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The Mind is Only a Tool

by Michael Brine


"When Humanity can let go of being controlled through fear and resist judging others, and follow the deeper urgings of their hearts then, and only then, will we be able to soar to new heights of understanding, letting go of the shackles that we have allowed to bind us, discovering some of the very real mysteries, that when understood, will move us to new heights of awareness." M.B.

The Mind is only a Tool

Formal meditation should be seen as a valid tool to increase our understanding and connection with Truth, that which has no name - some call it 'God'. However, the concept of 'God' is beyond the mind's ability to truly understand, for 'God' is of the Heart and our Intuition. The practice of stilling the mind is the doorway that allows us to enter the Heart and feel the stillness that is All. To feel that stillness is beyond the mind and word formulations. The mistake we so often make is to see the mind as the way to reach the All, when it is simply a doorway, particularly in a 3D universe. Once we can still the mind and enter into that Silence then will our hearts open up to an understanding without words or mental formulations. Tears will flow from the very depths of our being and we will begin to feel Love in all its incredible beauty, and our Oneness with all life everywhere, in all worlds, all universes, all star systems, to feel our oneness with That which is All. Then will we throw our hats in the air and fly to the moon!  :) " M.B.


Some quotes from Anastasia of the Siberian wilderness in Russia given to Vladimir Megre when he was visiting with her in her remote wilderness location, entitled "Divine Nutrition"  :

- "Reality, Vladimir, must be defined only through one's self. Every Man living on the Earth today is capable of seeing into the lives of people thousands of years ago, of looking into the future, and of creating his own future.  All have this tremendous ability within themselves. It just needs to be understood. Once it is understood, then nobody can lead them away from the truth. People will come into harmony with each other, and endless warfare will cease.

A lot of efforts have been made to distort past reality. The possibility of distortion arises when Man abandons his own reasoning powers and forms constructs of the past based on somebody else's words and conclusions."


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