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A Critic of your “Apocalypse 2012"

by Michael Brine


A Critic of your “Apocalypse 2012” – Broadcast on your CBCN December 3 rd ./2010.

I watched this on and off – “on and off” – because I was also trying to take in another programme of interest on another channel. So, having admitted that, I still feel I got an overview of the underlying attitude of the producers.

The attitude I felt while watching came across as one of a somewhat snide attitude towards this whole very topical subject matter as we approach this highly publicized date – December 21 st ., 2012. Sadly, an attitude I have come to expect from the main stream media.

I certainly would agree that there are fringe groups that really push one's imagination and in some cases they seem to get off on promoting a sort of fear dynamic to it all. However, let me be up front with you. I am not from a fringe group. I have been an International Banker and even worked on Wall Street! More recently, after moving to Yukon some years ago, been a successful realtor.

So now having cleared that up - ! J - what bothered me in your presentation is what seemed to me to be a disregard of the Mayan Peoples and other Indigenous races like the Hopis. Also, others around the world as with the Australian Aborigines who indeed with the others, have all pinpointed this time period we are transiting as one of major change. In our Western Caucasian arrogance are we so all knowing that we just dismiss the insights of these peoples, many of whom have similar observations relating to this period within their own cultures? In many cases they never had contact with each other until these more recent times.

How can we ignore this?

I think we can agree that cycles are a fact and are observable in many areas of our lives. Seasons come and go – the moon – women's menstruation cycles – the 7 year cycle for rabbits – our own of 90 years plus/minus – the movement of the Stars – Ice Ages – we live within cycles great and small. Is it not possible that our Indigenous peoples might know something that we are ignoring? At least those who have not been corrupted by our Western arrogance!

Let us look at another factor we are ignoring that might indicate that major change maybe on the horizon. There are more people on the earth today than ever. At the turn of the last century there were around 1 to 1.5 billion people. In just 110 years we have reached over 7 billion! This exponential increase is now at a crises level and we are running out of space. Food prices are going up as it is becoming increasingly difficult to produce enough to feed the world's growing population – ie:- Thailand – a major rice exporter has now stopped exporting rice I believe, as it is concerned about not having enough to feed its own people. This may just be the start of a growing protectionist attitude emerging with different countries to protect their own as the situation becomes increasingly critical. In this respect we in Canada are particularly vulnerable as we only produce about 20% of our food needs and import 80%. The reverse is true for instance in Russia – a geographical area not dissimilar to our own – in which they produce 80% of their needs and import 20%! Seeing these kind of figures should serve as a bit of a wake-up call to us in Canada – Yes?

Weather anomalies that we are witnessing across the globe are another element that has added to this growing crises – and that includes earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that seem to be becoming more frequent. Here in Canada we have been, to a large extent, saved from much of this, but that is changing. Nor are lines on a map going to protect us.

On top of all this we are facing a global financial crises as the existing system has outgrown itself – and been exposed as we have seen – to the potential for dishonesty great and small. Indeed, this system has exposed our vulnerability in obvious, albeit also in sensitive ways. Politicians are at a loss as to how to resolve this crisis and have engineered ‘solutions' that are only compounding the fragility of it all. We are now at a tipping point with respect to our financial world – a growing world of illusion, thus creating increasing fear almost everywhere. Hence the increasing price of gold as corruption and distrust abounds!

How are we doing so far?

Well, one final observation: Since the time of the Ancient Pharaohs of Egypt we have lived in a Patriarchal Age in which women have been largely “dumbed” down and we have been ruled by little boys who, in many instances behave like bullies in the school yard. We have clear examples of this in today's world in Iran and North Korea , as well as the sad Afghanistan situation, to name a few more obvious instances. However, this attitude prevails across the world and in most countries – albeit more subtly perhaps but it is there.

So now perhaps what our Indigenous peoples through their Shamans have known is that with the ending of this 26,000 year cycle we have arrived at – we will observe a cleansing of the garbage we have accumulated throughout this passing Age for you cannot build a new world and civilisations on a rotten foundation. In this respect I have observed more and more ‘ordinary' peoples are waking up to this accumulated' garbage' factor – largely thanks to the internet – which has controlled Humanity down through this Age, and are working to say ‘Enough is Enough!' So, I suggest we hang on to our hats and go for the ride! J

So, now having said all this I hope you are now a little more aware that to treat the 2012 date with this kind of snide hand over your collective mouths that seemed to me to come across as I watched your presentation, will give you another more rational perspective, and hopefully an insight you may not have previously considered. I hope so, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Contact at wild.brine621@gmail.com

If interested other articles by this writer can be accessed at the following Australian web site:- www.missionignition.net/btb

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