Invisible we are and in your midst we walk amongst you
Unnoticed and in silence from sunrise to sunset

We have long departed these your dimensional realms
Matter and flesh are now only a memory from a time before time

In your troubled hour we heard your cries and so began our descension
What appears to you as a billion years to us is only a whisper away
“no ascension finds us where descension has left us”
“and no space contains us where time has touched us”

The aeon of human hibernation is coming to an end
And within 4 blinks of an eye (4 years to 2017)
Shall come your awakening, your metamorphosis

Your souls are frozen in the gravity of timeloops
Your future is not what it once was
An echo of our memories of future pasts

In a time before the fall and timeloops
When your Earth was still a child living upon Gaia
We together dreamt of the day she would become a woman

And on that day we as children played and laughed together
As we ran, jumped and hid amongst her lush lavendar fields
And drank from her crystal rivers and tasted her tears of joy

Yyour morphegenetic fields are showered with a
Disarray of frequencies of digital harmonic distortion

In the shape of an electric arc
The Sun shall wrap his arms around her (Earth)

With voltage buzzing through her veins
The ozone layer shall ignite
and become a suspended wall of water

Shall you not resonate with the octave harmonics of love
The suspension of this wall of water shall fall from grace

As you stand upon Earth’s shores
Listening to her oceans roar
A sea of ultraviolet blue light shall descend upon you

A raging wave will wash away the veils of yesterday
With the vibrations of divine creation

The Earth was not born with an ozone layer
This was placed upon her by your enslavers
As a mirror to deflect tri-harmonic light waves
Filtering out the rays of divine creation

In an unguarded moment
Your ascension process shall begin

All your soullular and cellular selves
Shall come into alignment merging as one

All parallel timelines and timeloops
All pasts, presents and futures
Shall converge into one nexus point

Reincarnation shall be no more
And the spirit of humanity shall be unchained
From this fallen time and place

In that moment you shall die and live a thousand lives
Time shall come to a standstill
And everything shall be frozen in ultraviolet light

Life time before life time shall be peeled away
Layer by layer like the many shells of an onion

Blackhole, whitehole, wormhole, sinkhole
All that is within shall turn without
The Inner shall be outer and outer inner

And from within your cellular structure
Shall come your inner angels = YOU
Divine creation birthing within YOU

Your fallen reflection shall be no more
And you will real-eyes your true divine nature
As it was ordained at the beginning of creation
Divine creation is about to birth inside its own creation = YOU

Meet us half-way within the spirit of your dreams
As we whisper to your souls so that you may remember

Do not let the ripples of creation separate you
And the afterglow of light become a long lost memory

For you shall not know the depth of your oneness
Until the very moment of your separation

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