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Quotes from Wellesley Tudor Pole written in 1962

by Michael Brine


Some thoughts and quotations from Wellesley Tudor Pole written in 1962. These insights made by this remarkable being are even truer today than ever. Read, and listen with that inner voice that beckons deep within each of us, and reflect on the simple but profound wisdom in these quotations from his writings:-

“Today Man stands at the decisive crossroads of his fate, and this fact is also true for every kind and form of life upon this planet. Within the next half century and perhaps during the lives of some who are listening to me now, the die will be cast and the issue settled one way or the other between the alternative of progress forward and upward or a return to the dark ages of long ago.

I will try to put before you some of the reasons which have brought Humanity to its present pass, and certain ways in which we as individuals can co-operate with the Elder brothers of the Race in an endeavour to ensure a victory for the Light over the forces of darkness and negation.

To begin with, may I endeavour to explain the origin and working of what I have referred to as The Blended Ray in my book The Silent Road. Spiritual and metaphysical realities can only be interpreted symbolically, and sometimes allegorically. Do not try, therefore, to materialise in your minds these conceptions to the point where they lose all power to uplift or to enlighten. This Blended Ray has been brought into being by the joint efforts of Great Masters and Initiates gathered together as a Hierarchy, under Divine Guidance, for this very purpose.

This radiation is now approaching the fringes of human consciousness, and already many among us are beginning to feel its inspiring, revitalizing and cleansing influence.

Put in the simplest terms, this Ray of Spiritual outpouring represents the child of the union between cosmic and primeval Divine wisdom, and the equally potent power of eternal and all-embracing love.

It is now evident that in addition to the use of nuclear energy for vile and destructive purposes, Man intends to augment his supplies of material force by the erection of Nuclear Reactors everywhere and on a very big scale. The passage of time alone will reveal whether it will become possible for Man to reach a truce with Nature's Guardians in this matter. Apart from all other dangers to life, Man has not yet succeeded in neutralising the poisonous radiations given out continuously by Nuclear effluents and their by-products. We can hardly hope to look to Nature for help in this respect.

If the necessary steps are not taken to reverse the direction in which Man's so called progress is taking place, the next step that will be taken by those who are endeavouring to prevent the coming of a New Age would be to bring about a break in the link, already weakened, which joins the human race with the so-called lower kingdoms of Nature. If this link were to be broken, then indeed there would be universal war on this planet, but in this case with the human race on one side, and all forms of life represented by the kingdoms and intelligences of the mineral, vegetable, animal and those of fire, air and water on the other side.

The next step that we, as human beings, would be obliged to face if this process were to be continued, which God forbid, would be the severance of man's mind from his brain, and ultimately the divorce of the spirit from the mind, in which case all forms of evolution on this planet, as we know it, would cease.

There is no doubt that the situation we face at the present moment in this great Armageddon that is being fought out, not only here on earth, but in the spheres around this planet, is indeed of such a serious nature that, unless we can look for salvation and help from spiritual sources, man alone is unable to find a solution to the problem which he has created as a result of evil thinking and acting, and the misuse of freewill right down the centuries.

What can we do at the present time in view of the very critical and dangerous conditions of world affairs? In the first place give up once and for all the mistaken belief that it is necessary to kill in order to survive. This applies not only to the killing of our fellow beings, but to the breeding and slaughter of those who belong to the animal kingdom whom we destroy in order to satisfy our appetites. How can we begin to make our peace with the kingdoms of Nature whilst such a practice continues?

The importance of positive, constructive, optimistic thinking all day long cannot be over estimated. The fight upon which you and I are constantly engaged is against the so-called forces of fear, depression, self-centeredness and frustration. Bar your gates against these negative forces as the first step towards making yourself and your life of greater service to others. Remember well, true spiritual perception, a quality for which we should always strive with might and main, does not depend in any way upon psychic vision, or the phenomenal experiences associated with what we call clairvoyance, clairaudience, or the automatic reception of messages purporting to come from unseen sources.

Look and seek, therefore, within your own Universe for your own progress, your inspiration, and your salvation.

Revelation is God given to each of us and is an interior and intimate process. Truth in its myriad forms and degrees reaches us in its own time and way. The more we look to outsiders for solutions to our perplexities, the more we weaken the link that unites us with our own interior and higher selves from whom by far the most valuable enlightenment and guidance for us.

Light does not DO anything to darkness. It simply SHINES!”

Michael Brine

Contact at wild.brine621@gmail.com

If interested other articles by this writer can be accessed at the following Australian web site:- www.missionignition.net/btb

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