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New Teachings and a New Way

by Michael Brine


The following two extracts from “The Aquarian Passion Play” were written in 1999. Sadly, it would seem that time has proven them right, and as they suggest a strong wake up call is needed or the Human race will – like Alice – be going down the rabbit hole. So, this indeed is the ‘Cleansing' time we are now in that they would seem to be referring to. M.B.

New Teachings and a New Way.

From “Servers of the Divine Play – The Aquarian Passion Play”.

“ Humanity, in its habitual practice of tampering with those things that are already perfect just as they are, has repeatedly misinterpreted and consequently contaminated all of the true religious dispensations given out by various individuals or groups throughout history. This has been perpetrated, sometimes over centuries, by adding to, taking from, diluting, exaggerating or otherwise modifying the simple verities expounded within certain authenticated and established religious works. Such is an enduring fact, even though millions today might swear that their chosen doctrine or ‘gospel' is pure and intact. It is significant also that these same adherents may often be just as quick to point out the flaws and falsities in other religions that are different from their own and so perhaps little understood by them. Such a psychology is, of course, responsible for provoking all religious tensions, segregations, wars and persecutions. RELIGION IS NOT TO BLAME, MANKIND'S SHORT-SIGHTED INTERPRETATION OF RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE IS.” [My capitals.]


“ The Call to Service ” from “Servers of the Divine Plan – the Aquarian Passion Play.”

Although awakened Servers – The Children of Light – demonstrate love and kindness to all, it should be remembered that they are also bringers of destruction, for they are charged with the responsibility of clearing the weeds of ignorance from the pathways of Earth so that new growth may blossom forth. The collective force of their awesome and fiery blessings will shatter and dispel the planetary gloom that today hangs over the spirit of mankind like a burial shroud. “Come not to bring peace but the sword”, and all these idealists in the world who may have built up a preconditioned holy image of the character of the typical awakened Server today – may perhaps be disappointed.

In fact, Servers who form the frontline of change in these times are necessarily a great deal more militant than outwardly saintly, for in order to achieve their goal they must, without reservation, charge forth to rend asunder the great veil of delusion that has been forged and maintained by evil minds and which by means of ‘vibratory imprisonment', has prevented humanity from knowing any real freedom, peace or happiness for so long. It should obviously not be expected that the forces of darkness, having reigned upon Earth for so many ages, will surrender their dominion without great resistance. Consequently, the years that lie just ahead may appear awful and devastating to secular vision, yet seen by the eyes of the soul – which can truly see – they will be recognised to be pregnant with the power of justice and righteousness.

The urgently needed cleansing of the whole planet will include a torrential inrush of light that will blind and overwhelm those who are unprepared, but will fill those who are ready with unsurpassed elation as they are glorified by the unveiled Truth. The one great enemy of Truth is self. Therefore, peril, regret, fear and dread lie ahead only for those who harbour the evil of selfishness, for mirrors line the way.”

Michael Brine – 10.09.2011.


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