From: Blanche McLanahan
Sent: Sunday, 4 January 2004 12:12 PM
To: tsepurdey
Subject: “Abnormal Protein Aggregation and Earth a Junkyard Magnet”


I was reading on your site today and it inspired the following thoughts. Hope you don’t mind my sharing.

The aggregation of these abnormal proteins is due to the iron atom/s that has/have been electrically charged increasing the ferric domain, a stronger but temporary magnetism. When I envision the condition I can remember as a child placing a magnet in the soil and when drawing it out noted the accumulation of iron filings. The iron circulating in our blood is manifesting the same reaction, even as is that within Earth’s ballast or iron core.

There is one cause for all disease and it will be found in the blood protein or CTT gene for normal hemoglobin. Sickle celled anemia or CAT is the extraction of iron into the cytoplasm, Beta Thalassemia GTA is the aggregation by magnetic accumulation of iron in the blood. The T (CTT) for thymine is replacing the G (AGG) for guanine in the coding mechanism as the energy>matter electrifies the iron component in this blood protein or “normal” hemoglobin. I believe the frame shift mutations increase during time in our evolution. I also feel we have reached a saturation, or the end of the coding and will make attempts during this time to reverse the interference of iron in the blood.

Atmospheric ionization (acidic ph) and osmotic pressures draw the increased energy to the cutaneous membrane’s piezoelectric current, and there is transmitted via the chloride shift through capillary walls. The greater energy attaches the ferromagnetic potential in the iron component as it is electrified, compounded by the increasing oxidation.

The magnetization of iron bleeds through to others in the same family; cobalt, nickel and other trace metals. The impact is even effecting the conductibility of the non-ferrous or non-metal atoms. At this point the protocol of our carbon base, the indices of its crystalline matrix, have been altered creating domains within this atom. And what effects man first impacts the Earth.

Even hydrogen the only true bipolar sphere is forced to abnormal bonding as the magnetic fields attracts during the cause and effect relationship it shares as oxygen’s magnetic affinity compels it via synergistic actions of iron to plug in the wrong codes.

As I said before, the Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine with a few minor adjustments targeting the frequency of iron in the blood can be used to fracture the domain. The effects this will have on every cell will be immediate. Currently the water molecule is used. The magnetic draw forces the alignment of this molecule to stand as soldiers at attention, then once released it migrates right back to the exact position because the domain has not been shifted or released.

By targeting the iron component in the blood with an increased electrical current temporarily, and then hit simultaneously with magnetic bombardment as the electricity is shut down it will shift the domain enough to allow fracture in the iron. It will force the recalibration of energy to matter and hydrogen will plug in the correct codes. The cures will appear as miracles, but they certainly are not.


There is a hidden agenda within magnetic laws which we have failed to utilize, as our current electron theory does not elucidate magnetism’s full potential.

The magnetic strong force lies within the nucleus of every atom. Isotopes are containment of rest energies and cause of radiant emissions, a leak in the forces mass potential. The new elucidation outlines the relationship the proton shares with the neutron which functions as a reverse bias and can be initiated/controlled by the electron impulses.

Our current microelectronic technology is taking us away from the truth. Our ion implanters use high electron voltage to force the doping of silicon building a circuit pathway for communications. But, there are Earth circuits which are inherent that we should be utilizing, such as Mica, dolomite and many others.

What will happen when copper is accidentally fused into silicon by a tainting of the implanting systems, or when iron and its ferromagnetic hold becomes sealed in the information pathways of our circuitry?……We will find ourselves at a more precarious imbalance then we are now.

We were much safer and certain when we used germanium or phosphorus. But then they weren’t getting the output or speed, so they began using elements that were more energetic and making the units smaller and smaller. Soon the microchips will hold our vital information and it will be so small we lose it. Then what? This is leading us to our own demise.

The signs in the heavens indicate a shift that will fracture the domain effecting the macro-cosm and ours will be one spontaneous. So whether or not we implement the use of the nuclear magnetic resonance it will surely happen on its own. But, I feel we should we ready to comprehend the changes that are inevitable.

I propose Earth is a magnetic monopole that is attempting with the assistance of the planetary bodies mass potential and the sun’s electrical bursts or solar flares to fracture the domain of mislaid ballast set in her iron core. Our precarious imbalance has met compromise in saturation of this energy greater than the matter. So the reversal is at hand. I do not believe it will be a pole flip, rather a return to the center that radiates equidistantly to any point on the periphery.

Scientists have noted the magnetic fields changing and recent articles list the rate in shift of her spin. Mars nearing us, the influx of cometary bodies and the solar flares are the universes electromagnetic potentials using magnetism’s hidden agenda to shift Earth’s bipolar dysfunction by correcting the degrees in deficit causing the tilt in her axis or our current rate of precession.

When this happens, once again the Earth will seemingly be at the center of the universe and appear flat. Our perspective will truly be one linear.

Our past was very clear on our electromagnetic connection to Earth, and her as part of a cosmic circuit. We are indigenous to Earth and made up of mineral constituents alike. But through time we have been unable to piece the fragments of the artifact in the rubble to make sense of our current dilemma. Change is imminent. As it advances the knowledge surfaces spontaneously, so man can document and comprehend the world around him.


We shall evade the illusion of time in this dimension

To realize the nucleus of every atom is the magnet of its sphere.

The mono-pole projecting our existence

Where gravity, the anomaly and opposing force

Offers and maintains the momentum for our dance in life with time.

In crystalline chambers of the atomic structure

Are confined the acoustics where the harmonics resonate

And piezoelectric sparks infuse life

With a perpetual vibratory motion

And the choreography of her dance.

We will with this knowledge

Slip through and behind time

And there ask once again,




Click here: Earth’s Inconstant Magnetic Field http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2003/29dec_magneticfield.htm?list1012614




Blanche McLanahan.

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