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by Michael Brine


My Rather Personnel Confession.

What is our strongest motivator as we live our lives?

The most fundamental and potent motivator facing us all individually and collectively as a species is, I feel, Insecurity!

Think about it. Its presence can be subtle which may lead to denial but really, just think about it for a moment. What truly motivates us as we go through our day? What is that often driving force that pushes us? Unhuuuh! J The need to succeed, or perhaps more truthfully, to be recognised as successful. We see it in ourselves as individuals but also we see it in the individual behaviour of countries – Yes? Absolutely!

When I was a banker I was driven to be the best and I ended up on Wall Street. When I was a realtor I was driven in the same way and was equally successful. Was I any happier deep down in side myself? On the surface maybe. I have always felt the need to be challenged otherwise life gets boring! However, deep down - no. Hhhhhmmmm - why not? Basically, there was still that gnawing feeling of insecurity – and IT was driving me!

Again, those who we see as successful and who have lots of money and/or prestige still seem to be driven to earn more money or both money AND prestige.

Let us look at our political world. If ever there was an example of insecurity! It IS a driving force and it manifests in criticizing and trying to put down the other person or ‘Oposition'.What is driving this emotion? The need to be seen as successful including by the constituents – perhaps, especially by the constituents! It IS an emotion – it's not really rational, and in my opinion it creates a very negative environment in which to live and work in.

I feel that no matter how successful you/I appear to be there is still – all to often - that measure of insecurity no matter how subtle. It is still sitting there in the background pushing our buttons ever so gently – but it is, more often than not, there. Bugger! J

Maybe it's only me feeling this? Even as I write this for publication there is a subtle voice inside of me saying ‘Will this article be recognised as a good one? Will I be given credit for this insight?' I can't deny it – that feeling is still there and it drives me to be ‘the best that I can be'! That can certainly be seen as a positive attitude, and it is. Nothing wrong with that - and in much of our day-today living it can be the imprint that moves us sometimes subtly or with greater passion. However, I still feel that maybe deeper down, there is often – not always by any means - that gnawing feeling of neediness – of insecurity – however subtle.

I'll leave it with you to reflect on. It may open a door, if recognised, and could lead to a sense of greater inner peace moving you beyond any neediness. I am certainly working on it since I recognised this ‘Insecurity' element within myself.

Good luck!

Michael Brine.

Some other articles of mine can be seen at www.missionignition.net/btb My e-mail address is wild.brine621@gmail com Feel free to share your thoughts. We can all learn from each other.


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