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The Winds of Change

by Michael Brine

"To-day and in these next 50 years Man stands at the decisive crossroads of his fate." - Major Wellesley Tudor Pole - 1960.

The "Winds of change" are blowing across this world of ours and because of this I have chosen to share my thoughts through my articles on issues I feel need our attention. I am fully aware that there are those who question my ideas and in some cases react quite strongly considering that it is "BS"! Or, I realize also that I touch on sensitive issues relating to faith creating some discomfort. No disrespect was ever intended. Happily, I also know from responses, that there are a good many who are supportive and even intrigued by some of the insights penned. This of course is encouraging.

Let me be clear. These "insights" are not just mine but are shared by many others around the world. In the past, many of us felt we were operating in isolation, but the Internet has connected us and brought awareness that we are not alone in our 'seeing'.

The old ways no longer serve us. We must be open to change. Like it or not change is happening. Its intensity will only increase as we move forward into this new awareness that is lighting the path before us. The outworn ideas and methods we are leaving behind must be seen for what they are and the damage they have done to the human psyche. Control through fear can only exist in darkness. A new light dawns and it is spreading its light across the world. Blind faith is being replaced by a new inward surge of understanding: an inner awareness that is beyond words.

It all boils down to awareness - awareness - awareness! In my past, searching for a clearer path of truth has been an interesting journey. Opportunities came and went, and like a dog I would sniff the air - put my nose to the ground and follow a particular scent - check it out - pee on the odd tree - and then move on - or not - it all boiled down to Awareness.

I have now come to realize that there is no room for me to distrust or to give my power to fear - only for compassion at how much unawareness there is - part of the sad conditioning of sick civilisations that are in need of undressing. To throw away our soiled clothes - spread our collective arms out and welcome the breeze of Love that can now begin to caress us in a warm embrace. We have to trust enough to risk undressing - exposing our vulnerability WITH AWARENESS! Until we can do this mistrust will continue to be the sad influence that will cause us to bow our heads and weep.

We only have to look at Iran as yet another continuing example of how pathetic men - and I emphasize 'men' - and leaders the world over, sow the seeds of distrust, and, once again sickening its own people, as well as humanity as a whole, throwing them into another ocean of despair - and once again we see "religions" Man has created for control through fear as the precursor - and indeed - the cursor and cause - and once again history repeats itself. Have we learned nothing? - or have we? Those beautiful Messengers of the past who have blessed humanity have had their messages of love so disemboweled to satisfy a lust for power by men, that it has divided us from each other - and sadly, so very successfully. Satan himself couldn't have done a better job!

Well, now wait - listen - an uncomfortable silence is beginning to spread across this sad world of ours.

There is a "Cleansing" about to take place the likes of which we have never seen on this earth before. In the meantime those who are waking up and who have garnered a degree of awareness must sit on the sidelines and watch in sadness once again, as in Iran, but also sadly even within more individual and personal situations, the amputations of the heart cast their shadows of fear over the human family.

Be prepared! The storm IS coming, and when it has unleashed its fury it will pass - then there will be a silence across the lands and oceans the likes of which have never been experienced before. Then - slowly - there will be a slight breeze that will begin to caress us - and like a quiet whisper we will begin to hear its gentle voice - and our awakening to a new dawn - will have begun. A new Sun will begin to bathe us in its fresh and gentle light.

In the meantime we must trust who we are and find peace within ourselves for you are me and I, you, and the embrace will go out to enfold us all after the storm. Storms are for cleansing - remember how fresh the air is after one? Remember? And indeed it will be so --------.

"In the long run it is through silence, and not through speech, that Revelation is received." TP.

I am now going to end this by quoting a poem written by a young women who died, sadly, when she was barely 21. In it's own way it has relevance to what is written above: -

" Temple Poem."

"I thread my way, carefully, toward Temple.
I, and sister travelers - ahead, behind ---
Quickly, here is a path!
disappearing in tangles of history
There, make a new one, close to home.

I, quietly, by the thousands ,
step into a shrine of my own making.
I, and the multitudes of women who have slipped
silently away from the man's ceremonies.

We dare to come
right into the heartbeat of Love
naming it Women, calling it Holy.
We decorate the alter with mirrors
dance praise to breast and womb
as it was in the beginning.

As it is now,
the tabernacle is invisible
to those who cannot read our codes.
Sister pilgrims file into the circle,
a throng of worshippers.
We speak in songs of pipe and drum
reverent before our own images
jubilant to invent our own litanies.

I have peered behind the inmost veil
and discovered a myriad of me,
spinning life and death,
mapping new ventures of soul.

I, and all these tribeswomen,
charmed with power to fire galaxies
spell-bound to each other and to the earth
as it ever more shall be."

Bethroot Gwynn - 1982 - 2003.

Michael. wild.brine621@gmail.com

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