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Cancer - Cause not Cure

by Michael Brine


“In a time of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” - George Orwell.


Cancer Research and the Terry Fox Run.

I find it very frustrating and sad when I see the efforts of well meaning people trying to support this effort. Why? Because all efforts are centred on curing cancer rather than focusing on the CAUSE of cancer! Find the CAUSE and you'll find the CURE!

If we don't focus on what causes a disease it will just keep coming! The causes of this disease for me are fairly basic but no one wants to hear it, it seems. We are so conditioned to not question even when it doesn't make common sense. For what it is worth here is my insight on some on some of the causes of cancer along with some of the factors for our overall ill health here in North America and very likely also in our brother/sister countries as in Australia and New Zealand . You decide for yourself. I'm not an ‘authority' – just an observer but it makes common sense to me. J :-


1] - DIET – A] - Far too much meat – especially to-days meat from cattle who are raised in buildings and never see daylight, and extensively drugged to keep them ‘healthy'. You then absorb this into your system when you eat it. North Americans consume the most meat in the world, and we have the most cancer pervading our populations.

DIET – B] – Eat Organic. These foods carry the necessary nutrition to feed your cells. Basically, cancer is the result of cells dying. Think about it. If your cells don't get the nutrition needed to maintain a healthy body and a strong immune system the stage is being set for disaster. Most foods eaten to-day by the populations at large are not organic.

2] – Vaccination. Yes I know – a very controversial statement! As I have said many times I almost died twice and got very sick on a third occasion because of vaccination. What – tell me- is the sense of injecting a poison into your system to prevent you from getting the disease?! A healthy immune system in a healthy body is all you need. Works for me and I am 75. I can counter every argument put forward by doctors who push vaccination. None so deaf as those who don't want to hear! The only beneficiaries are the drug companies.

3] – Attitude. Having a healthy attitude to life affects your overall heath over time. Don't think negatively – develop a sense of humour. Laughing is a great medicine – and infectious!

4] - Smoking – Need I say more!

5] – Spend time outdoors in the natural world. No need to overly exercise – just enjoy the silence – and NO - Take those bloody things off your ears! I said SILINCE!

6] Water. I never drink tap water because of the chlorine. I go to creeks for mine. Natural water has the nutrition needed by your cells. Chlorine kills it. If you have a healthy immune system no worries. Older generations never had chlorine in their water. Think about it. Here in Yukon we are especially blessed with clean natural creeks. It's worked for me for 40 years!


Finally, consider Indigenous peoples around the world who have not been corrupted by Western life styles and who live close to the natural world using herbs and diet for cures when a malady hits them. We could learn much from them if we weren't so arrogant! Our biggest curse is just that – we think we are so advanced and yet we have betrayed our common sense for big Pharma who knows best and who profits best, and who ‘owns' our Western medical fraternity – sadly, at our expense, and ultimately theirs.

Most of this I have written on before in my past articles but it bears repeating and I do so with no apologies! To me it is basic common sense. So, consider these common sense causes I've listed above and ask yourself do they make sense? If they do for you, then act on them, and live and have a long healthy life – with laughter! Be young at heart - “And a little child shall lead them”. So, go and play!

Hey, wait for me!


PS – The Cancer Society has been asking for contributions for many years but no one has seen any real visible results on a cure. Where does the money go? It ultimately ends up in the hands of the Rockefeller family in New York City – One of the wealthiest families in the world – tax free of course! One assumes it is used for the donator's intended purpose. Where is the accountability?


Contact at wild.brine621@gmail.com

If interested other articles by this writer can be accessed at the following Australian web site:- www.missionignition.net/btb

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