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An Inconvenient Truth

by Michael Brine


The Mayans, through their Mayan Calendar, along with other Indigenous races such as the Hopi Indians, are indicating that now is the timeframe in which we are transitioning from the end of this past Patriarchal Age, towards the coming new age we are moving into. In the process, the old male-dominated rulers, religions, financial systems, etc., have outlived their time and are collapsing. To quote the Hopis, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

It is my opinion that if the Mayan Calendar in its essence is correct — and I believe it is — then it is also no surprise that the population on the planet has maxed out concurrently with this “cleansing” period we are witnessing. There are too many people on this planet to feed and nourish everyone properly. Hence, with the added chaotic weather anomalies we are seeing, food is becoming scarcer as crops fail. In the U.S. prices are rising, as they certainly are here in Canada, and also in Europe. It is part of the upheavals triggered by the cyclic time period we are moving through. Once again as I've said so often, you cannot build a new building on a rotten foundation! The corrupt and decaying elements we have allowed ourselves to be controlled by will not be part of this ‘new world.'

The situation that existed in Atlantis as it's demise was approaching was that those who were Aware were given the insight to leave before the ‘Storm' hit. Some went to North Africa or what we now know as North Africa, and some to South America. Hence the similarity to the Pyramids and the Mayan Temples. Atlantis had become corrupted in a similar way as our world has to-day. Now to be honest I am not sure if this coincided with a cyclic event or not which is the case to-day but if we are to believe Anastasia there was certainly a major event relating to an Age change. All I can add is that for whatever reason my Buddhist monk knew something was coming as did Major Wellesley Tudor Pole who I had met around 1961 in Glastonbury, England. The vision I have always had is that after this ‘Storm' has passed those who are left will re-start civilisation with the awareness to not repeat the errors of the past but to live and create a world of Communities working together. More than this I cannot say.

All life in our Universe is subject to cycles — the tides of the ocean — the seasons — life spans — the movement of the stars — night and day, and so on. The population maximising concurrently with this transition is part of our planet's continuing cycle. I believe in this 2011 year, starting in mid-March and in the following months, we are going to witness major disruptions and upheavals right across the world beyond anything we have ever witnessed before. Sadly, I sense many will die, which is why I have advised people who ask me: Move away from large centres of population as there will be much turmoil. I believe that is why my visionary Buddhist Monk — Namjyal Rinpoche — inspired me to move up here to Canada's north those many years ago–all part of this “cleansing” I refer to. Knowledge is empowering — what we do with that knowledge if it rings a bell within us, is to use our intuition as to how we should proceed — but NEVER out of fear!

In the world that emerges from all this chaos, we will have learned that we need to work in harmony with each other. No lines on a map separating us — but working as communities — no rulers or religions that have so separated us and controlled us, using fear as the poison that has trapped us in our stifling and smothering ‘boxes.' We can stand tall in the Light, knowing that we are all equally loved and equally lovable, the lion and the lamb lying together in a world we can only dream of at the moment.

I have also removed myself from our conditioned thinking along the lines that, “No God would allow this to happen to His people,” etc. That's not the way the Universe works — it is governed by the natural world, call it Gaia, but this human concept of some god in a supreme position of power to whom we can ask for mercy, et al., is a myth. Cycles are a part of the existing world we share with other life forms; we are not favourites of some god to be pampered.

On the other hand, if we start to pay attention to our right brain, which is beyond the mind and words, where lives the intuitive, compassionate elements that reside within us all, there is an amazing energy we can sense and tap into which we, with our limited vocabulary, call Love. This is the real me that I listen to and which inspires me. A couple of years ago I was asked to write an article for a magazine on “Silence.” I tried for two days to get something to write on the subject. Nothing came so I gave up on the third day and was sitting at my dining table having a morning cuppa; my mind was silent and these words flowed to me: “Silence is a state of mind. When the mind is still, silence fills the void and a feeling of oneness with all life enfolds you. It is called Love.” This is what I submitted and they printed it on the back cover!

A few last words on the concept of ‘god.' For reasons readers may understand, there are too many concepts that come up when this ‘god' word is used. This is not to say I do not feel there is a powerful creative force that exists; rather, I dislike the word ‘god' because of its associations with manmade religions.

For me, if this creative energy, our Source, is to be truly understood, we have to move into the right brain, the, intuitive, wordless, loving, feeling part of ourselves. From the right brain, we begin to feel a sense of the magnificence of this loving creative force of which we are all a part, as much as It is a part of us. We are indeed all One, seeds in a beautiful creation that is limitless in its enfolding. This is how I can best express the god concept — no words can do It justice.

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