life all these very unnatural ‘protections' by way of vaccinations which are, in essence, injecting our bodies with, for the most part, elements of the very disease we are trying to be ‘protected' from. Does any of this make sense to you at all? ! Indeed where is the common sense in all of this?

As I have mentioned in earlier articles I have had two vaccinations in my life and nearly died from each.

First was the usual small pox when I was 6 and immediately got both cerebral AND spinal meningitis, either of which can be and is, usually fatal. I survived.

The Second was when I was posted to Pakistan when I was 27 and my employer's doctor insisted – despite the fact I had a letter from a Harley Street doctor who disagreed with vaccination to say I was an “Allergic subject” – I had to have the typhoid shot or lose my job. Six weeks later in Karachi I went down with – you guessed it – typhoid, and almost died - again!

Vaccination is one of the biggest evils ever perpetrated on Humanity. One of the reasons we are now so seemingly vulnerable to disease in some form is simply BECAUSE of all the vaccinations we have all been receiving over several generations which have resulted in our respective immune systems becoming increasingly weakened generation after generation. This has made those of us now living ever more vulnerable to anything that comes along whether it is a cold or something more serious. I honestly do accept that most doctors, however well meaning, including nurses and others who work within these professions, believe in this holy cow. We've all been brain washed through the conditioning we've all been subjected to from birth.

It's time to wake up! In most cases more people die from the vaccination itself than actually die from the disease we are being “protected” from. Hard to confirm because most deaths from vaccination are often recorded as “A bad batch” or similar. They did that with me and that was what my parents were told. That was in 1942.

I am aware of the argument put forward that vaccination has stopped a particular disease when introduced into an existing situation but the truth is that it is often obscured through bias and /or the fact that diseases are usually cyclic and by the time a vaccine has been introduced the disease has already begun to subside.

2 – Meat

We eat far too much meat – indeed, as I've said before North Americans are the biggest meat eaters in the world. The appalling conditions these animals are now raised in with so much injection of drugs to keep them ‘healthy' should be a cause for concern. You see we then absorb these drugs into our own systems. Over time there is an accumulation of this which ultimately creates basic health problems. [As most know I'm a “Veggie” since 18 – now a healthy 74.]

3 – Prescription Drugs

The extreme and dangerous over reliance and prescripting of drugs which, frankly, is abhorrent! This is a careless and costly “marketing” of lives in so many instances, by the Drug companies. I make no bones about it – the behavior of many Western [Allopathic] doctors and their increasing reliance on these drugs is, frankly, appalling. This ties in with the Drug Cartels and their influence within the World Health Organization [WHO] which under the name of CODEX is attempting to make herbal medicines available only through a Western doctor's prescription. This ties in with the vaccine issue above.

4 - Fluoridation and Chlorination of our drinking water

Iindeed too much tampering altogether. I only drink water I draw from our creeks which is untampered with in anyway – that includes many bottled water ‘products' as it is so purified that all the nutritional elements in natural water we need are consequently removed along with the bad stuff! Water is not just for quenching thirst!

5 – Lack of organic foods in our daily diet

Way too many“Fast” foods and other non-organic foods resulting over time with our cells being starved for the lack of needed nutrition to keep our cells healthy and alive. Very cancer causing in my opinion.

6 – Living on a constant competitive edge within our daily social environment

Work place, sports, our daily inter-action with people. So much of our daily life has an overt but also a subtle competitive edge to it within our daily interactions, thus creating tensions which, over time, undermines our health.

Along with this let me emphasize how important it is to maintain a positive frame of mind and avoid negative and angry thinking and feelings. Often not easy in to-day's world but if and when something up-sets you try and be aware of the rising anger within you and transmute it into more of an observation without the accompanying negative emotion that goes along with it.

7 – Lack of silence

The constant noise encountered particularly within urban living creates subtle tensions which over time is damaging. One of my pet peeves, as many restaurateurs are well aware of in Whitehorse , is the constant back-ground so called “music” volumed up to the point where to have a conversation you have to raise your voice. If, in a lounge and other similar places, I accept it I guess if it's a bit loud – but not in the main eating areas and generally softer music – especially in the mornings at breakfast!

8 – Exercise

Some form of daily outdoor exercise if only to leave the car at home and walk to the store – or, as I do, even when I was working, I almost always go for a quiet walk for an hour or so in a peaceful location where I can hear the gentle wind and other life forms we share this world with. They don't mind – honest! J However, I also see quite a few over-exercising especially in-doors. To much stressing yourself can be counter productive especially if you do not also follow some of these other elements I have tried to draw your attention to..

9 – Finally,

the absence of the Natural world in the lives of so many. The way urban areas have been allowed to evolve so often, and shutting out Nature almost completely. This is not good.

For this column this will do! I am sure much of what I've shared is not unrecognized by most of you but also may be a cause for more reflection. I do not wish to come across as a know-it-all and if you do not agree with some of my observations put it aside for now and/or let me hear from you. I am always open and can learn from the experiences of others. No person is an island. J Take care all of you.

Thank you. Michael.

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