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The Coming Times - A Perspective

Those of you reading this who live in Canada , and perhaps more particularly up here in Canada 's Yukon , are among the luckiest on this Planet.

Why? One good reason is the amount of space we have. Population pressures are not a problem, unlike most other parts of the world.

Many of you reading will likely at some point press figuratively the “Delete” button and turn the page. That is more or less expected.

However, there are a good number of you who will not – and I say this because of those who have stopped me in the street, or else where, as on the internet, and agreed with what I have shared through this column over the last couple of years or more.

So, what's up?

One area we need to recognize is how inter-connected and inter-dependent we have all become on each other on this planet. Lines on a map seem to be fading although the fear of this has created turmoil in different parts of the globe. Fear is caused from an absence of knowing. To quote “Knowledge IS power”.

We – humanity – stand at the portal of a labyrinth of energies moving us into a pool of chaos like nothing ever witnessed in this ‘round' before. It is the end of a 26,000 year cycle – this is the “round” I refer to - and as we move forward into the next cycle we need to abandon those elements of the past that have landed us in this global quagmire we are currently struggling through. As I have so often stated – You cannot build a new building on a rotten foundation. So the old must go – and it is that we are struggling through at this unique time. A new cycle IS emerging before us, and this is, in my opinion, what the Mayan Calendar and other ‘prophecies' have been aware of.

How quick we are in our Caucasian Western world to be dismissive and smug about these insights from Indigenous peoples! Yes, indeed – so very smug!

However, others including myself despite the surface appearances manifesting around the earth, do not feel that we are ultimately moving into a catastrophe but ultimately into a Renaissance of magical proportions as we move into this new Age. To ‘arrive' however, there is little doubt as we move through this ‘Cleansing' period of the old, we will experience much chaos. Some of it created by man but also I feel from increasing geological up-heavils and extreme weather anomalies affecting much of the world at this time.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a letter printed in the Star suggesting that we should be aware to think about stocking up a little on food. This was prompted in part because of the severe whether conditions and earth quakes affecting much of the world at this time. Weather and seismic activities are part of the growing problem but also so is the escalating population factor across the globe. This is rarely mentioned by the main stream media, nor those ‘set in authority over us'. It seems to be a blind spot.

To illustrate: at the turn of the last century there were about one billion people on the planet. To-day, about one hundred and ten years later we are approaching almost seven billion – not quite but soon. Wow!

Indeed “Wow” !

It's called exponential growth – You know 2x 2 = 4; 4x4=16; 16x16=256 etc. Get it?

We are running out of agricultural land across the earth a large part being urban expansion [population growth again]. In Canada where we have sadly and stupidly ignored the importance of our farmers we now import 80% of our food needs. Russia by contrast in a similar geographical location imports only 20%. This makes us very vulnerable with the growing demand for food world wide. This will initially result in ever increasing food prices on our grocery shelves which we are already witnessing.

I repeat - knowledge is power. We, as a species have been controlled through fear down through the ages since the time of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. We have allowed ourselves to be dumb down. Let me repeat what I have said in an earlier column – religion and rulers in that order – to whom we have given our power-have effectively divided us from each other through fear using these two principal elements.

So, how can we overcome and make a difference? For a start live with courage. Again, knowledge is power. We must not allow ourselves to be dumb down by those who, either through ignorance, or knowingly, try to use fear to control us.

In Spiritual circles it is well known that fear begets fear – what we put out we draw back to ourselves. Look around you and/or look at your own life to see the evidence. This is known as the “Law of Attraction”. It works in whatever energy we put out around us good or not so good it will find it's way back.

In closing let me quickly point out some of the ‘modern' elements we have given our power to:-

Image. Look at the TV commercials – So many of them are about “image' – usually an attractive women or good looking guy who is an example of the product. We are constantly being seduced by image.

The brainwashed attitude that growth is primary to financial security et al. There is a limit to growth and we have just about reached that summit.

Speed seems to be the dictum to every thing these days even in what is now termed “music”. Sad.

Resolutions through discussions as opposed to war. Again as in Indigenous circles with the Talking Stick. Wouldn't it be interesting if Parliaments adopted this format? Wow – what a difference that would be for a start!

Finally, the subjugation of women within so many cultures – Some more subtle than others but in more extremist circles the religious ‘rules' are deliberately misinterpreted to simply try and justify legalized rape under the ‘cover' of religion. However, in our so called Western democracies don't kid yourself it's subtly there also.

Now let me close with an appropriate quote from Joseph Campbell:-

“The theme of the Grail story is the bringing of life into the waste land – the wasteland is people out of authenticity, living someone else's life path ------ Upon entering the forest where it is the darkest, there is no path ----- those who can see and enter the Castle of the Grail are those with spiritual readiness”.

Thank you for putting up with me ! If you are interested in what has been the subject of this article you can go to a web site then click on “Beyond the Box” which has all my previous writings. My personal web address is . Always glad to interact with anyone wishing to do so. Also, I can recommend other web sites or reading material depending on you particular focus.

Thank you. Michael.


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