Often dreamlike or surreal, these fleeting images and memories of other worlds, unknown yet familiar, colored by a palette that pales as we focus our attention on it.  Shadow people, flying dreams, persistent whispers that float through the background of our days and awaken our nights.  We ' ve all had them and some of us have undertaken their exploration and their meaning to our ordinary lives. 

Such a one am I.  Long aware of and enchanted by these other realms I began a study of metaphysics at an early age and picked up the tool of hypnotherapy about 3 0 years ago.  Many of these glimpses have come through this venue and others through meditation, waking regression, remote viewing et al.  Over time the glimpses have become more than a story or stories to this Seeker. They have opened an awareness that we are much more than this third dimensional experience and we can have access to all of it, here and now.

"Reach high, for the stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal." --- Pamela Vaull Starr

I began to feel that these stories should also be shared and began chronicling them in a book, as yet unpublished.   I have changed the names of the parties involved where that was requested for their own peace of mind but everything else in the stories is true.  Much that we have labeled fiction or science fiction is no doubt also true.  Some of us have long known this and the rest of us are about to be jolted awake but, that ' s an entirely different book. 

In the sharing and the contemplation we become empowered in our own exploration and seeking for the Keys to the Kingdom that we have always known were there.  It is my hope that the sharing of this material will expand the realm of possibility for the reader and perhaps even awaken sleeping memories of a similar ilk.  The more that we understand of our true multi-dimensional nature and our ability to interact with creatures and entities from other realities, the richer our lives will surely become. 

So, step now out of the realm of the ordinary with me and into; The Blues


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